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TopTenREVIEWS’ Funniest Review About Best Web Hosting 2014

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Today I stumbled upon TopTenREVIEWS’ review about the best web hosting providers for 2014. I shocked by seeing that iPage, one of the worst hosts, is listed as the no. 1 host for the year. After viewing the list, I realized that the best title for their page must be like “The Cheapest Web Hosts in 2014 Where Performance isn’t Guaranteed” or something similar. I am with iPage for last one year and I have understood what they are. In TopTenREVIEWS’ list, 4 brands, HostGator, iPage, Bluehost and Hostmonster, belong to EIG (Endurance International Group) and everyone knows that EIG’s servers are the slowest.


If you aren’t familiar with EIG, then I will explain it briefly. The company was founded in 1996 and it is counted among world’s largest web hosting providers. Soon after its establishment, the company adapted a unique approach. It didn’t established its own brands, instead the company started buying already built-up hosting businesses. Till now, the company has bought several brands among which HostGator, Bluehost, Hostmonster and iPage are the popular ones.

Among EIG brands, only two hosts are stable which are the HostGator and Hostmonster. Bluehost, which was recommended by WordPress community once, has become too slow at present and it isn’t a good choice for hosting your online business anymore. iPage has the poorest support, has slowest servers and doesn’t provide cPanel for shared hosting accounts. Their old-fashioned vDeck Panel is a headache for the users. In addition, several scripts, including CoffeeCup Web Forms, don’t work on their servers 🙁 . Then why TopTenREVIEWS ranked iPage as the best web hosting provider for 2014? It creates several questions in mind.

Almost all EIG brands pay a very big commission for its affiliates. It seems that TopTenREVIEWS has made the list for earning commissions. In this list, HostGator, Hostmonster and Bluehost deserve to be listed, but iPage’s name at the top makes this review completely odd. Some well performing hosting providers like MyHosting aren’t among top ten hosting companies and that isn’t fair at all.

As far as my experience concerns, I have used EIG’s all four brands. I have purchased a 2 year hosting plan with iPage last year and it is still going on. I have just parked some spare domains there. Their vDeck Panel is the most frightening thing. The support is also horrible. Bluehost has a very good support but their servers are comparatively slower than HostGator, Hostmonster and other affordable and stable hosts. HostGator is stable in almost all aspects. I was hosting this blog with HostGator where I didn’t faced any big issues. But over last few months, my blog traffic increased considerably and I needed to upgrade for VPS. HostGator’s VPS plans were somehow costly, so I moved to Hostmonster where I found a brilliant support, fast servers and very affordable plans 🙂 .

Although HostGator and Hostmonster are stable and performing well these days, but it seems that they may slap down too in future like iPage and Bluehost did. EIG isn’t caring about the performance. The proof is iPage’s viral promotion of website hosting for just $1.89 a month. This promotion was started in early 2013 and is still going on. Their servers are getting more and more crowded but resources aren’t added. Similarly, HostGator is discontinuing support via email.

A few days back, I read an article somewhere in a forum where a discussion was going on. There several participants were acknowledging that after purchasing any hosting provider, EIG expels out most employees including both support and technical staff to minimize its expenses. It increases the revenue for EIG but the performance is ruined down. EIG doesn’t change the brand name and common users even don’t know that the brand has been sold. Very few people know the fact that HostGator and BlueHost aren’t owned by their original developers anymore. The original owners of the sold hosting companies go away after handsomely paid by EIG.

So the most important question, is it wise to select a hosting company blindly by reading a single review? No, it isn’t wise at all. Now if someone goes for iPage after viewing TopTenREVIEWS’ list, the deal will end in a crappy host with poorest support and performance. So before choosing any hosting provider for your blog or website, first find and read the reviews by actual users. Message boards like WebHostingTalk are the best places to get legitimate information about the hosting providers. Reading multiple reviews by real users will ensure that you aren’t distracted by any odd review.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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18 Replies to “TopTenREVIEWS’ Funniest Review About Best Web Hosting 2014”

  1. Namecheap is also emerging in web hosting business. Recently, they have overhauled the entire look of their website and now offering better hosting plans which are fully compatible with WordPress and cpanel. I also talked to them on support line and I asked if their valued hosting plan which is the cheapest one can afford the 5 GB of daily bandwidth load. They told me yes they can. Now, they also claim 99.9 % uptime. So, I am thinking about switching to Namecheap. Hostgator was previously on my priority list but now it has moved down. Since, Hostgator has grown very large now it has masked the corporate behaviour which is not good in my opinion.

    1. That’s great bro, NameCheap is doing well in domain registration. Yes HostGator was good, and is still better than several other hosts, but some less popular hosting providers are also great. As you said that HostGator has grown a lot, so its brand name suppresses other small hosting providers. I was with HostGator too, but at present my blog is on at Hostmonster. I’ll check NameCheap too.

    1. Hi Aamir,
      What is the number of visitors on your site? How many impressions do your ads receive each day? If your ads are receiving enough visitors, then this feature will be enabled automatically. Otherwise work on building traffic.

  2. Hi Rehmat Brother, on my site there are 5000+ pageviews per day. Can i use more than three ads on my website. Is it safe to use more than three ads, like you are using and How to enable this feature. Is it risk free? because previously i have a belief that only three ads are allowed on one page.

    1. Qasim bro, I have removed the extra units. As far as I have learned, AdSense doesn’t show any additional ads for basic publishers and the fourth ad doesn’t appear when you place it on single page. For me, 5 ads are appearing. Still I removed the additional 2 units. Let me confirm it first, to stay safe, just go with 3 ads on each page.

  3. Bro can we talk ? you have my email id please send me your fb id or email address, My site is relativeley new having 400visitors right now but i am facing low cpc rate problem from Pakistani visitors

    1. Hi Amir, Pakistani and Indian traffic gives the low CPC and that’s normal. BTW my email ID is rehmat (at)

  4. i am using a local host i.e hosterpk and i am satisfied with their service.Support is also good.
    How u guys are getting 500 and 1000 pageviews per day.i have written 30-40 post but still getting 2 or 3 pageviews a day.I think i am using three blog at a time that why my blogs are not growing.
    Do u have any advice for me?

    1. Hi Hamza,
      I have heard that HosterPK is doing good :),
      Regarding pageviews, I would recommend you to focus just a single blog well in beginning and concentrate on its SEO and write quality content on it. Maintaining multiple blogs is a tough task. It will disperse your efforts and you will face difficulties in growing your blog traffic.

  5. AOA Rehmat,

    Loved the article, keep it up buddy. What hosting platform would you suggest for newbies in the world of blogging, does Hostgator still the same (for which it was known for) after the EIG snub?


    1. W. Salam Tahir bro,
      HostGator has slapped down much and I have now moved to ASmallOrange where the performance of their servers brilliant till now. I am on VPS and paying $60 per month. Their shared hosting has also good reviews about it but I’ll be able to confirm its stability after testing the service for at least 2 months 🙂

      For newbies, shared hosting is a good choice to start with, so at the moment, I can only recommend MyHosting and JustHost where the hosting is stable.

  6. Well, I think is the best Host for starters, because it is cheap and reliable web hosting plus it has the awesome panel + a nice support (which mostly can help you with EVERYTHING). I never faced any problems since I am hosted with them. They have always handled my queries very professionally and quickly.

  7. i would like to recommend for the best, reliable and cheap website hosting solution.
    first i have tested $1 per year 200MB plan and now i’m in a corporate Hosting 10GB plan from the second year.

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