How to Download YouTube Videos on Android Devices


Android platform has become extremely popular among mobile community. A few years ago, downloading YouTube videos using mobile phones wasn’t easy due to several limiting factors. These limiting factors were poorer compatibility of videos for mobile phones, slower Internet connections and the poorer playback experience of videos on mobile phones. But now, everything has changed. Internet connections over cellular networks have become too fast after evolution of 3G and 4G technology. Availability of high-speed WiFi Internet in most places has

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How to Improve Page Load Time in WordPress


Although both servers and Internet connections in modern world have become robust, still it is believed by SEOs that load time is a part of Google’s algorithm and it plays role in SERP rankings. WordPress has become the most popular blogging tool on the earth but one of its drawbacks is its poor load times when configured improperly. If your website or blog is powered by WordPress, then you need to consider some optimization tips to ensure that it loads

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How to Create a Free Private Blog on Blogspot


Though creating a free blog on Blogger using a .blogspot custom domain is extremely easy and you can create a blog in a minute or two, but when it comes to create a private blog on Blogger by allowing only certain people to read the writing, many beginners struck. If you are one of them and want to create a private blog using Google’s free blogging platform, the Blogger, then this tutorial will answer your question “how to create a

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How to Add “Contact Me” Form and Sticky Button on Blogger


Google’s Blogger is though providing a brilliant free blog hosting, but some limitations are also there on Blogger. One of these limitations is, Blogger doesn’t provide you with any inbuilt contact form or you don’t have access to the server to upload your own contact form’s script when your blog is hosted with Blogger. In such a situation, you need to look for any good third party service to resolve the issue. is a brilliant service where you can

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Learn How to Flash Your Sony Ericson Xperia Phone


If you own a Sony Ericson Xperia series mobile phone and need to flash its firmware using a USB connectivity cable, then this tutorial will let you know how to flash your phone. How to Flash Xperia Phones To flash your Xperia mobile phone, follow below instructions. Download Xperia flash tool and unzip the compressed file After decompressing the content, run the setup Now look for the customization file (.ini file) in decompressed content and copy it to installation directory.

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How to Disable Copying of Text on Your Blog Posts


Content thieves tend to copy text from blogs and websites across the web and sometimes these thieves rank higher than those from where they have copied it. To make the task of copying text a little complex for content thieves, there is a script which will disable the text copying from your WordPress or Blogger blog. Although Google has stated that copying of text is okay as far as it is falling under the category of spam, still if someone

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Don’t Have a Gravatar Profile Yet? Its Time to Get One


It doesn’t matter either you run a blog or just reading other blogs, you need a Gravatar profile if you comment on other blogs. Without having a Gravatar profile, your comments really look ugly :(. So to make the appearance of your comments beautiful like your words, you need a Gravatar profile. What is Gravatar? Gravatar is the short version for “Globally Recognized Avatars” and this service allows you to set default images for your email addresses. After enabling Gravatar

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How to Enable Feedburner for Your WordPress Blog


When I moved from Blogger to WordPress a few days back, I noticed that Feedburner isn’t grabbing my blog posts anymore when I publish. I then tried to figure it out why it is happening so but in my first attempts, I failed to enable Feedburner back. When I was on Blogger, my feeds were constantly showing up and they were delivered to my subscribers, but now the situation wasn’t same. For 3 continuous days, my feeds stay suspended and

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How to Get a Verified PayPal Account in Pakistan

This article has been written for informative purpose only. The author isn’t responsible for any difficulties generated. PayPal is operational in several disastrous countries like Somalia and Nepal but the largest online money transfer service is still reluctant to start its services in a growing country like Pakistan. An uncountable number of bloggers, website owners and other people in Pakistan, who are concerned with the Internet, face difficulty in getting a verified PayPal account. PayPal is dominant in the market

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