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How to Increase AdSense Earnings by Improving CTR and CPC

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If your blog is well optimized for AdSense it can earn you good, and if not, then you will face the most frustrating issue of worst earnings at AdSense despite of having decent traffic. I have experienced this in early days when I was new with AdSense. After reading several articles, by following AdSense recommendations and by doing experiments, I have now optimized AdSense for my blog where its performance is good. I don’t say that I have super-optimized it, but at least have improved CTR and CPC greatly which were once the worst for me. If your AdSense ads are receiving very few clicks or if the CPC is tool low there, I have come up with some tips which will surely help you in improving your AdSense earnings by making adjustments to ads on your blog.


Improving AdSense Earnings

CTR: CTR is a major factor which decides how much your blog earns. In addition to its direct impact on earnings, it has some indirect influences also which are mostly not understood by publishers. If the placement of ads on your blog isn’t good, then they will receive very few clicks and as a result, your earnings will stay low.

To improve your ads CTR, I would recommend you the below ad placement as I have found it as working best for me and will surely work for you too.

A 336×280 Image/Text Below Post Title: The 336×280 ad unit is AdSense recommended which earns good for you. I place one 336×280 ad unit at top of the post content and wrap it with text by one side. If you are on WordPress, use Quick AdSense plugin for inserting ads or if you are on Blogger, make a div in CSS and float it either towards right or left to place it perfectly in post content. This is the first position which will perform good in increasing CTR of your AdSense ads.

A 300×250 below post: It is the second position which performs well for me. Place a 300×250 ad unit just below post content (above comments section). When your visitors finish reading your post, the ad may attract their attention.

A Horizontal Banner at Bottom: Bottom section of blogs and websites is the exit point for visitors and placing an ad here greatly improves AdSense CTR. When your visitors finish reading your post, they will move down to comments section. And after reading or making any comments, most likely they will be leaving your blog and the bottom ad if present mostly grabs their attention as an exit point. I have experienced it and it works great for me.

So these were the three ad positions where I have got the best results. Although you may love to place ads on sidebar, in header section or anywhere else, but all these positions never deliver me with good results, so I am not going to recommend you any of such placements.

Now lets have a look on how to improve CPC for ads.

Use High Paying Keywords in Content: Google’s Keyword Planner Tool helps you in finding keywords and you can do a research there to find which keywords are paying the most. First think about a topic for your next post and then go to Keyword Planner. There, do a research about your chosen topic and then sort the keywords on suggested bid. In such a way, you can find high CPC keywords. Once you compile a list of some high paying relevant keywords, use these keywords wisely in your content. It will show up high paying ads which will greatly boost your AdSense CPC.


Optimize CTR: I have mentioned earlier that CTR indirectly impacts on earnings. When your ads receive too many impressions but very few clicks, then AdSense imposes smart pricing over your account and CPC greatly falls down. So to retain a good CPC, improve CTR by placing ads perfectly like I have recommended above.

Geographic Location: The most important factor in defining AdSense CPC is the geographical location of your visitor from where the click was originated. I haven’t mentioned it earlier as you may be running a localized blog so you may be targeting local visitors only. If you are running an international blog or website, try to bring visitors from western countries by improving SERP rankings of your content globally. It will deliver great results.

Avoid Using Link Ads: Link ads receive too many impressions but CPC with these type of ads is the worst. They will not earn you good but yes, they can invite Google to smart price your account. So I would recommend you not to use any link ad units.

Write Lengthier Posts: The more text content is there in your posts, the more being promoted keywords appear in your text and AdSense then shows relevant ads which earn you good. If your posts are short, then Google may fail to understand about what you have written. In such a situation, it will push in random ads which will decrease both CTR and CPC. So to achieve good CTR and CPC, you should write lengthier (keyword rich) posts.

Niche: If you haven’t started your blog yet, then you should choose niche for it wisely. Some niches pay very high. But if you have already started your blog, then you might not need to consider it.

So these were some recommendations from my side to help you in improving your AdSense revenue up to the maximum possible level. I hope you will find these tips working. Don’t forget to tell us about any additional working tip if you have found as working 🙂

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Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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  1. some people say that ctr should be less while some say it should be more what is right since i heard that if ctr is more than 20 then google bans our account???

    1. Hey bharat, it doesn’t matter at all. Google even loves the CTR of 100% if the clicks are valid. They have strong analytical system for tracking activities regarding different accounts. If your ads receive too many clicks and zero sales, obviously Google will look forward to protect its advertisers.

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