Opening an EasyPay merchant account in Pakistan

EasyPay is a product of Telenor that allows merchants in Pakistan to accept credit and debit cards at their online stores. This eCommerce solution is already empowering several online businesses and if you are going to start an eCommerce store in near future or if you have already started one, then this guide is going to help you in opening an EasyPay account to offer an easy payment solution for your customers on your store. How does it work: When you open

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ATM Cards are Issued to Telenor Easy Paisa Account Holders


A new era for “Telenor Easy Paisa” has begin and ATM cards have been made available to Easy Paisa account holders by Telenor Pakistan in partnership with Tameer bank. The issuance of cards has entirely changed the service and now money sent via Easy Paisa can be withdrawn at any One-link ATM across several banks of the country. “Easy Paisa” got an immense popularity among Pakistanis soon after its initiation. The recent update to the service is seeming to bring

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Leading Mobile Network of Pakistan? Vote for the Best


Although Zong has won the RCCI fastest growing network award for 2013 recently but it doesn’t mean that it is the best cellular network in Pakistan. In different parts of the country, consumers prefer different networks. They choose the one which performs best for them. Careful studies show that Zong is succeeding in attracting more consumers towards it as compared to other networks but still it is undeclared that which one is the leading cellular network of the country. In

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Telenor Network Stays Down the Third Day in Gilgit City


Telenor Pakistan is down in Gilgit city for the consecutive third day starting from September 18 this week. It was September 18, when Telenor signals stayed disappeared whole 12 hours from 2:00 p.m to 2:00 a.m in midnight. Now more than 72 hours have been passed, but the service of Telenor is miserable in Gilgit city, Jutial, Danyore, Sultan Abad and other adjacent areas. In day time, SMS’ cant be sent and calls are made after several consecutive attempts. If

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Telenor SMS Packages (Latest) Details and Activation


Apart from reliable Internet packages, Telenor is also offering one of the best SMS packages in Pakistan. Djuice subscribers are provided with better deals while some good SMS packages are there on Talkshawk subscription also. Below tables show the details and activation codes for the latest SMS packages of Telenor Talkshwask and Djuice packages. Talkshawk SMS Packages For activation, call 555 and then press 5 Djuice SMS Packages In addition to above SMS packages, you can get 700 SMS and

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3G in Pakistan – Will Come Soon or Stay Unavailable in 2013?


2013 is almost passed but the public of Pakistan is still waiting for third generation networks to arrive in the country. The public is dependent on the miserable and slow 2G networks and the government is silent in taking any effective and quick steps towards bringing 3G technology to the country. When we talk about the mobile networks, they have upgraded their technology to 3G in all major cities of the country and now are waiting for license to be

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Telenor Pakistan Latest Internet Packages 2013


Telenor Pakistan introduced a new Internet package for both Talkshawk and Djuice subscribers on the occasion of independence day. The package was free and subscribers were allowed to use 100MB free Internet on Djuice and 50MB Internet on Talkshawk packages per day. After August 15, 2013, the package is now charged as Rs. 13 per 100MB/day for Djuice and 50MB data is given to Talkshawk subscribers on the same price. To activate this package, dial *345*932#.  Validity of data is

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Telenor Pakistan Offers Free Internet for Talkshawk Subscribers

Telenor Pakistan is offering free late-night Internet for its Talkshawk subscribers. Talkshawk subscribers can enjoy 400MB Internet from 1:00am-9:00am daily for no cost. The free Internet offer is currently available only for Talkshawk subscribers.   One Month Free Internet on Telenor Talkshawk Yet another fascinating free Internet package is offered on purchase of new Talkshawk SIMs by Telenor Pakistan. Talkshawk Internet Offer can be availed for the first month after purchase of the SIM. You can use unlimited Internet for

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