How to Backup and Restore a Large MySQL Database

phpMyAdmin is the most familiar tool for database management on small and medium-sized websites and blogs. This free tool makes the task of database management simple but phpMyAdmin is a no-no when it comes to export and import the backups of larger databases. Bigger websites’ MySQL data comes in GBs and the best way to export a large database is to use command-line. If your database size is in a few hundred MBs, then you can run a one-session task

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Best Free Custom Domain WordPress Hosting With cPanel, MySQL, PHP


Although it isn’t recommended to rely on any less popular free hosting service for keeping your online business, still if you aren’t feeling comfort in using the trustworthy free blog hosts like Blogger, and Tumblr, then I have found a good WordPress hosting company for you which deserves to be called as the “best free WordPress and static website hosting service” in the market. Some general features of this hosting company include 20GB storage space, 150GB monthly data transfer,

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