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SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review

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Last week, HostGator servers went down frequently due to an ongoing upgrade and I had to search for any other host. After reading good reviews about SiteGround, I went for it but didn’t purchased hosting by getting to know that they were providing one month free trial for affiliates. As I was having an affiliate account with them, so instantly signed up for the trial and shifted my blog there.


After moving to SiteGround, I felt a good and noticeable change in my blog’s speed. I realized that they are better than HostGator in speed but the storage wasn’t unlimited there. They give 10GB storage space for most basic plans for which I was signed up. Still this storage space was enough and I was having the option to upgrade my account anytime in case my blog needs more resources.

I stayed three days on SiteGround and then came back to HostGator as I wasn’t going to take any risk by hosting my blog on a trial hosting, and HostGator’s upgrade was seeming to be complete. During those three days with SiteGround, I noticed some cons and pros of the hosting they provide which I am going to share below.

Pros of SiteGround Hosting

The first and most important thing, which I experienced with SiteGround, is their nice security precautions against hackers. Even when you type cpanel URL with your blog’s URL, you are automatically redirected to SiteGround’s secure and encrypted connection and you are taken on log-in page after encrypting your connection to the servers. It ensures that your sensitive information is always safe and isn’t being accessed anywhere while it is transmitted.

Secondly, I noticed that plugins and themes aren’t activated directly. An additional layer of security has been applied here which ensures that the plugins and themes, which you install, are safe and clean. In addition, log-in attempts are restricted on your WordPress blog and user is locked when he/she enters wrong repeated passwords/usernames.  In such a way, your blog is kept safe against any possible risk of being hacked.

Next was their advanced caching technology which is enabled automatically when you install WordPress. The caching of files boosts your blog’s performance greatly. For advanced plans, SuperCacher is enabled (I didn’t test it) which is said to be even more powerful.

Uptime of servers at SiteGround is excellent. While my stay with SiteGround, I carefully examined it but didn’t experienced even a short downtime. Although my stay was short, still it was somehow enough to tell me about the reliability of the hosting.

Another good thing about SiteGround is that they don’t keep a lot of users on the same server in shared plans. Like other hosts, they don’t compromise quality which greatly impressed me. According to SiteGround, the number of users on shared servers is the lowest at SiteGround than all other shared hosts. Although we can’t get access to the actual information about users on shared servers, still we have to believe it as WordPress really loads quickly at SiteGround than other common shared hosts.

Apart from above discussed points, other features are common and are offered by all other website hosts.

Cons of SiteGround

The only cons of SiteGround, I noticed, is the limitation of storage space. When you signup for their most basic plan, you are given 10GB storage. Still it is more than enough as blogs at Blogger are given a total of 10GB storage and it is almost unlimited for normal blogs.

With 10GB storage space, you will never get run-out of space. Apart from storage space, you are given unlimited data transfer, MySQL databases, email accounts, unlimited sub-domains and much more.

Due to good performance of SiteGround, I recommended it for my friend Vijy of who will move to WordPress from Blogger soon. If you are also searching for a good shared host, then go with SiteGround. Both its performance and prices will surely satisfy you. Please don’t forget to share your thoughts about SiteGround’s hosting after experiencing it. Come back here and share your experience in comments so others will also get to know about SiteGround’s features.

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Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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  1. Hey Rehmat, thank you for the detailed review and fantastic feedback! Glad to hear you’re happy with our services and have seen improvement in the performance of your website. We’ll be glad to have you permanently on board, so if you need assistance moving over, don’t hesitate to ping me.

    1. Hi Tina,
      Its my pleasure to see you here. Your service is great. And thank you for writing in :). Sure, I’ll get back to you soon.

  2. Hey, I notice that the prices there are discounted. For example they have lowered down the price of basic plan from $9 to $3. What are there renewal prices? For basic plans, will they renew it on $3 or $9? Please clarify.

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