Linux or Windows Based Hosting Server for WordPress?


Due to its powerful features and user-friendliness, WordPress has become the first choice of bloggers. If you are a blogger and want to start your blogging journey with, or if you want to build your business website using this great CMS, then you need to purchase a hosting for your project. At present, two OS types are most popular which empower servers. One is the Microsoft’s Windows and second is the Linux. Although OS doesn’t matter a lot for

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Nokia Qt SDK 1.1.3 Free Download for Windows (Offline Installer)


Nokia Qt SDK is a software toolkit which is used by developers in building Symbian-based apps for Nokia phones. The easy-to-use interface of Nokia Qt SDK lets users quickly and easily build different apps. Along with Nokia Qt Software Development Kit, Nokia Qt SDK simplifies the app designing by allowing users to easily work with app building in a cool environment. Nokia Qt SDK is developed by Nokia Inc. and it is a shareware. The software is free to download,

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