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How to Monetize Your Software Downloading Blog

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Google AdSense, other CPC and CPM advertising networks and affiliate marketing are counted as the best monetizing sources for blogs and website which work with almost all niches. But if you own a blog or website where you provide software downloads for your visitors, then there is a cool website which pays you when your visitors download and install relevant software. I am talking about which is a nice Pay Per Install (PPI) platform to generate a steady income from your software blog or website if it is earning low with other monetizing sources. I am using it on one of my blogs where visitors aren’t much, still the earnings are good.


How to Start and How it Works? When you signup at OneInstaller, your application is reviewed and you are contacted back when your website or blog is accepted in their program. You are then asked to sign a contract and after you agree with their TOS, your account is created and the login details are e-mailed to you. You can then sign in to your account and can get the software download links or banners of your choice.

Once you embed their ads on your blog or website, your visitors will start downloading the recommended software. Each download is counted and when the installation is confirmed and validated, earnings are displayed in your account as shown in above screenshot. Usually, it takes a day or two before the stats are updated.

Payout Rates and Payments: Payout rates at OneInstaller are cool and you can earn up to $1 for each download initiated from United States. Downloads from rest of the world are also paid good and you can earn big if you have a well established blog or website with decent traffic.When your account balance reaches $200, your payment is issued which is made over PayPal. Don’t get depressed by seeing over the figure $200, it will reach very quickly as earnings at OneInstaller stay high than your expectations 🙂

OneInstaller’s Recommended Software: With OneInstaller, you don’t need to promote any junk software. All software are globally famous and they are free of spyware and other malicious scripts. At the time of this publish, OneInstaller asks you to promote VLC Media Player, 7Zip, uTorrent, jDownloader, Adobe Reader, aTunesPro, Euro Traductor, Flash Player, SopCast and Azureus Installer. All these software are needed by almost every computer user and you will get high number of downloads with these promotions resulting in good earnings.

So if you own a software blog/website and the current advertising networks at it aren’t satisfying you, then signup at OneInstaller now! You will see how it earns you a decent money with minimum effort 🙂

Do you have any questions? Don’t forget to ask in comments.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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8 Replies to “How to Monetize Your Software Downloading Blog”

  1. how much they pay for 1 download?? why there payment threshold so high?? i want to use this network just to give them a try

    1. Earnings per download vary… Sometimes, you get even up to $1 for each download. I usually get $0.2 per download on average.. Sometimes, this stays around $0.4

  2. Ahoy there, can you help me implement tha code in my approved website, I feel is not that hard however I can’t get it to work.

    I do not want to bother too much OneInstaller support.


    1. Hi Daniel,
      Yes I can help you out. Follow below steps:

      1. Login to your account at
      2. Go to banners section at
      3. On opened page, click your chosen username
      4. A page with software list will open. Click See Banners option in front of your desired software, codes will appear
      5. Copy the code and add it as HTML gadgets
      6. If banners aren’t available, copy the unique link for software and put the link behind any image on your site

      I hope it helps a little. If you need any additional help, let me know..

    1. Hi bro, are you talking about They will surely contact you back. If one month has passed, then submit the signup form again.

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