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How to Transfer Funds from PayPal to Payoneer

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Over last couple of months, I have been sharing information regarding Payoneer and PayPal here on my blog. For a month or two, I have stopped posting about these services as the needed information is already there in posted content. But today I once again felt the need of writing another tutorial on how to withdraw money from PayPal to Payoneer. Although the procedure is simple, but there are several Payoneer account holders who face difficulties in transferring their money from PayPal to Payoneer.

I receive a lot of emails each asking me about how to transfer money from PayPal to Payoneer. So I’m writing this post to help you out in moving your money from PayPal to Payoneer. This tutorial will help you learn about this transfer process and after reading this post, you will hopefully be able to perform the task of money withdrawal with ease.

I’ll assume that you have already signed up for Payoneer MasterCard® and have received it. Once your Payoneer card is approved, a virtual account is created for you in Bank of America by Payoneer and details including the routing number and account number are emailed to you. These details can be found under “Receive Money>US Payment Profile” in your Payoneer account’s dashboard too.


Although I have shared a post previously on how to link your Payoneer account with PayPal, still I’m repeating the procedure here to make your task simple. So to enable funds transfer from PayPal to Payoneer, you need to complete below steps.

1. Link and Verify US Payment Service’s Bank Account: In first step, you need to link your Payoneer account with PayPal. If you have already done it, skip this step and read instruction 4. Otherwise go to your Payoneer account and find the routing number and bank account number under “Receive Money>US Payment Profile” as shown in above screenshot.

2. Add Bank Account to PayPal: Note down the routing number and account number and go to your PayPal account. In your PayPal account, go to Profile>Update Bank option and then add a new bank account. Select the option saying “Verify in 2-3 days” and then provide the routing number and account number. Select account type as “Checking”

3. Verify Bank Account: Once you will add routing number and account number to PayPal, it will send two test amounts to your Payoneer account. You need to check your Payoneer account after two or three days. Once the test deposit is there, note down the amounts, again go to PayPal and enter that amounts to verify the bank account.

4. Withdraw Money: After your linked bank account is verified, you can now withdraw your PayPal funds to that account. The money withdrawn to the account will be loaded to your Payoneer card. To withdraw the money, go to “Withdraw” option in PayPal dashboard and withdraw the money to your linked (Payoneer’s provided) bank account.


PayPal will process the transfer and money will reach in your Payoneer account within two or three business days.

If the two accounts fail to link between, you need to check and confirm two important things. Firstly, the PayPal account should be created by selecting US (United States) as country as Payoneer’s provided bank account is virtually created in Bank of America. Secondly, your names on both accounts should exactly match.

Still facing any issues? Let me know in comments.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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42 Replies to “How to Transfer Funds from PayPal to Payoneer”

  1. very good article about solving money transferring problems. your blog give me lots of ideas and i learnt lots of things from your blog. and thanks for the ebook.

  2. Dear I have paypal from uk and it is limited i have 23 dollars there, tell me how to verify or what to do

  3. Hi Arshad, it seems a difficult situation. The limitation gets lifted only by manual action. You need to contact PayPal support for removing the limit. Try to contact them with a positive solid reason, they may lift it. There isn’t any other way to solve this issue 🙁

  4. hi rehmat, how are u ? bro i was using my poyoneer US payment service with a paypal account, and now paypal has limited my paypal account, that means i am not able to use that account anymore and i cannot even remove the payoneer US payment service bank account with any other paypal. please help me what can i do now ? Payoneer can provide new US payment service details or not ?

    1. Hi Essa bro,
      It is too sad. PayPal has increased the frequency for limiting accounts. Do you have only one bank account number with Payoneer? A few days back, Payoneer sent me another bank account which is based in Bank of America. If you have received a newer account number, open a new PayPal and use the newer account with it. Or if you haven’t received the new account details, it means that Payoneer has provided the new account for selected account holders only. Then you need to wait till PayPal lifts the limit. Recently some accounts have been given access back which were turned limited by PayPal.

  5. hi rehmat, bro when i signed up with payoneer and when i got my card i got details for first century bank US payment details, after some time i got bank of america details. i havn’t used first century bank details ever. just used bank of america details. so can i also use first century bank details aswell ?

    1. Yes Altaf, you can use that account number too. I’ll suggest you to keep it as reserved. If PayPal limits the current account, you can open and verify a new one using First Century account details.

  6. Rehmat paypal has already limited my account which have bank of america details. So i will try to open up a new account using my first century bank details of us payment service . Also rehmat,is there anyway to get a new payment service from payoneer ? Or can i apply for a new card with my same details?

    1. Hi Essa,
      Just open the account with First Century details. Yes they may approve another account with same details, but why are you going to apply for another account?

  7. hi rehmt, bro as u said i verified my first century bank account us payment details with paypal and my account got confirmed, i withdrew some funds into my payoneer us payment service and payoneer has now blocked my money they are asking me to verify us payment service. lemme share the email with you.

    Dear Essa,

    Your ticket code is LT**************. Please use this code in any further communication.

    We see that your US Payment Service is not yet verified and would like to assist you in verifying the service.

    In order to verify your US Payment Service, we need to confirm your affiliation to the website you have provided: www.****************.com. ( the domain i have provided randomly)

    This can be done via either of the following methods:

    • Upload a text file to the domain with the text: “Payoneer US Payment Service Approval” and send us a link to the file.

    • Provide us with a link to a page hosted on the website domain listing your personal information (e.g. “Contact Us” page)

    what to do now, they have blocked my money . how to make them release my funds?

    1. Hi Essa bro,
      You need to fill and submit US Payment Service’s questionnaire. To fill and submit it, go to your Payoneer account and then navigate to US Payment Profile under “Receive Money” tab. Near bottom, you will find the option to submit the questionnaire. Once you will submit the questionnaire, your payment will be released instantly. For more help, view this screenshot:

  8. assalam o alikum rehmat bhai app ka bohot bohot shukria mera paypal verrrifi ho gaya hay lekin us se to 500$ se kam send nai hote kiya koi option hay jo 500$ se kam send ho sake 10 se 20$ tak hay to plz mujhe tareeka bata deyn

  9. hey rehmat,, sab se pehle apki madad ka shukria ada karti hoon… usky baad ap se ye pochna chahti hoon k
    meneh payoneer MasterCard Mungwaya,, Or Mil gya… Lakin jb bhi usko paypal se link karun toh ye msg ajata hai ”” The bank that issued your card didn’t approve this transaction. Please contact the card issuer.s customer service department if you have any questions. Or you can add a different card now to continue. ””’

    name dono mai same hain ( payoneer + paypal ) billing address paypal mai United States Ka Koi Dia Wa Hai Kisi Website Se Nikaal Kar Or Payoneer par Apny Ghar ka address dia hai… mai kya karun meri smjh mai kuch ni arha 🙁 apky reply ka intezar rahe ga… shukria

    1. Hi Bena,
      It seems you don’t have any funds in your Payoneer card so issues are created in linking it with PayPal. BTW you can verify your PayPal account by linking Payoneer’s provided US Payment Service details (account number and routing number). To link your Payoneer card with PayPal, first get some dollars (around $5) in your Payoneer account and then link the card with PayPal. It should get linked easily.

  10. Rehmat bhai mein ne payoneer card active kar liya hai par mera paypal account nahi hai woh pakistan mein keise bane ga.

  11. thanks for replying … Payoneer card mai kis tarha paise jaein gay?? pakistan k kisi bank k through ja sakte hain?

    1. Bank account se ni, Standard Chartered Bank k credit ya debit card se possible hai, for some users. But the best way to get money in Payoneer is from a Payoneer partner like Infolinks, oDesk, Elance or via PayPal. Just purchase a few PayPal dollars from anyone, receive the money in your PayPal and then send it to Payoneer via Withdraw option.

  12. The method above is no longer working. Paypal rejects payoneer “bank account” now. I got this message “We were unable to process your bank account registration at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again at a later date”. Tried this many times and got the same message.

    1. Hi,
      It still works. It seems that your account country is other than United States. Look for the address in your profile.

  13. thanks alot rehmat bhai (Y) with the help of you i have got my payoneer master card .and nw i have verified my paypal account.. thanks very much

  14. As SLAMUELIKUM Mr. Rehmat Bhai

    mein ne payoneer ka account bana kar pehle card hasil kiya phir paypal verify account banaya hai. phir payoneer se us payment service,s k liye apply kiya tha tu muje 5 ye mail,s ayi hain kiya ye fake mail,s hain ? un 5 mail,s mein yehi sms hai.

    (Paypal rejects payoneer “bank account” now. I got this message “We were unable to process your bank account registration at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again at a later date”. Tried this many times and got the same message.)

    1. W. Salam Ahmed,
      It seems that you haven’t created a US (United States) based PayPal account. Payoneer account gets linked with a US PayPal only. Confirm it by checking the address in your profile section in PayPal.

  15. from paypal to payoneer no problem it is easy … but how to upload money from payoneer to paypal ???? also can upload money to my payoneer at the ATM !!!!!

    1. Just link your Payoneer card with PayPal and after that, whenever you will pay with PayPal, the $$ will be deducted from your Payoneer account. Don’t forget to select your debit card as primary funding source in PayPal.

  16. aoa rehmat bhai .. ye to us payment service ki information aye hai bank of america ka account number . is account number ko main paypal sai fund transfere kr sakta hun.?
    yani mera payoneer ka account number b yehi hai .? kiu k mjhay abi tak card nai mila

    1. Hi Amir,
      Yes you can use these account details to receive money in your Payoneer card from PayPal.

  17. hi Rehmat bhai mene ap ki instruction pe account banaya tha card b mil gaya tha magar mere ek friend ne meray card per already paypal verify ker liya . Us ne iska bank account istamal kiya hai. Please koi solution bataen k me us ko us k account se disconnect ker du taa k me apne paypal me link ker sakoon. Mera friend account delete nai ker raha..!!

    1. Hi bro,
      If your friend has verified the PayPal using your details, then you can’t reuse the same Payoneer account anymore! 🙁 Yes you can ask your friend to give that verify PayPal account to you, as it is useless for him, because money can be withdrawn using your Payoneer account only.

  18. Aslamalikum bahi

    Ap ki websites ka main regular visitor hn aur kafi information hasil hui hai.Maray pass Payoneer card paypal account hai kafi time ho gia hai bohat search kia hai Internet but limitations remove nai ho rahi aur kafi baar paypal sa contact be kar chuka hn. Ab last try ap karay warna main tu na umeed ho chuka hn paypal sa.
    Mara bank account be verified hai status be confirm hai .

    Ap agar merbani farma ka muj sa contact kar sakty hain main ap ko paypal ki details send karo ga ap khud check kar lana bahi please last try hai umeed hai ap kuch na kuch solution nikal lain gai

    [email protected]

  19. Hi Guys,
    Many thank for all the series of articles, it is very useful.

    Please am unable to add Payoneer bank account to PayPal, is there something missing ?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Hamza,
      What’s the country in your PayPal account profile? If your PayPal account is US based, then the two accounts should get linked easily.

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