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MadAdsMedia Malware – Seeing “Reported Attack Page!” Message?

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Last night, several webmasters were frustrated a lot by seeing a horrible message on web browsers that their website has been reported as an attack site. Visitors were being blocked from accessing the affected blogs and websites with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and all other major browsers. The owners were totally confused on what happened but this curiosity ended suddenly when MadAdsMedia politely emailed the affected webmasters that their ads have distributed malware across all publishers’ webpages πŸ˜› .

This message is regarding the recent malware notifications that some of our publishers may have experienced.Β  Just before noon today, our engineers discovered that one of our ad serving locations had been hacked. Β 

Since this attack was discovered, our engineering team worked diligently until 3:45pm EST to ensure that the appropriate action was taken to secure our ad server.Β  Unfortunately during that time, this attack effected 7.8% of our publishers’ domains.Β  If you are one of these publishers, you can have Google remove the notification by following these steps:

This warning typically takes only a few hours to be removed.Β  We realize the seriousness of this matter and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our effected publishers.Β  Our support team is available to answer any questions you may have.

The webmasters, who were already worried by low earnings with MadAdsMedia, got shocked and most removed MadAdsMedia ads instantly, but the damage was done. Their websites were not only being blocked by browsers, but Google dropped their rankings in SERPs too. This is really a painful blow which ruined businesses of publishers within a couple of minutes. Some publishers lost their entire organic traffic and some have recovered a little where webmasters attempted the right way to remove the malicious ads.

I wasn’t using MadAdsMedia here on my blog after testing it for a few days some months ago. During that experiment, MadAdsMedia didn’t earn good for me. In my review about MadAdsMedia, I have mentioned why I stopped serving their ads. Today I am feeling lucky that I wasn’t using their ads and my blog is safe against its malicious content.

My friend Vijay at ComboUpdates was using MadAdsMedia on his blog and when I tried to access his blog this morning, Mozilla Firefox warned me not to visit the blog. The blog was being reported as an attack website. Meantime, Vijay sent me an email about the incident and informed that it was MadAdsMedia which resulted this damage.


To get things back, Vijay removed MadAdsMedia’s ad codes and changed the template too. This allowed direct visitors to access his blog without any warning but visitors from search engines are still getting a warning message that prevents them from visiting his blog.


If you are a victim of MadAdsMedia’s distributed malware, then below tips will help you in recovering your website or blog back to its normal state.


1. Remove MadAdsMedia Ad Code: You must remove MadAdsMedia’s code from your all pages to ensure that malicious scripts aren’t infecting your blog or website visitors anymore. If you want to keep serving their ads in future, don’t add the code unless the malicious scripts are eliminated completely from their servers. If you are using any caching mechanism for your blog or website, like Google PageSpeed Service, CloudFlare or any WordPress plugin for this purpose, then clear the cache after removing the ad code. It will ensure that the ads don’t appear anymore on your webpages.

2. Request for a Malware Review: After removing the ad codes from your all pages, now visit Google Webmaster Tools and request for a review by selecting your infected site. For more details about requesting a malware review, visit Google’s official page here.

Once your website or blog will be reviewed, access to it will be restored and the warning from both browsers and SERPs will be removed.

What Does MadAdsMedia Say About This: MadAdsMedia declares a hacking incident as the reason behind this malware distribution. The support says that some of their ad serving servers were get hacked and the hackers injected their malware into MadAdsMedia ads. Negligence at MadAdsMedia has resulted this horrible damage. Although they serve ads from different reputable ad networks including Google AdSense, still the lack of a secure system has put MadAdsMedia’s business in doubts.

Where publishers were already unhappy with the poor performance of MadAdsMedia, now the entire business at this newly born ad network is seeming slapping down. AdSense itself might stop working with MadAdsMedia. This will bring severe difficulties for business administration at MadAdsMedia. Let’s see how much does MadAdsMedia succeed in retaining its business in upcoming days.

So what is your personal decision now. Are you going to still use this ad network or not? Will MadAdsMedia take care of its publishers in future or not? Don’t forget to share your feelings in comments πŸ™‚

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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10 Replies to “MadAdsMedia Malware – Seeing “Reported Attack Page!” Message?”

  1. Rehmat bro luckily the mobile browsers did not show up the malware page but as you rightly pointed out the damage is already done πŸ˜›

    1. Google doesn’t let PC users to access Combo from search pages πŸ™ . A review request needs to be submitted as soon as possible. It is good if mobile users aren’t blocked πŸ™‚ . It seems the malicious scripts are harmful for Windows only.

  2. Rehmat bhai as i told you before that my site was approved for this network . and they say that your ads are being prepared. but almost 10 days they not provide me the source code.
    today when i see your post. i thank to allah that they not provide me the code for what the reason behind this i dont know . so conclusion is my site was safe πŸ™‚

  3. rehmet bhai plz mention here why they dont provide me the code ? its almost 10 days before applying to this network

    1. It is great that they didn’t provide you the code, otherwise your site would be a victim of their malicious codes. It seems that their network is having some troubles and these troubles might have resulted delay in code preparation.

  4. today rehmat bhai i see my madadsmedia dashboard panel and they provide me the code of differnent sizes. plz suggest me can i use these codes for my site. bcz not providing me a good income .as you know is rpm base. can i take risk to place the source code madadsmedia network to my blog ??? . who is better or madadsmedia ???
    plz suggest me what to do ??

    1. Hi bro,
      When I was using MadAdsMedia, the performance wasn’t too good. I haven’t tried yet. How many pageviews do your ads receive per day and what is the earning with Now regarding the risk, they might have fixed the malware and we can hope that they will take care about it in future.

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