Top 10 Google AdSense Alternatives in 2014


Google AdSense has been the best monetization source for well established blogs and websites, but sometimes publishers at certain websites and blogs need to look for any network other than Google AdSense for several reasons. The reasons may be AdSense ban, poor earnings with AdSense or the publisher’s aim to earn some extra cash by showing ads from multiple networks. If you are searching for some good alternatives to Google AdSense, then this list may get you a profitable network

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5 Best Internet Security Suites for Windows 8 and 7 in 2014


These days, world of Internet is accumulated by viruses, trojans, spyware and malware and it has gotten extremely hard to stay 100% protected against these malicious scripts. 2014 has arrived and now computer users, particularly those who surf the Internet frequently, are searching for the best and most functional security solution to stay safe against online threats. If you are also searching for a good internet security for Windows 8, Windows 7 or any earlier version, then below list will

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Matt Cutts Says: “Firefox is Still the Best Internet Browser in 2014”


You might be searching the answer for the question “which internet browser is better, Google Chrome or Firefox”, and Google’s Matt Cutts answered the question recently and said that he still loves Firefox and Firefox is a great internet browser. In world of internet, Firefox brought a revolution and it became the most popular internet browser by outclassing all other major browsers like Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. Recently, Google introduced Chrome and it emerged as the biggest competitor

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5 Best Magazine Responsive WordPress Themes in 2014


2014 has arrived, so I decided to compile a list of top magazine WordPress themes which caught my eyes during past couple of days when I was searching for a good responsive theme for my own blog. I have changed my blog’s theme last week as the previous theme wasn’t responsive and it was really missing the demands from mobile phone users. So if you are in search of a good magazine theme for your blog, then my list will

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Best Survey Sites in 2014 that Really Pay High in Sweden, UK, US


In USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Sweden and other developed countries, online surveys earn very big for survey takers. If you are living in Asian countries like India, Pakistan or Bangladesh, then I wouldn’t like to recommend you taking surveys for earning money online as either surveys for Asian countries aren’t available on the internet or if some global companies conduct surveys in these countries, they pay very little. Still there are some online survey companies which pay cash in

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Top 10 Most Downloaded (Free) WordPress Plugins in 2013


2013 is about to be a part of past and 2014 is about to come in next few days. Now it has been decided that which plugins performed the best in 2013. So today I have compiled the list of top 10 WordPress plugins which received most downloads and rocked through entire 2013. In upcoming year, 2014, we expect the similar ranking as these plugins are true champions in providing the functionality under their specialization. The list contains the free

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Update AVG Internet Security 2014 With Offline Files


Have you downloaded AVG Internet Security 2014? If yes, then it is good that you have got a good solution for protecting your computer against malicious scripts, but if you haven’t downloaded AVG Internet Security / Antivirus 2014 yet, then you must get it now for securing your important data. You can download the offline installer for AVG Internet Security 2014 here. After downloading and installing the software you might be interested in updating the product as it is highly

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5 (Free) All Time Best Android Apps Which Rocked in 2013


2013 is about to end and Android users made some apps rocked in the year 2013. The 5 apps, which I have mentioned below, truly deserve to be called as “the best 5 Android apps in 2013” as they are extremely useful and well-performing. Although 2013 will turn over soon, but the apps will keep rocking in 2014 as they are well maintained by their developers. Here is the list of my chosen “top 5 Android apps” most loved by

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Top 5 Antivirus Software in 2014 – Features and Price


2013 has almost ended and all antivirus software companies have released their products’ 2014 versions. These products are available for download at their respective websites. If you are confused on which antivirus will prove to be the best in 2014, then I have come up with the list of top 5 antivirus software which are doing well in their industry soon after launch. Here is the list which will help you in choosing the best software to protect your computer

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No PR Update from Google in 2013, Matt Cutts Says


Google’s Matt Cutts is saying that any PR update from Google before end of 2013 will be surprising for him, so we can’t expect any release of data regarding with PageRank of websites before arrival of 2014. Responding to a tweet from Niels Bosch, CEO of, on October 6, Matt Cutts said that “I would be surprised if that happened”. It confirms that Google is not going to release PageRank data sooner. PageRank is a strong and the most

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