Top 10 Google AdSense Alternatives in 2014


Google AdSense has been the best monetization source for well established blogs and websites, but sometimes publishers at certain websites and blogs need to look for any network other than Google AdSense for several reasons. The reasons may be AdSense ban, poor earnings with AdSense or the publisher’s aim to earn some extra cash by showing ads from multiple networks. If you are searching for some good alternatives to Google AdSense, then this list may get you a profitable network

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Several advertising networks join the world of PPC and CPM advertising but none of them able to stand in front of AdSense. Some advertising networks even disappeared from the entire web. Some others are operating but they don’t reach even nearer to AdSense. The reason behind failure of these networks is that big brands choose Google Adwords to promote their products and small advertising networks fail to get high-budget advertisers and as a result, they can’t pay good to publishers.

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MadAdsMedia Review with Revenue Proof


A few days back, I searched the keyword “top adsense alternatives” in Google for checking the SERP ranking of one of my previously written articles and my eyes trapped over the ad which Google was displaying at the top of the results. I saw a URL “” in the results which I was seeing for the first time. Instead of looking for my article’s SERP ranking, I went through the ad URL and started exploring the features of the “NEW”

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