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How to Improve Blog Ranking in Google Search

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Google, the Internet giant, decides fate of blogs and websites. If it loves your blog, it can send you unlimited free traffic and if it starts hating any online presence, whole business is vanished in minutes. Beginner bloggers usually attempt unethical practices to improve the ranking of their blogs in Google and other search engines which lead to the destruction instead of any success. Spamming is one of the biggest “cancers” which destruct blogs.


If you spam other sources on the Internet, beware that Google has human reviewers and if they find you attempting any unethical practice, they will lower your blog’s ranking which may get unrecoverable in most cases. So to improve your blog’s ranking in SERPs, you need to follow some ethical ways which are recommended by almost all SEO experts. I have compiled a list of some safe approaches which will contribute to increase your blog’s ranking without putting it at danger.

Backlinks Aren’t Dead

Backlinks are the strongest indicator about any content’s popularity and Google counts them while ranking content in SERPs. To build backlinks, bloggers mostly spam other sources including forums and blogs but that’s not an ethical way. I would recommend you to earn backlinks instead of building them.

Now you may ask me how to earn backlinks? The answer is, write original and helpful content, others will find it useful and will link to it. In such a way, a natural backlink profile will be built. When bloggers contact me via email and ask me how to improve their content’s visibility in Google search, I tell them to “write helpful content“.

Promote Your Blog

An “intelligent” blogger asked me last week that how to earn backlinks in beginning if no one knows your blog and Google also doesn’t rank it? The question was really nice. In beginning, no one knows what you are writing and your blog needs promotion. To promote your blog, write a few guest posts, promote blog posts in social networks, join forums, participate commenting on other blogs, submit your blog to directories and submit PRs. This really helps in putting your content in front of the world. While doing this, always be cautious that you aren’t spamming any source. For example if you join a forum, participate the conversation there, set your blog’s URL as signature and in such a way, you will earn some quality backlinks. But do it in a limited count, as a lot of forum links with similar anchor text may invite Google to penalize you.

When it comes to build backlinks in beginning, never do it randomly. Consider the quality and relevancy of the source before getting backlinks from it. You MUST not build backlinks from low quality (spammed) or irrelevant sources.

Write Original and Helpful Content

I have seen several bloggers who copy and paste content from other blogs. Recently, I noticed a new WordPress site where the writer is copying all my posts. Google’s Matt Cutts have mentioned several times that if the copying/pasting of text reaches the limit of spam, Google will treat it with punishment by lowering the ranking.

Now if you want to see your blog at higher positions in SERPs, you must write your own content. First do a thorough research and find the topics at which people need help. Then write good and helpful content on that topic. For example last month, I noticed that a lot of people in my country, Pakistan, need help regarding with Payoneer, and then I started posting helping articles related with it. Now all these posts are receiving the most hits.

Use Google Tools Properly

Google has provided webmasters with all needed tools to keep an eye over their websites and blog’s performance in Google search. Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and Google AdWords Keyword Planner are the most powerful tools which contribute a lot in improving your content’s visibility in SERPs if you use them properly.

Be Regular in Writing

I have experienced that if you keep your blog updated regularly, it puts very good effect on SERP ranking of your blog content. Continues addition of fresh content brings Google bot again and again to your blog and content is indexed faster. Although indexing isn’t connected with SERP rankings, but it has been seen that regularly updated blogs do well than those which are left untouched for a long time.

In addition to posting fresh content, try to increase comments on your blog. The more people will participate commenting on your blog, the more fresh content will be added. Google takes it as a strong indicator of content’s popularity and thus ranking of the content improves in SERPs.

Social Media, I Hate but it Works

I hate social networks and Facebook is the most useless website of the world according to me where people spend hours for no gain. But the reality is, all social traffic is not useless and some serious visitors can be gained from social networks too. It has been proved that the more your content is shared on social networks, the higher its positions are in SERPs. Although all links from social networks are nofollow, still they are counted. It means that social sharing indicates the popularity of the content and Google takes it in account for defining SERP positions.

Blog Structure, Make it Easy to be Crawl

Google bots crawl over your blog and they grab the content. If its navigation is poor or the template isn’t good, then it may also lead to drop in ranking of your content in SERPs. To ensure that Google bot crawls your blog effectively and grabs all information, use an SEO friendly theme or template, build a good internal linking structure and build a clean and effective navigation.

Do Link to Relevant Sources

A lot of outbound links aren’t recommended from your blog posts but putting no external links is also not recommended. While writing content, put at least one external backlink to any high quality source on the web which contains useful information about the topic you are writing at.

Optimize Every Piece of Your Blog Posts

On-page SEO is the modern approach to improve ranking in SERPs and you should do it perfectly. While writing posts, first do a thorough keyword research and then use keywords properly within post content. Also put links from one post to other relevant posts across your blog where keywords repeated. For images, don’t forget to write alt tags. Learn here, how to do a good On-Page SEO for your blog posts.

So these were 9 most crucial approaches to work with for improving the visibility of your blog posts in Google search and other search engine result pages. I hope you will find these helpful as this list contains my experience and learning which I have gained during my blogging journey till now 🙂

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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19 Replies to “How to Improve Blog Ranking in Google Search”

  1. very informative post, i want to know why some post in the beginning have good Google search ranking but after few days it lose its ranking?? is it because of low backlinks or high bounce rate, kindly write article about Google Ranking factors. 2ndly i want to tell you that a good news is that you can now receive Adsense payment through Payoneer card, do you know about it? with payoneer card you can receive unlimited funds on any day, me withdraw 2 lack rupees from ATM machine of Standard Charted bank at one time.

    1. Hi Ali bro,
      You really amazed me…. I don’t know about both of the stories (AdSense and unlimited withdrawal). I’ll soon write an article about it and will mention you there as you have notified me about it.. 🙂

      Regarding with drop in ranking, it happens if someone else write a similar post and his/her site’s ranking is higher than that of you or if the competitor has more powerful backlink profile to the concerned post than that of you. I’ll research other reasons also and will let you now about it. BTW thanks again for giving the BREAKING NEWS 🙂

  2. Rehmat @ if you can’t view this YouTube video then i recommend you to visit and put this url in the address bar given below this site, this will open this video through this site easily

  3. Creating Authorship for your blog post pages help you to increase search engine visibility and trust on internet. if you write much informative content, it will be on top of SERP without doing other submissions. find some examples like seo roundtable, moz blog and etc..

    1. Hi Sinha, thank you for sharing these great tips, QUALITY matters. If the content is informative and helping, it gets higher positions in SERPs..

  4. Rehmat, Can you help me please…

    Pls review my blog and let me know the changes about SEO, Adsense and other if any..

    1. I checked your site. It is cool 🙂 I liked the theme. Regarding with on-page SEO, you have optimized it well. If your pages aren’t performing well in SERPs, you may need to work on its off-page SEO. For AdSense, you need to disclose a privacy policy for your site. Add a privacy policy page and you should be able to get AdSense for it if the site is receiving some visitors from Google search.

        1. Create helpful and quality content. It will earn links for you. In addition, social bookmarking and guest blogging are common these days. Other approaches are directory submission and blog commenting.

        1. Sorry, I used Firefox earlier to view your site and I have AdBlock Plus installed on Firefox, so I didn’t see ads on your site. Now I viewed it with Chrome and I have a few recommendations for you. For me, ads in sidebar don’t perform well, so you should also remove that sidebar ad and place it after the content (below post). It may improve your ad performance. Secondly, you don’t have a privacy policy page added. AdSense has disclosed it in its TOS to disclose a privacy policy on your website. Add a privacy policy page to ensure that your site is following TOS defined by AdSense.

          1. INSHALLAH… I’m very lazy in content making because my english is not good and don’t know about keyword strategy, Can you please let me know how to find & choose keyword. My target is just northern countries.

  5. I would like to mention, this blogger says facebook is useless website in the world, but FYI I would like to tell you, there are people who are raising a family of 4 from social networks like facebook. I am an engineering 3rd year drop out and I’m running my company on the basis of FACEBOOK ! Where I generate 100000+ Unique visits from Facebook DAILY. SO PLEASE DO NOT INSULT FACEBOOK.

    1. Hi Devesh,
      Sorry if my words hurt you 🙁 100000 visitors a day is a great number 🙂 I hope you are earning decent money from that traffic. That should earn around $1000 a day for you..

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