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Inserting AdSense and Other Ads into WordPress Posts

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Placement of ads play a crucial role in your blog or website’s revenue when you are monetizing it through any PPC or CPM based program. You can see here on my blog that I have placed AdSense and MadAdsMedia ads within my post content and the ads are aligned to give my blog a good look. If you are wondered how to insert these ads, then this short tutorial will guide you through the process of inserting AdSense ads into WordPress posts.

AdSense Ads Between Posts

For inserting AdSense ads into my blog posts, I am using Quick AdSense plugin. This plugin lets you insert AdSense and other ads anywhere in your posts. After installing the plugin, go to its “Settings” and manage ads there. Some features of Quick AdSense plugin, which I am enjoying, are listed below:

Multiple Channels: Quick AdSense plugin provides you 10 channels to insert and manage your ad codes. You can define the position and alignment of a specific ad within your blog post.

Appearance: The plugin lets you define where your ads should be shown. You can either enable or disable ads on homepage, category pages, general pages, archives and tag pages.

Multiple Quick Tags: Quick tags let you define the ads setup for a particular post or page on the fly. You can insert any particular ad or a random ad anywhere in your post using short codes. In addition, you can disable a single ad, all ads in post or on sidebar also using the short codes. All these instructions are given in the “Settings” section of Quick AdSense plugin.

Widgets for Sidebar: 10 widgets are defined which can be added on sidebar of your WordPress blog. First define the ad code for any particular widget and then insert it anywhere on your sidebar to display the ad. You don’t need to insert code again and again.

Random Ads Display: One of the coolest features of Quick AdSense plugin is the ads randomization. You can show random ads anywhere in your post, page or on sidebar. This increases CTR on your AdSense ads.

These were some features of Quick AdSense plugin which let you place AdSense and other ads at the top, middle and bottom of your WordPress blog posts. So if you aren’t satisfied with current position of ads on your blog or if the ads are getting low CTR, then install Quick AdSense plugin now and redefine the ad placement on your blog posts. If you need any help in placing ads via this plugin, you can ask me in comments.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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