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Mobogenie Android Software Review and Free Download

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Mobogenie is all-in-one solution for managing your Android mobile phone and the software lets you perform several handy operations by installing it on your phone and computer. The software was introduced recently but it has got immense popularity among Android users in a very short period and several downloads have been made which are increasing rapidly. If you don’t know about this software much, then this brief review will let you understand the features of Mobogenie. Here is what the software can do.


Backup Data: Either it is online data or offline, it should be backed up regularly to eliminate the risk of data loss. Anything wrong can happen anytime. Your phone’s software can get corrupted or the phone itself can get dead. To ensure that your data is safe and you get it back, Mobogenie brings you the powerful feature of data backup which lets you backup your phone data to PC from where it can be restored anytime when needed. In such a way, the software acts as a lifesaver when something happens wrong with your phone.

File Transfer Has Been Made the Easiest: With Mobogenie, you can transfer files from your mobile phone to your PC with extreme ease. Just download and install the software, connect your Android phone with your PC and then move your important data including images, music, videos and much more with a single click from your phone to your PC.

Powerful SMS Manager: Sometimes it gets complex to manage a lot of SMS in your mobile phone. To make this task easier, Mobogenie developers have put their efforts to bring you a powerful SMS manager which lets you manage hundreds and thousands of SMS right on your PC with extreme ease. The SMS manager lets you send bulk SMS with just one click.

Easy Download of Media: The software lets you browse through popular media websites where you can download compatible high quality media including MP3s, videos, images and much more for your phone. The uniqueness of the software is, it makes the media download the simplest by grabbing the direct download link for the concerned media and you don’t face any difficulty in downloading any kind of media. The media gets in your PC and then in your Android phone with just a click of mouse.

Games: The famous Android game “Plants vs Zombies 2” is available on Mobogenie’s website and you can download the game from there using the software. If you are a lover of this game, then you can get this easily through Mobogenie software.

So these were some features of Mobogeine Android Manager which have made it the best software for PCs to manage Android phone data. Almost all of Mobogenie’s users are satisfied from its performance and you will also love it. If you haven’t got the software yet, you can download it for free from Mobiegeine’s official servers at below links.

Mobogenie Setup for Windows (v2.1)

Mobogenie APK for Android

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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  1. cool wee app! I like this app as you can use it to get you fave screensavers and ringtones and as a Droctor Who fan of old i even found a few screen savers and ringtones as well! i just typed in Doctor who just as a long shot and yep it came through! ok the screensavers for DW arent thelatest but still good show! and the app doesnt interfere with your phone or other apps you may have! and if DW isnt for you then there are many othet themes and ringtones to choose from just type in what your looking for,you never know!!

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