MadAdsMedia Malware – Seeing “Reported Attack Page!” Message?


Last night, several webmasters were frustrated a lot by seeing a horrible message on web browsers that their website has been reported as an attack site. Visitors were being blocked from accessing the affected blogs and websites with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and all other major browsers. The owners were totally confused on what happened but this curiosity ended suddenly when MadAdsMedia politely emailed the affected webmasters that their ads have distributed malware across all publishers’ webpages 😛 . This

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How Much Does AdSense Pay Per Click and Per 1000 Impressions


All webmasters dream to see AdSense in action on their websites and blogs. The reason behind this is the attractive and decent earning potential of Google AdSense. Google AdSense is known for its best CPC rates where you can earn from a few cents to several dollars per click. The rates greatly deviate from publisher to publisher and from day to day on same AdSense account. If you are new to Google AdSense and curious to know the answer for

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Infolinks Affiliate Program – Where is My Affiliate Link


In my previous Infolinks review, I have mentioned that how you can earn with this PPC program. If you have a publisher account with Infolinks, then you can increase your revenue by promoting Infolinks on your blog or website. When I decided to signup for Infolinks’ referral program, I noticed that the referral link is absent there in my account dashboard. I searched their entire site and blog but failed to find the link. After a lengthier research, I Googled

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Infolinks Review With Payment Proof

Infolinks is one of the highest paying PPC advertising networks. In addition to clicks generated, the advertising network pays you for the views too. I tried Infolinks ads here on SupportiveHands a couple of months ago but now, I am using their ads on my another blog where the earning is good and I am satisfied from performance of Infolinks ads. If you are facing difficulty in getting Google AdSense, then you must give a try to Infolinks which pays

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5 Best Paying PPC Networks for Small Publishers


Although there are several high paying CPC and CPM advertising networks in the market but unfortunately most of these don’t accept small websites and blogs. In such a situation, novice bloggers and website owners get frustrated when they fail to find a good monetization source for their online content. In this article, I am going to share top 5 PPC advertising networks where websites and blogs with small traffic are accepted easily and you will not face in difficulty in

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5 Top PPC Campaign Management Services Beside Adwords


Google Adwords is the most famous and widely used PPC campaign management service where uncountable promoters run their campaigns to expose their products in front of targeted audience. If you are looking for any other good PPC campaign management service, then I have brought you a list of 5 leading PPC campaign management services of the industry which are equipped with all necessary tools to make your PPC campaign the most productive. Here is the list of my chosen 5

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MadAdsMedia Review with Revenue Proof


A few days back, I searched the keyword “top adsense alternatives” in Google for checking the SERP ranking of one of my previously written articles and my eyes trapped over the ad which Google was displaying at the top of the results. I saw a URL “” in the results which I was seeing for the first time. Instead of looking for my article’s SERP ranking, I went through the ad URL and started exploring the features of the “NEW”

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AdClickMedia PPC Advertising Program Review


AdClickMedia is comparatively a hidden name in the world of PPC advertising as a lot of publishers and advertisers even don’t know the name of this advertising company, but it has a good potential in generating revenue for blogs and websites. I am using AdClickMedia for more than an year (but never earned good :P), and today thought to review it for fellow bloggers by thinking that it may help you earn some extra money from your blogs. AdClickMedia is

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