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Making Money With Blogging – Blogspot or WordPress?

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Blogging is one of the most easiest and most productive ways to earn money on the Internet if it is understood and done properly. Although world of Internet has become too crowded with blogs, still there is a place for new bloggers and one can earn a decent income through blogging. If you are interested in starting your own blog but don’t have enough knowledge about where to start, then I’m going to discuss the two most popular blogging tools with you which are the most loved blogging platforms by beginner bloggers as well as experts also love to host their blogs with any of these platforms.

The two platforms are Google’s free Blogger and the open source WordPress. These two tools are most easiest and most effective in managing a blog. Let’s start analyzing the two tools to see which one is the better choice for you to start a blog with.


Blogger has always been the initial choice of several bloggers. When I jumped into the field of blogging, my blog was hosted with Blogger. This blog is now hosted on WordPress, but my several other blogs are still there and they are served by the free great hosting of Google Inc.

Benefits of Using Blogger: First of all, Google provides you a dedicated quality hosting for free. Your Google account’s 15GB free storage is available for your all blogs. This storage is almost unlimited for text and small images which you will be using on your Blogger blog.

If you don’t have enough money to start a self-hosted blog, then Blogger is a great choice. You can start your blogging career with Blogger even if you don’t want to invest a penny.


Moreover, you don’t need to strike your head with complex technical issues when you choose Blogger as your blogging host. You just need to write content on your blog and all server side issues are handled by Google’s engineers.

It has been seen that blogs hosted at Blogger are easily ranked and you can drive a good number of visitors to your Blogger blogs with ease. You need traffic and Blogger blogs receive good amount of visitors in short span of time. I have experienced it and at some of my Blogger blogs, I have succeeded in bringing even 5K unique visitors a day within a month.

AdSense: Google AdSense is the most productive and easiest blog monetization source which can earn big for you once you succeed in establishing a good traffic for your blog. Now experiments show that Blogger blogs are easily approved by Google for its AdSense program. So in getting AdSense, Blogger blogs do good which is yet another benefit of Blogger as a blogging tool.

Hacking Fears: Last but not least, Blogger blogs are harder to be hacked. Your Blogspot blog is safe from hackers unless your Google account is hacked and it is rare in real world. So Blogger ensures that your blog is always safe if you have enabled 2-Step Verification on your Google account.

If we look over monetization methods other than Google AdSense, Blogger allows you to use any kind of monetization method including affiliate marketing, PPC, CPM and all other known traffic monetization methods as long as the source isn’t spammy. You only need to be cautious about spam content and copyrighted material. These two types of content is discouraged by Blogger and your blog may get deleted if such content is found on your blog.

These were some benefits of Google’s Blogger. Now let’s have a look over open source WordPress.


WordPress has two versions. One is free while other is self-hosted If you are confused on which version to be chosen, either or, then you must go for as free doesn’t allow you to monetize your blogs hosted with WordPress’ free blogging platform.

Now lets have a look over features of The blogging tool is though the leading and most loved choice of bloggers, but the fact is, it has several disadvantages too which may frustrate beginner bloggers. Below few lines will make you understand about benefits and disadvantages of as a blogging tool.

Benefits: Benefits include the vast number of plugins, availability of a lot of multipurpose themes and the tool’s flexibility in managing blogs. Plugins automate several blogging tools including SEO, post scheduling, automatic social sharing of content, subscriber management and several others.

In addition, a lot of beautiful themes are available for this blogging platform. You can search through a vast number of beautiful themes and can decorate your blog with either a free or premium theme of your choice. The beautiful themes at give your blog a professional look.

Ad management including AdSense ads integration as well as affiliate promotion has been made easy with With the help of plugins, you can manage ads and affiliate links on your blog with ease.

These benefits make a simpler and effective tool for managing blogs.

Disadvantages: WordPress is technically complex and it may bring difficulties for beginner bloggers when hosted with a poor host. You need to be skilled enough to deal with minor technical aspects of WordPress along with a superb support from your hosting provider to ensure that your blog stays online all the time.

In addition, you need to invest a good amount of money for your blog’s maintenance when is chosen. A custom domain for Blogger is optional but it is compulsory when you choose Hosting charges also go up considerably when you need to go for a VPS or dedicated hosting.

Moreover, your WordPress blog is easier to be hacked than a Blogger blog. Hackers may succeed in hacking your WordPress blog when you give them even a small chance by installing a malicious plugin or a theme.

So this was a comparison between WordPress and Blogger. If you are thinking to start your blogging journey, then Blogger may be a good option for you. Or if you are skilled enough with a decent budget to invest, then will simplify blogging tasks for you.

I hope this comparison made you understand about where to start your blogging career. If you have got any more questions, you can ask in comments.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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  1. hey Rehmat can I host my wordpress blog on Blogger?? because wordpress is visually way ahead of blogger but blogger is free!

    1. Hi Junaid,
      You can’t host any WordPress blog on Blogger. Google provides you a free hosting for using their own blogging tool only.

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