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How to Withdraw Money from Amazon in Pakistan

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It has never been easy to withdraw international money in Pakistan due to unavailability of PayPal or any other effective money processing system in the country. But thanks to Payoneer, our problems of receiving international payments have almost been fixed. By using Payoneer, you can get a verified PayPal in Pakistan, can withdraw PayPal money at local ATMs in the country and can receive money directly to your card from oDesk, Elance, Infolinks and several other networks where money can be earned.


If you are an Amzaon affiliate and earning some money with it, then you can withdraw your earnings with extreme ease in Pakistan using Payoneer’s MasterCard®. To receive your Amazon money in the country, you just need to follow below mentioned simple steps.

Receiving Amazon Payments in Pakistan

Signup for a Free Payoneer MasterCard®: Payoneer issues a free MasterCard® linked with US Payment Service which provides a virtual US bank account linked to the card. You can receive money from select networks to your virtual account via wire transfers. Once the money is received into your account, it is loaded to the card. Then this money can be withdrawn at select ATMs here in Pakistan.

So first of all, you need to signup for a free MasterCard® at Payoneer. If you don’t know the signup procedure, learn here, how to signup at Payoneer.

While signing up at Payoneer, don’t forget to check the option for enabling US Payment Service along with MasterCard®. Once the card and US Payment Service is approved, you will be given a virtual US bank account number and routing number. Then you can link this bank account with Amazon to receive your payments.

Linking Payoneer with Amazon: To link your Payoneer account with Amazon, follow below instructions:

  • Log-in to your Amazon affiliate account
  • Go to account settings link located on right top on your account dashboard page
  • Under Payment Information, select Change Payment Method option
  • Select Pay me by direct deposit option on next page
  • Enter First Century Bank as bank name in first field
  • Enter your name (your name at Payoneer account) in Bank Account Holder Name field
  • Select Checking as account type
  • Enter Bank Account Number and Routing Number in last two fields. These details can be found under Receive Money>US Payment Service section in navigation menu of your Payoneer account dashboard
  • Click Submit button. You are all done!!

Now you have successfully linked your Payoneer account with Amazon and your payments will be processed through it. Once the money will be deposited to your Payoneer account via US Payment Service, it will be loaded to your card and then you can withdraw the money using Payoneer’s provided MasterCard® at select ATMs in Pakistan.

Have you got any more questions regarding withdrawing Amazon money in Pakistan? Don’t hesitate to ask me in comments.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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  1. Thanks Bro! You are going really nice here. There has been a time when we people were quite Zilch within the confines of this global village. But since payoneer made its existence visible, the slept people of poor Pakistan roused.
    Keep sharing buddy.


    1. You are welcome. Its nice to see you here Rais 🙂 , I read your blog regularly. You are nicely maintaining it. Good effort!

  2. Well how do you open an account with Amazon in the first place, Either as a seller or Affiliate?

    As you can see from here its not even possible to open an account.

    Did you give a fake address or got a virtual address from a company like Regus etc?

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for the article.
    I would like to make one correction.
    The bank field now show “Bank of America” instead of “First Century Bank”.
    Please confirm and let us know. At least, at my end it shows Bank of America.

    1. Hi Mohsin,
      Yeah you are right. Now accounts for Payoneer users are created in Bank of America. Thank you for the correction.

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