PHPMailer: Called Mail() without being connected cPanel/WHM

PHPMailer is the most trusted PHP class to send emails that provide a complete set of features to enable you to send emails the easy way from your PHP apps. This class supports SMTP protocol too. WordPress and several other CMS systems use this class. If you have started using PHPMailer in your projects too and facing a bug like I faced recently on a client site, then here is the solution. One of my clients was using PHPMailer on his

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CoffeeCup Web Form Builder Review


I’m not too good in PHP and other scripting languages to write highly professional forms for my websites. For this reason, I was searching for any good solution for building forms last week. While Googling, I stumbled upon “CoffeeCup Web Form Builder” and the software greatly impressed me. After trying it out for some of my websites, I decided to share it with you by thinking that you might need it too. In this brief review, I’m sharing the coolest

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Best Free Custom Domain WordPress Hosting With cPanel, MySQL, PHP


Although it isn’t recommended to rely on any less popular free hosting service for keeping your online business, still if you aren’t feeling comfort in using the trustworthy free blog hosts like Blogger, and Tumblr, then I have found a good WordPress hosting company for you which deserves to be called as the “best free WordPress and static website hosting service” in the market. Some general features of this hosting company include 20GB storage space, 150GB monthly data transfer,

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CodeLobster PHP Edition Review, the Best Free PHP Editor

A comfortable, easy to use and feature rich editor is the most important tool which helps you in developing a website or blog easily. The world of Internet is full of several such editors which allow you to edit and compose websites and blogs in PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. DreamWeaver and Zend Studio are among the two most popular editors but unfortunately, these tools are expensive and a website owner or blogger with low budget may unable to pay

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