Top 10 Google AdSense Alternatives in 2014


Google AdSense has been the best monetization source for well established blogs and websites, but sometimes publishers at certain websites and blogs need to look for any network other than Google AdSense for several reasons. The reasons may be AdSense ban, poor earnings with AdSense or the publisher’s aim to earn some extra cash by showing ads from multiple networks. If you are searching for some good alternatives to Google AdSense, then this list may get you a profitable network

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How to Receive AdSense Earnings via Wire Transfer in India


Google AdSense has completed a cycle of beta testings of wire transfers for Indian publishers. The publishers, who participated the beta testing, showed their great positive response towards this upgrade. Although the upgrade is in its beta stage, still AdSense publishers from India can try this feature for receiving their earnings for the month of February 2014. If you are an Indian AdSense publisher and are interested in trying out the EFT from Google for your earnings, then you need

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Google AdSense Best Ad Placement on Blogs and Websites


Webmasters at AdSense blogs and websites are mostly seen frustrated with the poor CTR of their ads which results in poor earning of websites and blogs despite of a well established traffic there. A few months back, I was suffering with the same issue and my ads’ CTR was extremely poor. I contacted several “AdSense gurus” and all recommend me only one thing. Do experiment! Then I started experimenting with ad placements on my blog and now I have succeeded

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Why Google Puts Hold on Your AdSense Account and Payments


Sometimes Google puts hold on your AdSense payments and you aren’t paid even when your earnings reach the minimum payout threshold of $100 in a particular month. Four major reasons result in this and your payments aren’t released unless you fix the issues which cause this hold. I have explained the reasons and fixes below which will help you in releasing your payments if Google has held them for any of below mentioned reasons. Address Verification: When your AdSense earnings

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What Does Net 15, 30, 45 and Net 60 Basis Payment Mean


Ad networks mostly follow a payment schedule and publisher earnings are released according to a particular schedule which is specific for each network. Google AdSense, the most popular PPC network, sends the payments of publishers on net 30 basis and Infolinks has a net 45 payment schedule. There are several ad networks which release payments on net 15 and even on net 7 basis. If you are confused about the terms net 15, net 30, net 45 and net 60,

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Google AdSense Issued Novemer 2013 Payments Earlier


Did you notice that Google has issued payments of AdSense publishers earlier this month? Yes payments for the month of November has been issued earlier than usual this time. Earlier this morning, I noticed in my Google AdSense account that payments have been processed. Usually, I receive my earnings between 26th and 28th of the month and the earnings have been issued earlier for the second time for me (they were issued earlier on last year’s Christmas too). Christmas /

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How Much Money Can You Make from a Blog


One of the most frequently asked questions from me, by those who have started a blog recently or willing to start a blog in near future, is; “How much money can you make from blogging?” and the answer to this question is just too much 🙂 . Indeed opportunities in making money with blogging are endless and you can earn very big if you learn to know how to blog and how to grow it by time. In this article,

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Ultimate List of Top 10 AdSense Highest Paying Countries


Geographical location is one of the most important factors in defining your blog or website’s earning with Google AdSense. In general, clicks from western countries give you high CPC and good page RPM. In today’s post, I am putting some highly authentic information about 10 highest paying countries which will give you the highest CPC and page RPM. The information, which I am going to share here, is my own experience. I’m not going to mention my earnings as it

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Google Introduces New AdSense Homepage


After redesigning payment section by the end of October 2013, AdSense has introduced a brand new homepage today on November 19, 2013 which has some new cool features. The new interface is one of the biggest upgrades which Google has ever made to its PPC network. Soon after logging into your account, you will be asked by Google either you are interested in upgrading to the new homepage design or not, and you will see the new interface in action

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5 Best Paying PPC Networks for Small Publishers


Although there are several high paying CPC and CPM advertising networks in the market but unfortunately most of these don’t accept small websites and blogs. In such a situation, novice bloggers and website owners get frustrated when they fail to find a good monetization source for their online content. In this article, I am going to share top 5 PPC advertising networks where websites and blogs with small traffic are accepted easily and you will not face in difficulty in

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How to Increase AdSense Earnings by Improving CTR and CPC


If your blog is well optimized for AdSense it can earn you good, and if not, then you will face the most frustrating issue of worst earnings at AdSense despite of having decent traffic. I have experienced this in early days when I was new with AdSense. After reading several articles, by following AdSense recommendations and by doing experiments, I have now optimized AdSense for my blog where its performance is good. I don’t say that I have super-optimized it,

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AdSense Payee Name Editing Enabled Again for Pakistan and India?


It seems that Google has enabled the editing of payee name again for all countries which was disabled for publishers in selected countries including Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. While signing into my AdSense account this evening, I got a notification that AdSense interface has been upgraded. I then navigated through the improved sections of AdSense account and noticed that Payee name in my account was editable. It means that you can now change payee name for your AdSense account once

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AdSense New Interface and Features with Custom Payment Threshold


When I signed into my AdSense account for checking earnings this evening, I got an alert which was informing about the improvements in “Payment” and “Payment Settings” pages of AdSense account interface by Google. I followed the URL suggested for more information and came to know that “Payment” and “Payment Settings” pages have been redesigned. Below changes have been made to some parts of AdSense account interface and almost all accounts have been upgraded to the newest design. “Transaction history”

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Never Purchase AdSense, Improve Your Site to Get it Free


In earlier days of AdSense birth, an option for editing payee name was available in AdSense account interface for all countries including Pakistani and Indian publishers, but later, people started misusing this feature. Several people started selling AdSense accounts to others after getting them verified and by changing the payee name as the approval of AdSense accounts was easier in earlier days. But then AdSense realized the misuse of payee name editing feature and disabled this feature for Pakistani, Indian

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Chitika vs Google AdSense – A Review


Google AdSense is undoubtedly the best blog monetization PPC network which has been unbeatable in world of online advertising. Now a days, it is hard to get Google AdSense and for that reason, blog and website owners look for any good AdSense alternative. Chitika is one of AdSense alternatives which is loved by several publishers due to easy account approval at the network. At Chitika, you don’t face any big trouble in getting approval, but Chitika can’t be the true

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