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Top 5 Blog Monetization Methods You Must Work On

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AdSense is the simplest way to earn from your blog but there are several other blog menetization methods also which earn you a very good amount if you work on them correctly. More than 80% bloggers solely rely on AdSense for monetizing their blogs and as a result, they earn low than their blog deserves. Today, I will share some blog monetization tips with you which worked for me in increasing my blog revenue and will surely work for you also.


1# Start Writing Reviews

You might have heard about and might be knowing a lot of bloggers who earn a lot of money by writing paid reviews. There are some sites which help you find paid or sponsored reviews for your blog. But I will not recommend you these sites from beginning. To start generating a very attractive revenue from your blog, first start writing free and independent reviews about the products under your blog’s niche. It doesn’t matter what is your blog’s niche, there will be different services and products related to your blog audience’s interest.

For example in beginning, when you will write a free review about a product, the product’s competitor will surely come to you and will ask you to review their product too. Now demand whatever you want. The product owner will tell you about their budget and you can then make a very good deal at the end for writing the review about their product.

I have practiced it and it worked for me. Currently, I charge between $50-$100 per sponsored review I write on my blog. Isn’t it a decent earning for only one article which will take around 15 to 20 minutes only? In addition to quick earning, you will find more and more content for your blog also! It will earn you good but never publish distracting and false reviews. Some product and service promoters may offer you big sums for writing dishonest reviews for their products, but never accept such offers. Because your audience trusts you and its trust is indeed your long-term success.

2# Promote More Ads

Don’t stay restricted to AdSense or any other monetizing program. There are several other high paying AdSense alternatives which allow you to monetize your blog traffic by displaying ads from them. A lot of bloggers don’t use other PPC and CPM programs on their blogs by the fear that AdSense may disable their account. But that is not true. Google has permitted publishers to promote other ads also which aren’t similar to AdSense ads.

AdSense offers contextual advertising and you can promote banner and in-text ads from other advertising networks without any fear. This will earn you extra money. AdClickMedia and Qadabra are two high paying services which can be used along with AdSense. After integrating ads from these two services, my blog revenue got doubled. Qadabra is good to earn some quick cash as the minimum withdrawal limit at Qadabra is only $1 for PayPal and $20 for Payoneer. So you don’t need to wait long for getting paid like you do on other advertising networks. You can signup for Qadabra here.

So don’t stay stuck with AdSense and go for some additional advertising programs also. This will maximize your blog earnings.

3# Sell Links

Although it is against Google’s guidelines to sell links, but it is ethical as long as your link is sold for referring traffic, not for the purpose of boosting the ranking of target website. For this purpose, you can nofollow the link if the buyer permits you. Sometimes, your blog posts get top rankings in SERPs. If it happens, search for any products and services related with your post topic and then offer them a link from within your post. In 90 out of 100 cases, you succeed in selling links for good money.

For example you wrote an article about “How to Grow Your Twitter Followers” and it got good position in SERPs. Now there are several services on the Internet where Twitter followers are sold. You can contact a few of these services and can offer them links form your post by telling about its position in SERPs. The service will surely accept your offer and you will succeed in making a good deal.

4# Promote Affiliate Products

This blog monetization method is comparatively hard to get success with as compared to above mentioned methods, but it can earn you very big once you learn how to promote affiliate products. Before selling affiliate products, you must have a good number of visitors on your blog who are trusting over you. After winning the trust of your audience, you can promote products from different developers and in return, you will earn a decent commission.

CommissionJunction is a good place to find and promote affiliate products where a lot of products are available from different reputed developers. Singup at CommissionJunction, search for products under your blog’s niche and then promote these products on your blog. For each sale made through your affiliate link, you will earn a good money from the product developer.

Apart from CommissionJunction, you can find products at Amzaon and eBay also. In addition, you can promote products directly from developers also. For example if your blog is related with website and blog hosting, you can promote hosting service of HostGator. If you succeed in bringing more than 21 customers to HostGator in a month, HostGator will pay you $150 per sale. Now calculate, for example if you bring 25 customers to them, they will pay you 25x$150=$3750 🙂

5# Sell Your Own Services

If you are a little skilled, you can sell your own services to your blog audience. Take the example of me, I can help people in setting up blogs, in moving their blogs between different CMS’s and in decorating their blogs. Now whenever any of my blog visitors need someone’s help for any relevant task, he/she surely hires me, and the reason is, my blog audience trusts me :).

Similarly, you can sell your services and this will allow you to earn some extra cash from your blog. In such a way, you don’t need any freelancing sites like oDesk, Elance and ClickWorker and the clients will come to you automatically.

Here, I would like to stop my extra-lengthy article. Sorry to make you bored if you were reading it till now, but I hope it taught you some blog monetization methods about which you might be not knowing before. I would like to hear from you. Share how you monetize your blog and what works best for you. It will help all of us to define our strategies 🙂

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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17 Replies to “Top 5 Blog Monetization Methods You Must Work On”

  1. Nice article ! Bro can you suggest some high paying Alternatives to the Google Adsense as I have been disapproved by the Google. I need them very badly…

    1. Hi Prasant,
      It is sad to hear that AdSense disapproved you. I would suggest you to try or if you have good traffic, then go for Yahoo-Bing’s These two options are good.

        1. Hi Barzul,
          Yes, I am getting good CTR with AdClickMedia, so I’m using it here on my blog. With AdSense, CTR isn’t appreciable, as my blog traffic consists of bloggers and you they don’t click ads even if the ad attracts them 🙁

  2. Hi ..i also want to ask a question. I heard from someone that Google ad sense is not going to approve the programming/ code blogs and related tutorials any more. is it true? Please reply fast because i wanna apply for Google as sense now.

    1. I haven’t gotten to know about it yet. Will let you know if it I get any update from an authentic source. BTW you can apply for AdSense. It doesn’t cost money 🙂

  3. Hi Rehmat, I am also a blogger as you suggested I am using qadabra and adsensense both. But I am not getting any earning. Ads are showing on my blog, but i didnt get click. Blog link is suggest me what to do?

  4. Hi,
    Thanks Rehmat for your quick response. I receive min 50 and max 100 visitors daily. N I dont know how to add ad below the navigation bar.

    Thank you so much and sorry for bothering you again.:(

  5. I want to ask that i am using blogger and i am also using montizing site
    it has provided me that script

    script type=’text/javascript’ src=’****06-****-****-****-*******97&size=300×250′></script

    and When i am using it in the blogger template it is showing the error the there is problem with the "&size=300×250"
    now what will do because i want to enter it below post with adsense ad
    you can see my website at
    please help in this matter

    1. Have you tried to convert the code to XML? If it still doesn’t work, than you unfortunately can’t add it within template code. Instead add the ads as a widget/gadget.

    1. Hi Ummi,
      I’m already using affiliate. I’m promoting affiliate products via articles, for example I have several articles about Payoneer where I’m promoting my affiliate link. Same is with other trusted brands about which I write honest reviews and promote the products.

  6. As Sallam Walai Kum Dear Sir ….. Sir G Kuch Help Kare Me Apne Paypal Ka Accotun Me Found Add Kar RAha Ho ,,,,Add ho Raha he but Jo Sms ana he Mere Mb Pay Oh nahi araha he Kyun k Meri Loction USA ki he Or Me Pak Me ho Meine Pak Ka Hi Number Add Ki He Sir App Kuch Help Kare Abb Plzz

  7. Rahmaat bahi maine pYpal k acctoun ko close kar diya he dubara maine creat kiya he jis id se creat kiya he jo pehle tha name b same kiya he or pAyoneer nay transtion fund b send ki he par link nhai ho rah he he payapl k raha he ye acctoun paypal se linked he plzz help me rahmat bahi

    Waleed dashti / March 6, 2014 Reply

    1. Hi bro,
      Ap previous paypal se payoneer account remove kar dein, after that, try linking the account again in newer one.

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