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PostLoop Review – Does it Really Pay?

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PostLoop is among online earning sources but now a days, the world of Internet is full of scams and it is really a tough job to find legitimate online earning sources. If you manage to find some truly paying online sources, still most of them just fool you by paying very small amounts. They are also indeed scams but what they do is just tell the world that they actually pay!

After looking around the web and gathering experience of others along with my own experience, I am writing this review about PostLoop to help you understand what PostLoop actually is and how you can earn a good amount of money through PostLoop from comfort of your home.

History: PostLoop was started by Royal Media, LLC. in November 2010. Soon after its arrival, the service got an amazing popularity among the lurking advertisers and online job seekers. Till now, the site has grown a lot and is doing great in the field of its concern. Within a short span of time, PostLoop has surpassed the 1 million figure for post exchange which is a big achievement.


How PostLoop Works? PostLoop links forum and blog owners with forum posters and commentators. In initial age of blogs and forums, the owners need conversations at their sites and it is extremely hard to attract real commentators and forum posters from search engines and other sources. For this reason, they go to PostLoop and pay for getting forum posters and commentators to their sites. Online job seekers register at PostLoop, join forums and blogs, participate the discussion there and earn for doing that.

How Much Can You Earn? Earning varies for different tasks at PostLoop but the average payout is around $0.07 per post. Now let’s calculate how much you can earn at this rate. Say you manage to leave 100 comments and 100 forum posts each day. In total, you make 200 posts. Now multiply 200 with 0.07. You will earn $14 :).

What PostLoop Expects from You: Registration at PostLoop is free but you must have a good English grammar to get success with PostLoop. It doesn’t matter where your residence is, the service pays without any geographical consideration. So if you are good in English, you can start earning today.

After signing up at PostLoop, you need to submit 10 test posts. If your posts impress the administrators, they approve your account and then you can start posting in paid blogs and forums.

When you start posting on blogs and forums, you earn points and these points determine how much your efforts deserve to earn. When you succeed in building a good reputation by posting quality comments and forum threads, your earning potential greatly increases.

When You Will Get Paid? You must earn $5 before you can withdraw your earnings. In addition to $5 withdrawal limit, your user rating must be more than 3.83. Payments are processed via PayPal for qualified earners.

So are you ready to start earning with PostLoop? Join it now by visiting below link.

Signup at PostLoop

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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5 Replies to “PostLoop Review – Does it Really Pay?”

    1. Yeah Ahmad, it is seeming interesting. I have signed up also a few days ago, lets see what happens. Till now, I’m enjoying the service. 🙂

      1. I Just signed up as your referral and now exploring this service…
        Thanks Rehmat for such a helpful article.. 🙂

  1. Yes, postloop is a good place if you want to earn extra income based in your passion (posting). There are varieties of forums and blogs that you can choose to join. I joined postloop when it was first started and it is great. I was able to help my sister on her surgery through my postloop earnings.. 🙂 The owner is very kind and takes time to reply with your questions..Love the site..

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