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Opera (Mini) 18 APK Free Download for Android Tablet and Phones

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The mini series of Opera mobile browsers have revolutionized the Internet browsing on mobile devices over past couple of years. In addition to high-end mobile devices, the browsers are compatible with low-end mobile phones too. Along with mini series for low-end Java based mobile phones, Opera browsers are available for Windows, MAC, Linux, and Android too. The latest version of Opera browser series for Android tablets and mobile phones released recently, so I decided to bring you the direct link for free download of Opera 18 APK from servers of Opera Inc. directly. At below link, you can download Opera 18 APK for free which is the latest version of the browser till the time of this publish (January 9, 2014).

Before proceeding to free download of Opera 18 for your Android phone, first lets discuss some cool features of Opera 18 which make it the perfect Internet browser for your Android mobile phone and tablet.

Features of Opera 18 (Android Version)

 1. Simple and Fast: Opera 18 has a simple and clean layout which lets you browse the Internet with extreme ease. The clean design will give a peaceful sight for your eyes and they will never get tired by viewing the Internet pages.


In addition, the browser is indeed the fastest browser for Android devices and you will feel the flexibility and superior rendering of webpages on your Android device with Opera 18.

2. High Compression Saves Money: If you are using a data-based Internet package on your Android device, then Opera 18 will save you a lot of money as it compresses the data at high levels before fetching and sending. By compressing the data, it saves you both money and time.

3. Fast Download Manager: On mobile devices, it has never been easy to download large files, but Opera has made it the easiest. In the latest version, the download manager has been made more powerful and you can download files and can organize them with extreme ease.

4. Stay Secure: Opera takes great care of what you enter and access through it, so your personal information isn’t leaked out. You can access pages securely through the secure network of Opera.

5. Clean Management of Bookmarks: You can manage bookmarks including social networks and your other favorite websites in a clean manner, so you will be able to find and access your bookmarked pages later with ease. It doesn’t matter how long the list of your favorite sites is, Opera 18 keeps and manages it neatly.

So these were 5 important features of Opera 18 in addition to several others which I haven’t discussed it here to make the post brief. If you haven’t downloaded the latest version of Opera for your Android tablet or mobile phone, that is Opera 18, you can download the full APK file from official servers of Opera at below provided link. If you are downloading the APK file using your Android phone or tablet, it will be installed automatically after the download completes, or if you are downloading the APK using your computer, download it, then transfer it to your Android device using MoboGenie or default file transfer and then launch the APK file from your device to initiate its installation.

Download Opera 18 APK

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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