How to Download YouTube Videos on Android Devices


Android platform has become extremely popular among mobile community. A few years ago, downloading YouTube videos using mobile phones wasn’t easy due to several limiting factors. These limiting factors were poorer compatibility of videos for mobile phones, slower Internet connections and the poorer playback experience of videos on mobile phones. But now, everything has changed. Internet connections over cellular networks have become too fast after evolution of 3G and 4G technology. Availability of high-speed WiFi Internet in most places has

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How to Open YouTube in Pakistan – 5 Top Proxies


You know well that YouTube is still blocked in Pakistan for more than a year. If you are a big fan of YouTube and can’t live without viewing videos there, then I have brought you five top proxy websites which will let you open YouTube in your browsers by bypassing the barriers created by PTA. These proxy websites are best in the sense that they allow you to access the videos with a faster data transfer rate which allows the

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4 Top Alternatives to YouTube for Sharing Videos

YouTube is the largest video sharing platform of the Internet world but for several reasons, a huge number of Internet users search for YouTube alternatives. Sometimes YouTube bans you for violation of TOS or the service gets blocked in your area as it happens in Pakistan frequently :), but you need YouTube for uploading and sharing your business or personal videos and this task is crucial for promoting your products among target audience. Image Souce: IconArchive Although you will find

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