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5 Most Inspirational Blog Designs to Get Inspiration From

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Before designing your blog, you must look over some inspirational blog designs and get inspiration from there. It is important that your blog design must meet multiple requirements. The design should be SEO friendly, catchy for visitors’ eyes, clean, easy to be navigated, ads optimized and unique. When you will look over the designs of all famous blogs, they have their own distinct design and these designs are loveable. Till now, I have come across several blog designs which have impressed me a lot and I’m trying to bring changes in my blog’s design by getting inspiration from them. In this post, I am sharing 5 best blog designs with you, which have inspired me a lot and will surely impress you too.

1. is one of the most popular resources of blogosphere where Darren Rowse has put a great inspirational design. Along with beautiful color combinations, the layout of homepage is cool where posts are aligned and displayed according to their type and popularity. Due to its cool color combination, clean layout and clear navigation, I put’s design at the top of my list of 5 inspirational blog designs of blogoshpere.

2. WordPress Hub

wphub-designWPHub is yet another beautiful example of great creativity. In beginning, I started researching about WPHub theme, but later, I came to know that they are using a self-designed WordPress theme for their blog. In addition to clean layout, easy to navigate structure and catchy color combinations, WPHub theme has a powerful rating system which lets visitors to either vote up or vote down particular posts.

3. SearchEngineLand


SearchEngineLand, one of the most famous SEO resources available, also runs on WordPress and has an inspirational design which you will surely love.  The clean layout, color combinations and structure at SearchEngineLand is an example which teaches how to design a blog perfectly.

4. WPBeginner


WPBeginner is one of the largest WordPress resources where Syed Balkhi, a famous name in blogosphere, has transformed his blog into an inspirational design using the framework of Genesis Network. If you haven’t visited his blog yet, you will surely get impressed by the beauty of the design soon after your entrance there.

4. MyBloggerLab


When it comes to decorate blogs, WordPress blogs have always been the easiest to decorate due to availability of plentiful themes from enormous developers, but MyBloggerLab, which is hosted on Blogger, has also a great design and the power behind this beautiful design is Syed Faizan Ali. He is one of the biggest fans of Blogger and has great skills of playing with different themes and templates. His blog is undoubtedly one of the most beautifully designed Blogger blogs of the blogosphere.

So these were 5 inspirational blog designs which will put an example in front of you to teach how to design a perfect blog. At all these blogs, you will find that the design is SEO friendly, clean, beautiful, ads ready and easy to navigate. I hope you will get inspiration from these blogs to craft your own one 🙂

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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