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MadAdsMedia Review with Revenue Proof

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A few days back, I searched the keyword “top adsense alternatives” in Google for checking the SERP ranking of one of my previously written articles and my eyes trapped over the ad which Google was displaying at the top of the results. I saw a URL “” in the results which I was seeing for the first time. Instead of looking for my article’s SERP ranking, I went through the ad URL and started exploring the features of the “NEW” ad service. I got impressed that logos of all major PPC and CPM brands including AdSense, Microsoft Advertising, AOL and several others were being displayed on homepage.

A calculator was also there which was ready to calculate and tell me about the possible revenue. I then went through it and put in 5000 as daily ad impressions, chose just 5% visitors from both US and UK (although my blog receives good traffic from US, but I was going to calculate the revenue with traffic from the countries other than these two) and then calculated the revenue. The calculated eCPM was good which was $0.92.


After that, I submitted my application for review and day after, I received a confirmation email from them saying that my site has been accepted. A few minutes later, I received another email saying that I can show ads from Google ad network (AdSense) also. (It was because of the reason that my blog’s Alexa stats are good and MadAdsMedia takes this in account during evaluating websites 🙂 ).

It took another two days before ad codes for my blog got ready. I then implemented the code on my blog by thinking that it will double my blog’s revenue along with AdSense, but the results were not much appreciating. The most frustrating thing was the worst eCPM which never crossed the highest ever value of just $0.34. I am now wondering from where does my traffic come? From any other planet than earth? 😛 , as they were promised me with a minimum eCPM of $0.92. But what happened after the ad implementation? Was MadAdsMedia’s calculator telling lie? Or it is just for attracting people? Here are the stats of my blog’s earnings.


It is my 13th day with MadAdsMedia and till now, it has dissatisfied me. I am sorry to say that MadAdsMedia doesn’t provide the highest eCPM rates in the market about which the network is claiming. Due to its low eCPM rates, I replaced its top banner with AdSense. Another interesting thing about MadAdsMedia on my blog is that now it is showing ads only from AdSense.

If you are going to try MadAdsMedia, then you should do experiment. I have read in several forums that some people are getting good eCPM rates at this ad network. As we know that there is no any competitor of AdSense, but MadAdsMedia is somehow good and is better than several other advertising networks. If you don’t have AdSense or if you want to earn some extra revenue from your blog, then you should try MadAdsMedia. After trying it, please comeback here and share your experience as others are waiting for knowing about this advertising network. If you have already experienced, don’t forget to tell us about your experience. Comments are appreciated.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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46 Replies to “MadAdsMedia Review with Revenue Proof”

  1. 1: Rehmat Bro Is it good than means is this newtwork better than yahoo ads. ?

    2: Also tell me..why are you not applying for BSA if you receive such bundles of pageveiws. ?

    3: Rehmat bro please tell me….does high page rank help in improving the posts positioning in SERP. Those blogs posts will get high rank in SERP as compared to non page rank blog.

    1. Salam Hafeez bhai, is CPC network and MadAdsMedia is CPM.. But I haven’t used on my blog. Regarding with BSA, they rejected my blog three months back and recommended to apply after 6 months 🙁
      And yes, PR matters but number of backlinks pointing to a single post decide its ranking in SERPs. For example, if a post on a PR3 blog has more number of relevant (dofollow) links pointing to it than a similar post on a PR5 blog, then the PR3 blog’s post can beat that of PR5’s. But if both have didn’t build any backlinks, then the post at the blog with higher PR will beat that of the lower one. DA is also counted but PR is a strong metric than DA.

      1. Rehmat bro, Madads is good, Media is good if you have US based visitors and 3000 + visitors daily.

        I have used both 🙂

        1. Thank you for sharing your experience. But I haven’t used till now. I’m happy with AdSense and currently trying MadAdsMedia along with it, as you can see 🙂

  2. Its nice review but before you use ads i want to share my personal experience, i have use it but its no comparison with Adsense, plus it only accept sites which have 90% of visitors from UK and USA and if users are from other countries they ban your account, there ECPM is $5 per thousand impression to $7 but only if your customers are increased daily, but if you have stable visitors there ecpm again down to $0.30 and virtually become low and low, Mediaadsmedia i have also tried this network but its not good at all they use Adsense ads which put Adsense account in danger i think of putting to account ads on same site plus they send revenue after they earn themselves first and its very low. Final conclusion is Adsense is still the best when it comes to CPC advertisement, i want to know does social media still is the factor of determining position of post, if we have backlinks from social media sites does it effect rankings?? 2ndly do you use same sites to gain backlinks for your post or different sites, what is your backlinks strategy how many back links you build per post? looking forward to see your answer

    1. Hi Ali,
      Thank you so much for the detailed comparison and for sharing your experience. $4 is really a good eCPM if it stays consistent. Regarding with “RISK” for AdSense account, I have read in several forums that aren’t facing any issue in using both networks at same site and it should not put AdSense in danger as they are official partners of AdSense. Still it may be risky to use the both. I have earned around $15 with MadAdsMedia but may remove its ads from my blog.
      And regarding with links from social networks, SEO experts will say that they don’t carry value, but they do… Social sharing is a strong indicator about your content’s popularity and value and it impacts the SERP rankings. For example last year, one of my posts went viral and it was shared 3K+ times on FB and other networks. It is ranking at the top still in SERPs. Interesting thing is, I didn’t build even a single backlink to that post.

      1. Rehamat bro you mean that you are not making backlinks for the new latest post. You are not building backlinks whenever you publish new post.

        If you are not building backlinks for your posts. then how your blog has gain 4 page rank because i have heard a lot that pr is increasing with number of backlinks.

        SO whats your strategy….about post ranking..please share…your posts are ranking well and you say i did not make a single backlink for the newly born post…then how they are ranking so well…i appreciated…

        1. Hi Hafeez bro,
          In initial, I have built some backinks and now, people are giving links to my content 🙂 And yes, relevant links contribute to your PR. If you have very few backlinks, then find some dofollow blogs and leave comments. Also do some guest blogging. I have also written 5 guest posts till now 🙂

  3. Hi Rehmat! i was searching for review on madadsmedia and dropped at your article. Thanks for the detailed information.

  4. Hi , dude they are just wasting time, they are giving 0.92$ eCMP to everyone 😛 .. I put 100 total ad impression, and 50% from usa and 50% from rest of the world.. I still get this

    Impressions: 100
    Your eCPM: $0.92
    Estimated Daily Revenue: $0
    Estimated Monthly Revenue: $3

    1. Hey Saqib,
      adfly is good for the sites where file downloading is offered. Put every download link behind sponsored adfly link, by doing this, you can earn good 🙂

  5. madads is shit..!!! i tried it in my blog and its worse now i am going to write a review about them now..!!!

  6. Hi Rehmat,

    Nice review. I must let you kjnow that I have been using madadsmedia for about 4months and have earned more that $90 still now. Of course it’s not the best replacement of Google Adsense, but of course does good when blogs are not approved with Adsense. Rather, I agree with you that there is no problem in putting both madadsmedia & adsense adds together. Neither me nor any of my friends have experienced so. And for a time I even started earning $1+ everyday and when my site was not updated at all for about two months, then also I didn’t notice any problem in the revenue. It’s good. Thnx

    1. Hi Durga,
      Yes it is good than several other PPC/CPM networks. I agree but the frustrating issue with me was the worst eCPM… I have mentioned it in the review. And thank you for sharing your experience with it.

  7. My name is muhsin mohamed pc am the admin of . i think this is better post and the better adnetwork for earn money is madadsmedia any way thank …

    1. Hey Muhsin, yes MadAdsMedia is a good than several other ad networks there in market. Try it and see how it works with your site.

    1. Hey Omer, it is against of TOS of AdSense to mention the earnings :), but for your info, I easily reach the minimum payout threshold each month.

  8. Thanks for this review, I just got approved with my madadsmedia application and still waiting for the ad tag become available. I’m always denied by adsense so I am pro with this kind of adnetwork atleast I earn from my blog, I use also but it is cpc so no click no earn. ahahaha..

    I will be making review also soon with my blog:

    1. Good to know that MadAdsMedia approved your site. Don’t forget to share your experience with us after trying MadAdsMedia.

  9. hi admin,

    I want to see the example of ads of is that provide us good ads.. Our site has huge visitor, and approve by madadsmedia also, but we are afraid to place its ads.. coz we dont want any adult time ads. please can u share some example with us?


    1. Hi Manun, the ads are of good quality and almost 90% will be shown on your site from AdSense. So place their ads with confidence 🙂

  10. hi
    in my experience.. first im getting after implementing madad code i just got ecpm 00.7 and 0.10 but after 2 days it will be changed to 0.15 – 0.17. then i removed that codes and went to adsense .. after checking my madads account im shocked totally with seeing that numbers i got 0.26 ecpm with 23 dollers .. after few days i implemented the codes again in my blog im very happy with that ecpm.. check the screen shot here. but the problem is they are taking too much time to send our payments….
    who suffers with adsense you can go for madads
    here the screen shot –>

    1. Hey Abhi, thank you for sharing the screenshot.. And your ads are receiving really nice impressions..:), Are you using both AdSense and MadAdsMedia now?

  11. Hi Rehmat

    Why don’t you use madadsmedia along with adsense. It will definitely give you some extra money ?

    1. Hey Moon, I used the ads a few months back and the eCPM was too low :(, I’ll be testing the ads once more as my blog traffic has increased considerably and now I want to see how MadAdsMedia performs with my blog this time.

      1. Hi Rehmat

        According to the screenshots madads is giving you an ecpm of 0.20 which you are saying is too low. Then how much ecpm are you getting from adsense ? 4-5 ?

        1. Yes RPM at AdSense stays good :), there was a big difference between the earnings of the two networks when I ran ads from both AdSense and MadAdsMedia. Still I’ll test their network once again..

    1. Hi Joe, your review is interesting 🙂 . What do you say about as an alternative to AdSense? As you have mentioned as the best revenue source in your review.

    1. It seems their stats are going through a trouble. Everything will get corrected, don’t worry. Your ads impressions are good, so they will pay you.

  12. hy rehamt bhai
    my site also approved 🙂 for the madadsmedia network. its the 2nd day after my site was approved .rehmat bhai how much time they take to prepare ads ??. its still saying my ads are not prepared
    cheers 🙂

    1. That’s great bro, congratulations 🙂 Tomorrow is Sunday, they will provide you the code by Monday or Tuesday. I got my codes after 4 days of account approval.

  13. Hi
    Sir i have 30000+ Visitors on My site but i have not adsense Please Tell Me What i Would do? i am using only info links. But it does not give me such a earning which i had earned with Google Adsense. Please help me.. this is my cell no 03236419626

    1. Hi bro,
      30000 visitors per day??? If yes, then that’s a decent traffic. BTW can you let me know about your website’s URL? I’ll check it for any possible hurdles which are violating AdSense’s TOS.

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