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Top 5 PayPal Alternatives in 2014 for Sending and Receiving Money

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PayPal, the most popular and most loved way for sending and receiving money, sometimes irritates its customers by either not responding to their queries regarding any issue or it sometimes bans accounts for unknown violations. In addition, many countries aren’t supported by PayPal. For these reasons, a lot of Internet users always search for a good alternative which would help them in sending and receiving money. If you are one and are searching for a good alternative to PayPal, then any of below listed services will solve your issues.

Below listed services are emerging quickly and by the end of 2014, we can expect great popularity and success for these services. The prices for sending and receiving money with these services are fair, the services provide great customer support and the most important, they are operational in almost all countries of the world and don’t compel their customers to follow silly guidelines. These services will never suspend your account for any unknown violation like PayPal does. Here is the list of 5 best alternatives to PayPal which will help you in sending and receiving money.

Top 5 PayPal Alternatives in 2014

Payoneer: Payoneer is an American company which was founded back in 2005. The service lets companies pay their affiliates or employees with extreme ease. If you are a company, then you can partner with Payoneer to send payments at low rates. Or if you are a publisher, affiliate or a freelancer, then you can get a free MasterCard® for receiving your payments from several networks including oDesk, Elance, Infolinks, Amzaon, AdFly and many others. You can request money from any US company and the money will be loaded directly to your card once it is received in your account.

When you signup at Payoneer, they provide you a virtual US bank account maintained by US Payment Service. The bank account is created in Bank of America which is one of the largest banks in United States. Meantime, a MasterCard® is shipped to you. When you will receive money in your virtual bank account, the money will be loaded to your MasterCard® and you can withdraw it at any MasterCard® supported ATM across the globe.paypal-alternatives

If you are a US residence, then you can withdraw your AdSense earnings with Payoneer. Just link your Payoneer account with your AdSense account and the money will be loaded to your Payoneer card once it is transferred to your account. The charges for money transfer are just 1% for the transferred amount.

The debit card provided by Payoneer can be used at millions of online stores for purchasing goods. Thus it eliminates the need of a PayPal account for purchasing of goods and services online. Beside all these benefits, you will find a brilliant customer support at Payoneer.

Payza: Payza, once it was AlertPay, is yet another cool service almost similar to PayPal. Its money transfer mechanism is similar to that of PayPal but the goodness of Payza is, it is much cheaper than PayPal as well as operates across the globe.

When you sign up at Payza and complete their requirements to create a verified account, then you can request a Visa® prepaid card which can be used to shop online or for withdrawing money from your account. Recently, Payza was going through an upgrade process due to which many Payza customers faced delays in their transactions. But now, everything is fine and Payza is back with its brilliant services.

Skrill: Skrill, which was known as MoneyBookers previously, is yet another great alternative to PayPal but I found the support from Skrill a little poorer. At Skrill, the mechanism of transactions is similar to that of PayPal. If PayPal isn’t available in your country or if you have been annoyed by PayPal too much, then Skrill can help you in sending and receiving money at fair prices.

Western Union: Western Union Quick Cash is yet another alternative to PayPal which can be used for sending and receiving money across the globe. The badness of WU is, you need to go to any WU agent for sending or receiving the money. In addition, prices at WU are a little high as compared to other money transfer services, still WU can solve your issues if you haven’t got any solution for online transactions beside PayPal, Payoneer, Payza and Skrill.

In most Asian countries, Google AdSense pays the earnings of its publishers through Western Union. It reveals that WU is serving across the globe and will serve you too if PayPal is reluctant to operate in your area.

Google Wallet: Google Wallet is yet another secure way for paying online with a credit or debit card. At many unauthentic online stores, it isn’t wise to use a debit or credit card for making purchases and Google Wallet allows you to pay securely by linking your debit or credit card to its secure service. Your credit or debit card information will never leak out when you will use Google Wallet for online shopping at supported stores.

This was the list of top 5 PayPal alternatives for sending and receiving money as well as for making online purchases. I hope you will find these services useful and helping.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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  1. Hi!

    Thanks for your response. But how can we create a Google Wallet account while remaining in the Pakistan? I think that is impossible and is one of the huge problem for Android Developers of Pakistan. This is the main reason that Developers from Pakistan cannot upload paid apps on the Google Play.


    1. I can access Google Wallet at using my default Gmail ID and password. I have linked my Payoneer card with Google Wallet and can make purchases through it. Here is the screenshot 🙂

      Basic purchases can be done through Google Wallet. Some advanced features including Wallet Card and app aren’t available in Pakistan and several other countries yet.

  2. i want to transfer money from fiverr but they only take paypal account to attach and transfer money and other way is their fiverr card which is actually payoneer but their service charges are expensive and i did gave my friends paypal he made in UK few years ago. Now how can i get money in pakistan with less deduction. Thanks waiting for your reply

    1. Hello Uzair,
      Payoneer’s charges are $29 per year and they are one time. After that, just 1% money is deducted for the transferred amount. According to me, it is the most affordable to withdraw in Pakistan. Any other solution isn’t available yet for withdrawing PayPal funds. Some people help you withdraw your PayPal money here in Pakistan, but they charge high commissions for doing that.

  3. We were unable to verify this card. Please review and make sure that the information you entered is correct. If the problem persists, please enter a different card. card link karne pe ye error dee raha what can i do

    1. Do the names on both PayPal and Payoneer exactly match? If there is any spelling difference, then PayPal will not let you link the card with it. Secondly, you need some money $3 – $4 in your Payoneer account to successfully link your Payoneer card with PayPal.

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