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Payoneer MasterCard® Supported Banks in Pakistan

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I receive a lot of queries regarding withdrawing money via Payoneer MasterCard® and the users ask me about the banks in Pakistan where Payoneer or any other MasterCard® is supported. So I decided to write this post where I am listing the Pakistani banks where MasterCard® is supported at their ATMs. In addition, I’ll tell you about a method which will help you in finding any nearest MasterCard® supported ATM in your city or town. First lets have a look over the names of banks in Pakistan where MasterCard® is supported.


MasterCard® Supported Banks in Pakistan

1. Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB)

I personally use ATM of MCB in my area as other supported banks aren’t available here in Gilgit city at the time of this publish. Although Faysal bank is operating but the ATM at Faysal bank gave me “General Processing Error” so MCB stands first in my list where you can withdraw money via MasterCard® without facing any issue.

2. Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank has a great banking system in Pakistan and other countries of the world and it also owns MasterCard® supporting ATMs. So if any branch of SCB is located nearer to you, you can withdraw money from there conveniently. AT ATMs of SCB, you can make large transactions too.

3. Citi Bank

Citi Bank also owns MasterCard® supported ATMs and you can use its ATMs also if any of above mentioned banks aren’t located nearer to you. I haven’t used ATMs at Citi Bank yet but they work and are used by Payoneer users in Pakistan.

4. Faysal Bank

Faysal Bank sits at bottom in my list as it ate up my $12 when I attempted to withdraw money through its ATM here in Gilgit. I tried three times but all the times, the ATM of Faysal Bank gave me “General Processing Error”. I failed to withdraw money but the withdrawal fee got deducted. I then used MCB’s ATM to make the transaction later.

So if Faysal bank is the only choice for you, ensure that you are at a main branch. If the transaction fails the first time, don’t try again as the withdrawal charges may deduct even on failed attempts like it happened with me.

How to Find Any Nearest MasterCard® Supported ATM?

To find a MasterCard® supported ATM near your residence, just visit MasterCard® Global ATM Locator page here and select country and city to view where the ATMs are located. You can filter the locations by ZIP code too which makes finding the ATMs easiest.

I hope now it will be easy for you to find a MasterCard® supported bank in Pakistan or any other country.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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  1. I have signed up under your referral lIkn for Payoneer card, keep your fingers crossed to get balance in next few days as I`m working on oDesk. I could have signed up via oDesk for Payoneer but I preferred my Pakistani fellow 🙂 I would like to contact you on Skype, here is mine: arwan.ali

  2. Asslam-O-Alikum Rehmat bhai thank for making this topic it will help and i have one question.If i want to withdraw $16 from SCB Standard Chartered Bank Atm which is near to me can you please tell me if i want to with draw 1000PKR then how much amount i enter on ATM machine for me to get a Complete
    note of Pkr1000 after deducting fee and also tell me plz in detail about currency conversion fee mean how much currency conversion fee its deduct when withdrawing money and plz tell me in detail about overall fee of atm withdraw from SCB Or MCB because i have both near to my house SCB And MCB.

  3. I share the same experience with the Faysal Bank ATM in Gilgit in 2009. I also tried a few times and couldn’t get any money with faysal Bank, so its a no-no. In the very beginning back in 2007, I was in Islamabad and used the citibank ATM in Blue area and never had issues.

    I have also used MCB and in the recent years, it has always worked for me. Standard chartered also works without any issues.

  4. Kindly let me know for the sake of Allah I am much sad person having much crises and I earn on-line money from online work and have 200$ now but I don’t have Paypal Card and this Card I am affrad not available in Pakistan.Kindly brother tell me this Payoneer card is equal to Paypal card?And can i get that money through Payonner Card and which Bank I should go to make this Card I live in Sialkot.
    my email is [email protected]

    12:21:31 PM

    1. Hi Asif, Payoneer is a safe and well reputed service and the best way to receive international payments in Pakistan. You can use Payoneer card to withdraw money at ATMs of MCB, Standard Chartered Bank, Citi Bank and Faysal bank. Signup for a Payoneer card. It will solve your issues.

  5. rehmat bhai assalamoalikum i got my payoneer card now wich banks atm accept this card i have account in ubl what i do ?

    1. W. Salam Umair, congratulations! UBL bank doesn’t support Payoneer card but you don’t need to have account in any bank for withdrawing money. Just use ATMs of above mentioned banks to withdraw your money from your Payoneer account.

  6. hmmm.. good i have MCB And Citibank atm near me.can you plz tell me overall cost of withdrawing i mean 1 transiction of atm withdraw from citi bank or mcb

    1. It will cost around Rs. 400 per transaction. I’m using MCB’s ATM where between $3-$4 are deducted as fee.

  7. Hi Rehmat, i want to know how much amount you are able to withdraw at one time from these atms from Payoneer card? I use to withdraw 30k per transaction from standard charted bank but now they allow only 20k and cut 400 extra fee which were not before, 2.75$ is another fee for payoneer card when transaction is made, can you suggest me a bank which have free atm service and offer higher amount of withdrawal per transaction?

  8. Hi
    I got my payoneer card now how to add balance in card via paypal ? Ap ne bataya k k ap bal transfer service start kr rhy hen pls poori detail bata den i want funds in my payoneercard aur main pay kr dungi pehle

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