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3 WordPress Plugins for Automatic Internal Link Building

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Internal linking is a strong factor in improving your website or blog’s ranking in SERPs. If you were unaware about the importance of internal links in past and have ignored the internal link building over your WordPress powered blog, then still possibilities are there. I have come up with the list of three useful WordPress plugins which will automatically build internal links across your entire WordPress blog in no time.


1# Efficient Related Posts Plugin: “Efficient Related Posts” plugin is a simple yet useful and effective plugin which greatly improves the internal linking across a WordPress powered blog. The plugin displays related posts at bottom of each post, thus it benefits your blog in two ways. Firstly, it builds internal links from posts to other related content on your blog maximizing the internal linking and secondly, the plugin offers your readers with other related stuff and reduces the bounce rate over your blog which in turn impacts your blog’s SERP rankings positively.

So if you are worried about poor internal linking structure of your WordPress blog, install Efficient Related Posts plugin now. The plugin will automatically recognize content related to published posts on your blog and will put links to other posts at bottom of each post.

2# SEO Ultimate: SEO Ultimate is yet another great SEO plugin for WordPress which provides you a feature called as “Deeplink Juggernaut”. This is the most loved feature in SEO Ultimate which lets you build internal links across your WordPress blog with extreme ease. Just define the keywords and links and configure other settings and let the remaining task for the plugin. SEO Ultimate will automatically put configured links for the specified keywords in each post and page on your blog.

3# SEOPressor: SEOPressor is a premium plugin for WordPress which is being considered as the most powerful SEO plugin for WordPress by a majority of WP users. Like SEOUltimate, SEOPressor also comes with the feature of automatic internal link building. Once you define the keywords and links in plugin’s concerned section, links are built automatically and instantly.

So these were top three plugins which can help you in improving the internal linking across your WP blog. Try these plugins and see the improvements in your blog’s current SERP rankings.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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6 Replies to “3 WordPress Plugins for Automatic Internal Link Building”

  1. Hello,

    Please i’m searching for automatic internal link in each post..please tell me what plugin you’re using? i see that you have an internal link for several phrases in this post like “reduces the bounce rate”, “importance of internal links” …ect
    So what plugin you are using for automatically internal linking?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Ayoub, I’m using “Related Posts” plugin for showing links to related posts at bottom of the post and the links within post content aren’t built with any plugin. I’ve put them manually. BTW you can use SEOPressor or SEO Ultimate for that purpose.

  2. Thank you Rehmat for your reply, i have tested Seo Ultimate and SEOPressor even MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Plugin and no one do the trick..there is only one which is smart links plugin but it’s too expensive.
    The trick is to set it automatic and these plugins you have to put it manually by choosing a keyword and a link and it takes much time

    1. I haven’t tried “Smart Links” plugin. Yes you need to define keywords and links manually for other plugins, still it is good as you need to do it once only and links will be generated automatically in all posts.

  3. Thank you very much Rehmat for your help..i tried “SEO Auto Links & Related Posts” plugin it’s the best one but he has one only problem that you can’t set the number of internal link in each will have like 15 internal link in one post and this is very bad for SEO.
    I will reactivate SEOPressor and do it manually for now.

    Thanks again

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