Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields. , Is it Scam or Real? A Legit Review

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It is a fact that many people earn very big money from the Internet but it is also a fact that it isn’t easy as we think to earn the money from this place. In the world of Internet, you will come across enormous websites where online earning opportunities are presented and people can earn from their skills. Meantime, there is a very big number of scams also which steal either the money or time of the victims. Among those scam websites, is a big fraud like several others which gather people by offering high but fake earning numbers for referring people.


When you will signup at VisitProfit, you will be asked to refer new members and you will be promised that $1 will be paid to you for each referral who signups through the referral link which is provided to you. In addition, when any of your referrals brings new visitors, you will earn $0.25 as commission too. Your earnings are calculated and displayed accurately in your account dashboard, but when the payout limit reaches, you are then asked to take and complete surveys before your payment could be issued. This is something, for what the whole website has been established.

You might be knowing that there are several companies on the Internet which pay for taking user opinions. They take the surveys for bringing improvements in their products. VisitProfit offers the surveys from such companies. You take the survey but VisitProfit is paid for that and you never!! In such a way, your time is wasted.

Here are some experiences of VisitProfit victims which I have quoted from ScamBook.

“this is fraud i m unable to get my money from visit f****ng a****les i tried so hard n reached d required target but now i cant get my money and even there contact email is also fake” – Harsh

“Today should be the day Visitprofit to pay of. First i had to make survey before i get payed. After doin that i saw on my screen that i did not completed my survey. I lost to many phone crefit with these survey,s. Visitprofit even suggest me using other web browsers like Chrome or Foxfire. But no result. I even send Visitprofit a email with my complaint. Because of the message failure saying mail not send, iam writing you this complain. Its just a other internet fraud. Still company,s fooling arround with custumers there good trust. Its not fair. What ashame and a waste of my time and honest effort. What happen now.” Lucille Tafleur

So if you are spending your time over VisitProfit, you should stop this. VisitProfit will waste your precious time, but you will never get paid as it is a big scam. If you are with VisitProfit, then please don’t forget to share your experience in comments, as it will help others understanding VisitProfit in depth.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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  1. hey, am really so disappointed by this, all along i’ve been working very hard, when i tried completing the survey, all they showed was real sh*t. But is it really true doesn’t pay its customers? Am in Africa, Uganda.

  2. my suggestion for the people who want to try new advertising network is that you should first see negative review of that network that you are planning to join, then it will show you clear story of what they actually are, most of the time they show that they give 100% fill rates but its not the case most of these companies use your Page impression to there advantage but they did not pass that advantage to the publisher, e.g if you site/blog has page impression of 2000 but they will only count 500 impression rest of the impression and earning they themselves take,

    Most of the companies lie to the publisher that they have high paying rates but the fact is most of them don’t actually give you high rates, negative review or write company name with scam in Google gives you clear idea about that advertising network.

  3. but could they be exxxploiting us for their own interest! daz unfair i hav tried to download the survey its just a flop it took me months to believe that visitprofit is just a fraud not a real thing dear

  4. Rehmat bhai trusted home based working sites nahi hai kya for students agar hai toh plzzzzz kya aap mere mail ko send kar sakte hai

    1. Hi Nawaz bro,
      Freelancing websites pe kaam karen, achha khaasa kama sakte hein ap.., or try karen. b try kar sakte hein..

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