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5 Highest AdSense Earners in the World

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Do you know that some people earn millions of dollars per year from AdSense? It reveals that AdSense isn’t a joke and you can also earn big from this serious business if you put your efforts in it according to its guidelines. I am sharing the list of 5 top AdSense earners which will compel you to think about AdSense and its potential. Here is the list of top 5 AdSense millionaires.

1. Pete CashMore

Website: Mashable.comcashmore-adsense-highest-earner

AdSense Earnings: +/-$6,50,000 per month

Pete Cashmore of is the leading AdSense earner of the world who earns around $650K per month from AdSense. CashMore launched Mashable back in 2005 when he was just 19 years old. The site is now one of the leading news sites sharing updates about social networks, technology developments and other related niches. Mashable is one of the best examples of AdSense’s potential for newbies who aren’t familiar much with AdSense.

2. Shawn Hogan


AdSense Earnings: +/-$5,50,000 per month

DigitalPoint’s CEO, Shawn Hogan is yet another millionaire earning big from AdSense. He has a network of forums where a huge number of visitors visit daily, earning a very attractive sum for Hogan through AdSense. 38 year’s old Shawn Hogan is a happy man enjoying his life fully as his websites and AdSense have blessed him with a great steady income. If you are going to start your journey with AdSense, then assume that you are Shawn Hogan and the year is 1995 🙂 (when DigitalPoint wasn’t lauched).

3. Michael Arrington

Website: Techcrunch.commichael-arrington-adsense-earner

AdSense Earnings: +/-$2,50,000 per month

TechCrunch is yet another popular name in blogosphere where Michael Arrington, the former CEO of TechCrunch, was earning a very big sum from AdSense each month. Unfortunately, Arrington sold his blog to AOL in 2010 and charged $30 million for it. Although Michael Arrington isn’t owning TechCrunch anymore, but I have shared him in my post as he was one of the inspirational and biggest AdSense earners of the world :).

4. Markus Frind

Website: PlentyofFish.commarkus-frind-adsense-milliionaire

AdSense Earnings: +/- $3,50,000 per month is the most popular dating website of the world where more than 3 million people visit each day. Markus Frind, the CEO of POF, is a happy guy enjoying his life along with filling others’ lives with joy and happiness through his website. He is counted as the 3rd highest AdSense earner of the world. His website and mission is yet another inspirational piece of example for those who are going to start their online earning career with AdSense.

5. Nick Halstead

Website: TweetMeMe.comadsense-millionaire-nick-halstead

AdSense Earnings: +/- $2,50,000 per month

TweetMeme is a live directory of most popular links on Twitter. Nick Halstead, the CEO of TweetMeMe is my chosen last AdSense millionaire of the world who earns somewhere between $250K to $300K each month from AdSense. He is yet another man to follow if you want to build a career with business of Google AdSense.

So this was my list of 5 top AdSense earners of the world who generate a very decent income through AdSene each month. I hope you will also take AdSense as a serious business after knowing about these highest earning AdSense websites. I wish you the best for your online earning career. I hope you will also love to join the race of highest AdSense earners of your country and the world in near future. Good luck!

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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  1. Good information. I think there is no more earning from is doing really to hold its position.

    1. Learn SEO and work honestly and regularly. You will get good results. Regarding with advertising networks, you can promote your site via Google Adwords, but I would like to recommend you to do a good SEO, build content and reach to other website owners under your site’s topic. Advertising isn’t a permanent solution.

    1. Hi Dev,
      Thank you for mentioning the list of Top Indian AdSense earners… :), yes these personalities are inspiration for new bloggers.

  2. Aslamalikum
    Bahi jan main ne ke trah ke website ka irada ha jis main jobs or free classified add wagra post kr sakon ap ka maswara kia. Kun ke es main zada images use ho ge. Ye website kase rehe ge. Google ke policy main images wali site hain kia?

    1. Bro plan is good. If you can manage to add some text with images, then the project will surely go successful. Google needs the text content and image-only sites don’t perform well in SERPs as well as with AdSense.

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