How to Get Approved Easily at Google AdSense in 2014


When Google launched its AdSense program back in 2003, it was extremely easy for publishers to get approved into this revenue sharing program. By the passage of time, AdSense grew into a serious business and it became one of the best monetization sources for blogs, websites and viral YouTube channels. Due to its effectiveness, AdSense became the first choice of almost all website and blog owners where the publishers were aiming to generate an income by displaying sponsored ads on

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How Much Does AdSense Pay Per Click and Per 1000 Impressions


All webmasters dream to see AdSense in action on their websites and blogs. The reason behind this is the attractive and decent earning potential of Google AdSense. Google AdSense is known for its best CPC rates where you can earn from a few cents to several dollars per click. The rates greatly deviate from publisher to publisher and from day to day on same AdSense account. If you are new to Google AdSense and curious to know the answer for

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Google AdSense vs Affiliate Marketing – My Experience


I am with Google AdSense from the early days of my blogging journey and AdSense is generating a steady and solid income for me. Over past few months, I tried to practice affiliate marketing too and got good results despite of the poor efforts which I put in IM. Today I decided to compare the two popular online content monetization ways by thinking that this comparison might help you in understand which one is better for you. Although I am

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AdSense Introduces Time Zone Settings Feature in Interface


AdSense has recently introduced the time zone settings feature in its interface which allows publishers to set the time zone for their account earnings to be updated on. Before this, AdSense earnings were being updated according to Pacific time and day was ending on 7:00 GMT. Now you can set the time zone and can define when the day should end and when your earnings should be finalized. How to Edit AdSense Time Zone To edit and define time zone

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Google AdSense in Pakistan – How to Get Success


Google AdSense is always thought to be cruel for Pakistanis but reality is not the same. If you are dreaming to earn a living with Google AdSense from Pakistan but still not sure either you will get success with it or not, then this article will let you know how to get success with AdSense in long run to earn a decent money from your online content. “Google AdSense either bans you or lowers your earnings if you belong to

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