Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields., the Only High Paying Alternative to AdSense?

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Several advertising networks join the world of PPC and CPM advertising but none of them able to stand in front of AdSense. Some advertising networks even disappeared from the entire web. Some others are operating but they don’t reach even nearer to AdSense. The reason behind failure of these networks is that big brands choose Google Adwords to promote their products and small advertising networks fail to get high-budget advertisers and as a result, they can’t pay good to publishers.

A few days back, I tried MadAdsMedia. It is somehow good but still it stayed much behind than AdSense. In such a situation, finding a good alternative for AdSense is a tough task. Infolinks, Chitika, Qadabra and some other networks are somehow popular but they have their own issues. Some make the site ugly and some pay very low. On the other hand, some advertising networks pay good but they don’t approve sites easily. BuySellAds’s traffic requirements are not high, still they didn’t approve my blog last month. It seems strange. TribalFusion is among highest paying advertising networks, but it also accepts highly visited websites and blogs.

Next, the only advertising network, which deserves to be called as the best alternative to AdSense, is the Yahoo-Bing’s Their contextual ads earn you the money from your blog’s impressions. Several people have been accepted into their program and they are happy. When I inquired a small publisher, he said that he is earning around $5-$6 each day and ads at his blog get around 3K impressions for generating $6. It reveals that isn’t bad at all and may be the true alternative to AdSense if AdSense has either ban you or something else has gone wrong with it.

Signing Up at reviews the submitted applications manually and invite you to work with them if they find your blog or website deserving for showing their ads on it. To start working with them, visit and submit the form. After submitting the form, wait till they review your submitted details. If you are accepted in their program, you will be emailed and then you can setup’s ads on your blog to start monetizing your traffic.

To get eligible for showing ads from on your blog or website, your blog needs to receive majority of traffic from US, UK and other western countries. Once you are accepted, a dedicated person will stay with you assisting in setting up ads on your site and in optimizing the ads to maximize your blog’s revenue. Support from is brilliant and they stay ready always to help you out whenever you face any issue.

Imran of AllTechBuzz shares his experience with and says that earnings have surpassed the earnings of AdSense at his blog. Some screenshots, which he has shared on his blog show the RPM around $0.90 which isn’t bad at all and is the highest among CPM networks I have tested to date. I would like to invite Imran to share his current position with with blog audience here in comments. Other than Imran, if anyone else has tested Yahoo-Bing’s advertising network, then please don’t forget to share your experience. It will allow other fellow bloggers to think before they go for

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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30 Replies to “, the Only High Paying Alternative to AdSense?”

  1. Nice informative post, i want to tell you that i have used ads when my Adsense account was not approved, they accept those sites which traffic is mostly from USA and UK and if your traffic is consistent then there RPM become lower and lower for example if your traffic is 9000 daily with unique visitors 4000 for week or more then you will see sudden drop of RPM and your earning will also become lower and lower and virtually become zero, this is all my personal experience not reading from any forum, there is no better advertising network than Adsense, i am saying this because i have been using Adsense for more than 4 years and my adsense account was banned only False Copyright claim of some person from India and Adsense did not hear my appeal, i now apply for Adsense account again but they disable my account when i reach $10, now i again apply for Adsense. I am saying Adsense is the because they accept visitors from any country and there CPC is different accroding to countries, for example if your visitors are coming from USA, Canada or UK then you will see high earnings and higher ECPM, but if your traffic is from India, Pakistan, Srilanka then ECMP is quite low.

    1. Hi Ali, thank you so much for sharing your experience with So does it need unique visitors only? And it doesn’t pay for returning visitors, right? And yes, AdSense is unbeatable.

      1. If your unique visitors increase then there RPM is $5 or more, but if you have stable visitors like you have 1000 visitors per day and not increasing then there RPM is 0.37 and virtually become zero, new visitors are important for earnings then there earnings are like Adsense, now there is another thing about Adsense i want to tell you that, Adsense do count page impression for earnings for example if you have more adsense ads on any page your earnings will be low, if you have only 2 ads large rectangular and media rectangular within the post then there CPC would be higher, and link unit are waste of time don’t use it, they pay less, this is my 4 year Adsense using experience. If you want to learn more how to get most out of Adsense ads and see how you should apply it visit a very helpful site, owner of this site is in India and he has 2 sites and he is earning 1500$ from one site and 950$ from other site per day.

  2. Hello Rehmat, When i started using ads on my blogs 2-3 months ago, at that time i also had the same opinion like yours. I even earned more than adsense at that time with ads, but now the situation is changed.. At that time my Avg CPM was about 0.6-0.8 which was quite good and now its decreased to 0.07 – 0.09
    So that thing forced me to remove ads from my blog..

    1. Hi Ahmad, yeah I’m seeing only AdSense at your blog.. So both you and Ali have similar opinions.. It means that “UNIQUE” visitors are counted only. That’s not fair… So AdSense is unbeatable and there is “NO ALTERNATIVE” to it… :), I removed MadAdsMedia for the same reason… Their eCPM stayed low..

      1. Its your wise choice that you removed madadsmedia.. Because More ads other than AdSense effect the CTR of AdSense ads which again leads to lesser earnings.. 😉
        Just my experience.. 🙂

  3. Hi Rehmat,

    Firstly thanks for inviting me here.Media.Net is definitely an alternative to adsense but I don’t say its better than adsense.When I used the first two months the earnings were outstanding and better than adsense infact.But later on the cpm went on decreasing day by day.I complained the same issue with their support but I didnt find any proper answer. works well only with good US,UK,Canada traffic.And one more thing is that they are not very transparent with their stats as well.If you see my blog now I am no more using due to their low cpm rates and bad loading time.

    Try it as an alternative but its not at all better than adsense.I hope your doubts got cleared.

    If you are searching for alternatives try buysellads and web blog ads which works well only if you have high traffic.

    1. Hi Imran, thank you so much for reaching here. Now all doubts are clear.. You also accepted the truth that their RPM goes on decreasing day by day and you were one of the biggest fans of :). Thank you again for sharing your experience, and yes, ads aren’t visible anymore on your blog but the “POSITIVE” review is there 🙂

      1. haha yeah the positive review was done while I was using them and the income generated was awesome.I came to know that they are a little fishy after 3 months.Its time for me to edit the article and caution those people who are going to try 🙂

  4. AoA Rehmat,

    Masha Allah your articles are very informative and well written. Please write something on Android Apps development, Google Admob.

    Please also share the link of your article regarding payoneer.

  5. Do you have any information about whether or not AdSense and can be used simultaneously on the same blog? I have been approved for, have added my ad code (two weeks ago) and have yet to see an ad fill the space on my blog. The assistance promised by was terrible. All the responses I got (consistently 2 days after my e-mails asking for help) were pre set up responses saying to do abc when I already described that I had done abc. Finally I received a reply saying that I should Google the problem because it exceeded his training. REALLY disappointed!!!!! I’m ready to just remove them because it’s really not worth the battle to have them “help” you.

    1. Hi Bree,
      One of my friends use both AdSense and on his blog but as both are contextual advertising networks, so you should not use with AdSense on same blog as it may put AdSense in danger.. I would recommend you to remove and only concentrate on AdSense. It can earn you very good and no other advertising network can beat AdSense…

  6. I have been using ads on my website for last one month. The average RPM for the month of November is $0.44 whereas majority of traffic on my website is from Pakistan. The average page views of my website are 2500.

  7. I also try something going wrong on daily by day it decrease on same page view. checkmy website

  8. Hey there i have been using from couple of weeks .
    I have high quality traffic
    35% from US , 18% from canada , 28%from UK , 12%from India, remaining from sweden and couple of more countries.
    I i have around 50000 pageviews a day . and 90% of traffic is coming from Google , Bing but the thing is for 50000 impressions iam not even getting 1 cent .
    Iam getting 0$ RPM and 0$ Revenue
    For the first two days i have got decent 3$ RPM and got around 56$/day
    But from then iam getting O$ RPM and revenue
    Do check below screenie’s for more info.
    I have been mailing Matt Tolley ([email protected]) my account manager. I usually get a reply 5days it’s too long and iam vexed up .
    There Phone Number will be 24 hours unreachable it just says we are currently unavailable i have tried calling every hour but nothing
    Please check below screenie’s

    There are lot of scam reports on so beware

    1. Hey Nikhil, 0 RPM is strange… Something must be going wrong in their tracking system. I hope you will be compensated. You are getting cool impressions. What about AdSense on your site?

  9. Aslam o Alaikum Bro,

    Your articles are really helping me out gr8 work , i would like to ask you that i am running an Islamic forum from past 4-5 years and i have been using adsense in the past my traffic was good but i have got nothing from it really nothing … now my question is could help me or what PPC Website do you recommend for an Islamic Forum/Site ?

    1. W. Salam Ghulam bro,
      How much traffic do you receive on your forum? What are the major countries from where your visitors come? To clear you out about PPC, there is nothing better than AdSense. is good for US and other Western World traffic. If most visitors are coming from there, you can try too. But I would like to say again that AdSense pays the highest. BTW can you mention your forum’s URL? So I’ll be able to analyze it.

  10. I guess they only accept high traffic receiving websites. Plus the website should not be free hosted like in case of blogger blogs. If these are true, they will accept you in to their program.

  11. We had used for almost a year. We signed up around when they first started. The ads did not target very well, nor match our keywords, but we made a few hundred per month. They said they would fix the targeting, but never did. In January I received a notice that they had suspended our account due to low quality traffic, but would not define what that meant. I tried to contact their compliance team numerous times with no response. My account rep finally got back to me saying we should try another ad company.

    Their web interface is lacking greatly and communication is almost nonexistant. I would not recommend them and feel free to read other reviews. You will find others that had the same issues as we had and more. Not a good reflection on Bing/Yahoo.

    1. Hi Stace,
      Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Yes almost all publishers complaint against Some are fed up with their low quality support while some others don’t earn good with despite of having a good traffic. It reveals that they aren’t doing good for publishers.

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