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PayPal to Payoneer Money Withdrawal

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Payoneer allows you to withdraw your money from PayPal easily. If you are facing difficulties in withdrawing your PayPal money in your country, then Payoneer is a true gift for you from its developers which allows you to collect money from PayPal, MoneyBookers, ClickBank, oDesk, Elance, Amazon and several other services seamlessly. You can use Payoneer’s prepaid Mastercard to withdraw the money from local ATMs or can use it online for purchasing different services and goods.

To withdraw your PayPayl money to Payoneer, you need to first link your virtual American bank account with PayPal which is provided you by US Payment Service. If you don’t know what is US Payment Service and how to link US Payment Service’s provided account with PayPal, learn here how to get Payoneer Mastercard and US Payment Service.

If you don’t have enough time to go through above article and read the instructions in-depth, here is a quick guide on how to get a virtual American bank account via Payoneer and how to link it with PayPal.

  • Go to Payoneer’s signup page and signup for Payoneer’s Master Card
  • While signup, provide all necessary details accurately
  • Check the box for “Signup for US Payment Service” option in signup form
  • After signup form submission, you will receive an email from Payoneer’s Account Approval Department asking you to upload scans of your document proves which contain your complete name, permanent address and other details
  • Follow the link and upload scans of either your NIC, driving license or any other government issued document
  • After successful verification of your identity, you will be emailed a virtual US bank account number and routing number along with other details. At the meantime, your card is also shipped to the address provided (Remember that Payoneer doesn’t ship cards at temporary addresses, so provide your permanent address correctly including postal ZIP and street address)
  • Now go to your PayPal account dashboard and hover mouse pointer over Profile option under My Account tab. Then select Update Bank Account option


  • In next screen, click Add Bank Account option and then provide the bank account number and routing number which Payoneer has emailed you earlier
  • PayPal will transfer a small verification amount in next two or three days. Once the transfer is completed, you will see the transaction details in your Payoneer account dashboard
  • Now go back to PayPal, again go to Profile>Update Bank Account and click Confirm Bank Account option. Then put in the transacted amounts which you have received in your Payoneer account dashboard
  • Your bank account will be verified and after that, you can transfer your money to your Payoneer account from Withdrawal option in your PayPal account dashboard. The withdrew money will be loaded to your Payoneer card and then you can either withdraw it from nearest supported ATMs in local currency or can use it for online purchases

So these are the simple steps through which you can withdraw your PayPal money to Payoneer account.

PayPal to Payoneer Transfer Fee

When you transfer your money from PayPal to Payoneer account, around 5% of the total transfer is deducted. The fee is charged by US Payment Service which carries out the transactions between PayPal and Payoneer. If you transfer $100 from PayPal to Payoneer account, you will receive around $94.

Ready to use Payoneer for withdrawing your PayPal money from local ATMs in your country?

Get a Free Payoneer MasterCard Here

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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60 Replies to “PayPal to Payoneer Money Withdrawal”

  1. Hello,kal main nay payoneer card activate kar liya tha succesfully aur paypal say kuch dollar bhi bheje hai 4.05usd aap bata saktay hai kay payoneer main kitnay paisay ayen gay fees kay baad.aur aik aur baat mcb ya scb ki atm kay ilawa koi or international mastercard atm say cash ajaye gaa?.and if i with withdraw 11 dollars i should get 1 500 pkr and 2 100 pkr notes from atm machine am i right?

    1. Hi Adil,
      Small amounts per fee ni kat’ti, $4 he aany chahye. Or jb ATM se withdraw karna ho to thousands me karen, i.e. 1000, 2000 or 3000 etc.. Agar ap k pas $15 hein to 1000 withdraw karen. Jitni bari transaction karengay, utna faida hai, q k paisay same kat’tay hein…

      Or han, ap Payoneer card se world k kisi b part me money withdraw kar saktay hein, jahan Mastercard supported ATM hai, wahan.. Or Pakistan me Standard Chartered, Faysal Bank or Citi Bank se b nikal saktay hein

  2. Salam bhai jaan……….yaar mai nay apna Payoneer Card Maangva leya ha,activate b status maay day raha ha,but jaab mai payoneer ki info khoolta ho too udhar Routing number deya ha,jaab kaay Paypal maay Bank account attach krna ho too voo Routing number nai Sort Code maangta ha,Routing no almost 9 digit ka ha,jaabkay SortCode voo 6 digit ka maangta ka,can u help me,i m struggling since 2 month’s but can’t find a way,thank u 🙂

  3. Sir,
    Mene apna payoneer account successfully activate ker liya he.. and now wanted to create paypal accunt.. but kia aap bta skte hen k wahan me apna adress, phone number wagera kia dunga?

    1. Ap ne apna card activate kia hai? Agar card activate kia or phir b “Receive Money” ka option ni aa raha to Payoneer support se contact karna or un se kehna k US Payment Service enable karen wo..

  4. sir un ko koi identification ki file b snd krna hogi mean id card etc aur agr id card aur payoneer card ka name same na ho tu phr b ho jy ga na?

  5. hey friends i have found a new online money making site in which everyone can earn without investment just by clicking ads daily and can cashout money directly to Paypal account and then transfer to your Payoneer Card to withdraw money in pakistan the link is here the website

  6. when i verify my paypal account via payoneer get error you can not add bank this time? how to fix it

  7. AOA,

    I have a question.
    I have done withdrawal of some amount from paypal to Payoneer.
    Now it’s been two days and Paypal says that transaction have been completed but when I log into Payoneer account it is still showing old balance. Shouldn’t it show the updated balance? or the amount has directly been added to master card??? Need urgent help!


    1. W. Salam Tahir,
      US Payment Service takes two or three more days to deposit received money to your account, so the money should reach in your Payoneer account after 4-5 days.. Don’t worry, money will reach, but yes, it may take a little longer..

  8. I am from Pakistan. I discussed your article with someone who has a paypal account. He says even if you get verified PayPal account through Payoneer whenever you will be shopping your billing address will be an issue. Can you please guide about this.

    1. Hi Mehreen,
      I am using PayPal to shop online. i.e. I have purchased several domains and have purchased hosting from HostGator, the address hasn’t been an issue yet, but the main purpose of getting a PayPal account in Pakistan is to withdraw online earned money in the country. Online shopping is the second option.

  9. I have a malaysian paypal id,but in this id i add a bank account of payoneer US payment service checking can i withdraw money to this account without any fee?If fee then how much it?

    1. Hi Mohsin,
      First of all, Malaysian PayPal account may not let you to add your Payoneer account as Payoneer provides you a US based bank account number. If it is linked, 1% transfer fee will be charged whenever you will made any transaction. It is low but not totally free.

  10. i want to know what is the next step after receiving my payoneer card. can i use it straight away or what is the next step.
    how do i find my ABA routing number, bank address, bank city and bank zip code for payoneer. thank;s in advance

    1. Hi mike,
      You need to activate your card before using it. Login to your Payoneer account, activate the card and set a PIN number. Account number and routing number can be found under Receive Money tab>US Payment Service in your Payoneer account.

  11. Hello friend !

    I am having a big problem please help me my paypal account is automatic unverified

    when i am checking my gmail i am recieving this mail

    Hello Ishtiaq Ahmed Baig,

    Your PayPal payment cannot be completed by Bank Funding because your bank informed us that the bank account information registered with PayPal are incorrect. As a result, this Bank Funding payment has been reversed.

    Bank Account Information Account Holder’s Name: Ishtiaq Ahmed Baig Bank Name, Branch: FIRST CENTURY BANK, N.A. BLZ (sort code): Account Number: Payment Details Transaction Date: Sep 18, 2013 Transaction Amount: $12.00 USD Date of Reversal: Sep 18, 2013 Reason for reversal: Incorrect bank account details

    Please verify your bank account information and call our Customer Service department. After your correct account details are confirmed, you will be able to send PayPal payments by Bank Funding and Bank Transfer again.

    To see details of this transaction, go to your PayPal account history by logging in to your PayPal account and clicking the History subtab.

    Don’t hesitate to call customer support at 1888 221 1161 (Mon-Fri 8.30am till 7pm and Sat-Sun 9am till 7.30pm, Costs for calls from a landline are 14 Cent/Min., from a mobile network 42 Cent/Min.) should you require any further assistance.

    Thank you for your time.


    When i am trying to reverified my paypal account with payoneer this message open

    The account you’ve entered needs an additional review before we can proceed. Please add a different bank account. If you’d still like to use this bank account, please contact Customer Service.

    when i am contact paypal sevices officers via facebook i am recieving a new mail

    Dear Ishtiaq Ahmed Baig,

    Thank you for contacting PayPal via Facebook. If you did not initiate this contact, please let us know immediately by replying to this email.

    I received your inquiry about the bank account you were trying to re-add to your PayPal account. This account was removed because we received notification from your bank stating that this was a non-transaction account. In order to add the account back on to PayPal you will first need to work with your bank to adjust the account type to allow online use. Once this has been completed we can assist you in linking it back to your PayPal account.

    Thanks for reaching out to us!



    PayPal Customer Solutions

    PayPal, an eBay Company

    I am writting you full sitution becuase i tried to trying

    please tell me solve of this problem in steps

    & please send me reply in [email protected]

    Thank you !

    1. Hi Ishtiaq,
      It seems that you haven’t filled out the US Payment Service’s questionnaire. Although US Payment Service is enabled for your account but you will unable to receive payments unless you submit the questionnaire. To fix the issue, first contact Payoneer Live Support or contact them via email and request them to fully activate your US Payment Service’s account. Once it is done, again contact PayPal and inform them that you have now fixed the issue. They will then allow you to use the same account..
      I hope it helps and good luck..

  12. when i am checking my us payment service my routing number and bank account number is showing what is this and how to enable us payment service please tell me step by setep.

    1. Isn’t it showing up?? Is the option of “US Payment Service” available under “Receive Money” tab in your Payoneer account dashboard? If not, contact Payoneer support and request them to enable USP for your account.

  13. In my payoneer account the tab of revieve money is showing what is this please tell me how do i verified my paypal account again ? ? ?

  14. Hi,
    I am from sri lanka and i am unable to receive money to my paypal account it is restricted in my country. My relations are living in USA is it possible me to create paypal account using my relations address?. and also is it possible to veryfy that paypal account using a payoneer card? do i need to give same USA address to Payoneer sign up?. will it be a problem if i use sri lankan address to sign up for payoneer Card?

    I tried to sign up to a payoneer Card and i couldnt find check box for “Signup for US Payment Service” in the signup form ??? so half way throug i cancelled the sign up. please let me know why i cant see a check box for US oayment Service.

    I really appriciate your advices in this regard.

    Thank you very much

    1. Hi Dimuthu,
      Yes you can use the address of your relatives in US but don’t forget to use your own “real” name. At Payoneer, provide your real details including Sri Lankan address where your card will be shipped. If you can’t find the option for “US Payment Service”, still go ahead and complete the signup. US Payment Service will also be included after your account gets approved.

  15. Thank You very much for your kind reply Mr. Rehmat. I heard Paypal time to time check the IP and if they found the account is actually not from USA and they block that Account. To avoid this what steps i should take.? I hope there is a solution for this also. thank you

  16. Hi,
    Sorry to disturb you again. I forgot to ask another thing about PayPal Payoneer Card Verification. I saw somewhere in the web Paypal Credit/Debit Card verification Screen contains all the Card Details including the billing address. Is it necessary to fill the billing address. and if it is necessary what address i should input there.? because my paypal account address is USA and my payoneer card address is Sri Lanka.Your kind advice is highly appriciated. thank you

  17. First of All thank you very much for your very helpful post.
    Rehmat bhai mujhay apna payoneer card link karna ha paypal se but us k lye $5 chahye card main jo k meray pas nai hain but paypal main hain.ab main payoneer card main $5 kesay load karon.ya ap meray card main load kar saktay hain? main apko $5 ap k paypal main send kar deta hn.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Hi Waseem, you can transfer your PayPal money to Payoneer. If you have linked your Payoneer account with PayPal, then go to “Withdraw” option in PayPal and send the money via “Withdraw to Bank Account Option”. Money will reach your Payoneer account within 2-3 days.


    1. PayPal US address se bana dein,, or Payoneer jab card approve karega to ap ko email ayegi. Ek week lag sakta hai

    On 27-11-2013 we get a cash out request from you of $212.06. But unfortunately the billing address of your PayPal id [email protected] did not match with the address you provide in your somevisits account.

    According to PayPal term and conditions we cannot send money to any unknown person. To get your cash out money in your PayPal account you must require to follow the steps below.

    Please update your PayPal billing address such as accurate country.
    Your Paypal account status must be verified. (PayPal does not accept payments to unverified account.)
    The cash out amount $212.06 is again added to your unpaid balance.

  20. Hello rahmat!

    I need to use paypal in pakistan with existing payoneer account and earn from website using paypal checkout option could you guide me how i can do this safely and easily?


    1. Hi,
      If you have linked Payoneer with PayPal, integrate PayPal checkout buttons on your site and transfer the money from PayPal to Payoneer soon after your receive it in your PayPal account.

    1. Just adding will not work. Check your Payoneer account, there you will find two transactions from PayPal. Note down that transacted amounts, then go to PayPal. There, go to “Add Bank Account” option and verify the bank account by entering transacted amounts. Your PayPal account will get verified.

  21. dear rehmat
    you are doing a good job. keep it up please guide me how i can link courier with my e bay and paypal account . how things do work . i want to sell things from pakistan . thanks

    1. Hi bro, I didn’t fully what you actually want to do. Add me on Skype: supportivehands . I’ll talk you in detail there.

  22. I need to use paypal in pakistan with existing payoneer account and earn from website using paypal checkout option could you guide me how i can do this safely and easily?

    1. Hi Salma, use the scripts provided by PayPal or any third party to add PayPal checkout buttons on your website. Link your Payoneer account with PayPal and transfer the money instantly to Payoneer soon after you receive it in your PayPal account as PayPal is unpredictable and may limit your account anytime.

  23. Salaam Bro 2 days ago on 04/12 I requested for withdraw from paypal to Payoneer. But today when I check I got an error in Payapl your account is limited. Transfer to bank account is reversed. How can I withdraw funds now from paypal to payoneer? I have paypal verified account.

  24. I also got these errors too. Please help me Thanks

    Your transaction was cancelled because your account was restricted on Dec 4, 2013.

    The withdrawal to your bank account could not be completed because of a technical problem. The money has been returned to your PayPal account.

  25. dear Rehmat bahi,
    sir mera paypal ka account Scotland ka hai us per jub main link bank per ja ker verify kerta hoon account ko tu wow sort code mangta hai but payoneer per sort code ki koi info nahi hai plz help me how to get verified my paypal account my email id is [email protected]

    1. Hi Adeel,
      Create a PayPal account using a US address. Then you will not face any issue in linking your account with PayPal.

      1. thx rehmat bahi for your reply but bro the problem is how to get authentic us address i have only uk address so i created paypal account so tell me what i do…

  26. sir…..plz help
    my paypal is verified..but payoneer ma balance zero ha…card link nahi hua ha….agar ma paypal sacard mapaisa transfer karo tu balance transfer hu jae ga k nahi……????

  27. Thanks Bro ap ki madad se mein payoneer ka account banaya aur paypal ka bhi aur do no verify bhi hogay hain aur payment bhi release hogai thanks

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