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Zyma Web Hosting Review – Digg the Features in Depth

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Zyma is a UK based hosting company which provides affordable, fast and reliable cPanel hosting for WordPress and all other CMS’ along with static websites. The company was founded back in 2010, since then it has grown quickly and has built a strong online presence all around the globe in web hosting industry. Due it its stable infrastructure and brilliant support, customers hosting their online businesses with them are always seen happy.


Before choosing any web hosting company, webmasters look into some important crucial features which later determine how quickly your online business grows. Some most important features of hosting companies, which influence the growth of any blog or website, are:

  • Stability – how good the hosting companies’ servers are
  • Support – how good the hosting company’s staff is in providing support to its customers
  • Services, add-ons and features – what type of services, features and add-ons does the hosting company provide
  • Reputation – reputation of the company among its users
  • Affordability – how affordable the company is in providing hosting packages

Now we will look over the features of Zyma, either it provides cool features are not. The list of features, I have mentioned below, is proven and I have composed this Zyma hosting review after having conversations with several Zyma users.

Zyma Hosting Features

Stability – Zyma has improved its infrastructure which has given a brilliant stability to its hosting. You are given guaranteed 99.9%+ uptime and superb speed even on shared plans.

Support – 24/7 email, phone and live chat support is always there to help you solve your issues if you face any.

Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth – Zyma provides you unrestricted storage space and data transfer. The unlimited storage and bandwidth is allowed under normal usage. i.e. you can’t use the space and bandwidth for cloud file sharing with a shared hosting plan.

Script Installers – Fantastico De Luxe and Softaculous Premium let you install scripts including WordPress with just click of your mouse. You don’t need to stuck your head with complex manual installations.

CloudFlare CDN – The famous Content Delivery Network of CloudFlare is enabled for your website and blog which ensures that your content is being accessed from the nearest server by your visitors. It ensures the maximum speed and stability of your website as CloudFlare servers fetch the content from your original hosting servers and deliver the content to your visitor with an improved speed.

Junk Mail Filtering – Spam has become one of the worst headaches of modern age, but Zyma technology filters automated emails and the junk content in emails and ensures that you receive emails sent by real humans only.

Regular Backups – You must be knowing how much important regular backups are. Zyma regular backups ensure that your hard work is always protected and you can get it back if something goes wrong. Monthly automated backups can be enabled by paying an additional fee of £19.95 per year.

Affordable – Zyma shared hosting offers you affordable hosting starting at just £21.48 per year.

Other Features: Unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited email accounts, unlimited add-on and sub-domains, powerful eCommerce features, email forwarding, latest cPanel, hotlink protection, Google apps support, Zend Optimizer, multimedia applications, statistics, free site builder, Attracta SEO Tools,  free Google AdWards and Yahoo credits, free shared SSL (private SSL for £29.95 per year), free transfer and setup, 30 day money back guarantee and all other standard features.

What’s Being Disliked at Zyma?

The only thing, which I noticed Zyma users disliked in past, is that Zyma doesn’t provide any bulk domain hosting package which makes it a little expensive when you go for hosting multiple blogs with Zyma. But as of now, Zyma is offering unlimited add-on domains. So overall performance of Zyma hosting is brilliant and you must give Zyma a try for hosting your blog or website. View features at Zyma’s official website here. Good luck!

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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