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Do you know that websites and blogs, that promote software downloads earn bigger than AdSense sites with same traffic? Wondered? Yes it is really interesting and the sources behind such big earnings are the “Pay Per Install networks” that are commonly known as PPI. These programs pay you when you promote their software among people. In one of my previous articles about Pay Per Install affiliate networks, I have mentioned as one of the best Pay Per Install networks and today I am going to review it as I received my first payment from last week.


About is a less popular but one of the most paying Pay Per Install network which pays you very big for successful installations. It is a part of Vittalia Limited Dublin Ireland. Unlike other PPI networks, OneInstaller doesn’t discriminate the visitors too much and it pays good for installs from undeveloped countries too.

Normally, you earn around $1-$2 for installs from US and around $1 for UK and some other western installs. Eastern installs like those from Pakistan or India also earn good and you are paid around $0.05 to $0.10 for Indian and Pakistani installs. I run on one of my freeware blogs where most of the traffic comes from Pakistan, India and Indonesia. Still the earnings are good there and I received my first payment ($209) from OneInstaller last week 🙂


How to Signup: After filling and submitting the signup form at OneInstaller, you need to wait till one the of site representatives contact you and talks about the signup. You need to provide your site URL as well as need to sign a contract before your account is created. Once you sign the contract and send them via email, they create account for you and then you can get the promotional links for your blog from OneInstaller.

Payment Threshold: The only thing which made me slightly unhappy is the threshold which is $200. This is the minimum payout limit which needs to be reached before they send you your earnings. For very small publishers, this threshold may be slightly difficult to be reached in first month.

Regarding this, I’ll contact OneInstaller and will request them to reduce it to $100 or $50. If you are a representative at OneInstaller and are reading this review, please take this point in account as $200 of minimum payout is slightly a larger amount for some small publishers.

Payment Methods: OneInstaller processes payments via Wire Transfer and PayPal. I received my payment via PayPal and you may also prefer to choose PayPal as it is convenient and flexible.

Support: Support at OneInstaller is brilliant and your queries are responded quickly by the representative who sets your account up. I have contacted OneInstaller several times and received quick responses. Though they don’t provide live chat support, but email support is enough and effective to solve your issues if any.

Conclusion: OneInstaller is a very good Pay Per Install network and it really pays good. If you have a software downloading blog, I strongly recommend it to you. Signup at OneInstaller and see how your blog monetization potential is boosted by this nice PPI network. (Read review here)

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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