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4 Ways to Hack Facebook Account Password – Beware!

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There are four most common ways through which hackers attempt to hack Facebook account passwords. If you aren’t beware of these attempts, then you should read this article thoroughly to understand the risks, so you will be able to keep your Facebook account safe from hackers. These 4 hacking ways are listed below:

1. Account Phishing

facebook-hackingPhishing is a method of obtaining access to an account by using a fake login page to capture login information. For example, a hacker must first create a replica of a login page which instead of logs you in the site, captures any login information entered. The hacker then targets a victim and lures such person into logging in through the fake login page. When this is successfully done, the login information is received and saved. This is applicable with Facebook and any website.
To ensure that your Facebook account is safe against hackers, always double check the address in browser bar before entering your login details and ensure that you are on real Facebook login page.

2. Social Engineeringsocial-engineer

Social engineering involves taking advantage of relationships or creating relationships with people to gain their trust. By gaining these values, it is possible to lure people into giving you sensitive data which can indirectly lead you to the victim’s password. Sensitive data includes security questions, birthdate, as these can be used to recover accounts.

To avoid this to happen, never share your sensitive information with anyone online whom you don’t know. Social engineers are really talented, so always be cautious while chatting with any stranger on Facebook or during answering any questions.

3. Account Recovery

This is often what follows social engineering – after necessary information has been extracted from conversations. Recovery is technically a way recovering lost accounts and forgotten passwords. But this is often used as a security hole since it can be easily lured for a different purpose such as hacking. The only way to remedy this is to secure a safe security question.

If you protect your sensitive information and don’t let others to access it, the risk of account recovery is almost eliminated. So take great care of your sensitive information to ensure that your account isn’t recovered by anyone else.

4. Facebook Applications

Facebook ApplicationsBy allowing untrusted application to your account, the owner of the application can obtain control over certain aspects of your account usually posting ability. This is common and most are surprised when they see posts under their name which are often unfavorable and not posted by them. This is technically not full access but can be used to illegally promote websites, products and what not.
While giving permission to Facebook applications to access your account, always check that what the application is about, what is its reputation, what users are saying about it and what is the purposes of its attempt to access your account information.
So these were four most common methods and ways through which your Facebook account password can be hacked easily. If you were ignoring these chances before, then you should start taking care of your social accounts as the world has developed a lot in unethical practices. Your Facebook account can be hacked if you are ignoring the small things. Consider these risks and stay safe and sound 🙂
Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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