A Small Orange (ASO) Web Hosting Review 2014


A Small Orange is a less familiar name in website hosting industry. This comparatively small and hidden hosting provider is a true champion in providing quality hosting services for its clients at affordable prices. A few months back, I was wandering here and there for finding a quality host and was leaving each hosting provider due to stability issues, but A Small Orange has retained me by providing a quality hosting for my blogs. When I switched from Blogger to

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Linux or Windows Based Hosting Server for WordPress?


Due to its powerful features and user-friendliness, WordPress has become the first choice of bloggers. If you are a blogger and want to start your blogging journey with WordPress.org, or if you want to build your business website using this great CMS, then you need to purchase a hosting for your project. At present, two OS types are most popular which empower servers. One is the Microsoft’s Windows and second is the Linux. Although OS doesn’t matter a lot for

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Making Money With Blogging – Blogspot or WordPress?


Blogging is one of the most easiest and most productive ways to earn money on the Internet if it is understood and done properly. Although world of Internet has become too crowded with blogs, still there is a place for new bloggers and one can earn a decent income through blogging. If you are interested in starting your own blog but don’t have enough knowledge about where to start, then I’m going to discuss the two most popular blogging tools

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How to Improve Page Load Time in WordPress


Although both servers and Internet connections in modern world have become robust, still it is believed by SEOs that load time is a part of Google’s algorithm and it plays role in SERP rankings. WordPress has become the most popular blogging tool on the earth but one of its drawbacks is its poor load times when configured improperly. If your website or blog is powered by WordPress, then you need to consider some optimization tips to ensure that it loads

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How to Move a WordPress Site from One Server to Another Host


Over last couple of months, I am wandering here and there for finding a stable hosting provider. After moving my WordPress blog between several hosts, today I thought that my experience might help you in moving a WordPress site to new server as I faced some difficulties in beginning when I wasn’t familiar about how to make this move. So this tutorial will help you if you don’t know how to move your WordPress site to a new hosting provider’s

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How to Delete Themes in WordPress 3.8 and Above


WordPress community has brought WordPress 3.8 as one of the biggest upgrades to the CMS. In addition to several other features, the admin dashboard has been modified in the latest release and several WordPress users are facing difficulties in working with the admin panel. Theme deletion option has been removed from the main theme page in WordPress 3.8 and in such a situation, you may be wondering where the option has gone. So to help you out in this, I

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The Best Free “Subscribe to Comments” Plugin for WordPress


“Comment subscription” plugins greatly help you in bringing visitors back to your blog and increase traffic by allowing them to subscribe for comment notifications. In such a way, comment notification subscription doesn’t let your visitors go away and it can help you in building some loyal readers over your blog. It is one of the beauties of WordPress.org that it makes all blogging tasks possible and the simplest for you with the help of plugins. “Comment Notifier” is the best

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The Free and Best Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugin for WordPress


Beauty of WordPress.org is, plugins make almost all tasks related with blogging and online marketing possible over it. If you are an internet marketer and use your WordPress powered blog as a platform for promoting affiliate products, then you might be looking for a good affiliate link cloaking plugin to hide your affiliate links from your visitors. I also promote services of Payoneer, HostGator affiliate and several other brands and recently did a thorough research for finding a link cloaking

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How to Move a WordPress Blog from Localhost to Live Server


Have you developed your WordPress blog using WAMP or XAMP server? Is it now ready to be uploaded? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you will learn here how to move your locally developed blog to a live server with extreme ease. This tutorial will simply guide you through all steps and after reading and understanding the steps, you will be able to make the move successfully. Step 1: Purchase Hosting and Domain First of all, purchase

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WordPress 3.7 Released, Want to Know Features Before Download?


WordPress 3.7 has been released and you can now upgrade to a more stable version of WordPress.org, the greatest blogging tool ever. Before upgrading to the latest version or before downloading the CMS, you might be interested in knowing about the new features which have been introduced in version 3.7. Below features are new which have been introduced in WordPress 3.7 to improve its usability and stability. WordPress 3.7 Features Password Strength Checker: The password strength checker is the first

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The Best Online Backup Plugin for WordPress – UpdraftPlus


The one and only true online backup solution for WordPress, I ever found, is UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore plugin which has given the peace of mind to several WordPress users including me. We don’t know when any accident will snatch our blog from us. It can be hacked, server can crash down or we can delete important files accidentally. Sometimes, installation of any malicious or malfunctioned plugin results in destruction of your WordPress database which contains posts, pages, comments, user settings

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How to Add Free Flash Polls and Surveys to Your Blog


Although there is a poll creation plugin available for WordPress and Blogger also lets adding a simple poll gadget from within its interface, but a feature rich and interactive poll on your blog attracts the attention of your audience more powerfully and you get more responses. While searching third-party poll managing services, I stumbled upon Quibblo, a free online poll, survey and quiz managing service where the features of the service impressed me a lot. I thought that you might

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5 Most Inspirational Blog Designs to Get Inspiration From


Before designing your blog, you must look over some inspirational blog designs and get inspiration from there. It is important that your blog design must meet multiple requirements. The design should be SEO friendly, catchy for visitors’ eyes, clean, easy to be navigated, ads optimized and unique. When you will look over the designs of all famous blogs, they have their own distinct design and these designs are loveable. Till now, I have come across several blog designs which have

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Yoast WordPress SEO Setup Guide – Best Configuration


Yoast is undoubtedly the best SEO plugin for WordPress which lets you to do a brilliant on-page SEO for your blog posts with ease. If you don’t have a good understanding about this great plugin, then this tutorial will help you in setting up Yoast on your blog. I will guide you to do the best  configuration for Yoast plugin which will ensure a perfect on-page SEO for your blog to boost its rankings in SERPs. Yoast Best Configuration To

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How to Fix Broken Links in WordPress After Moving from Blogger


One of the most frustrating bugs, which you may face after moving your Blogger blog to WordPress, is the issue of broken links. If you make the move imperfectly, then the chances of getting 404 not found errors increase greatly. This is because of the reason that WordPress and Blogger has totally different permalink structures. If you make the WordPress URL structure similar to that of Blogger, still there will a lot of broken links remain behind. Although I moved

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