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Opening an EasyPay merchant account in Pakistan

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EasyPay is a product of Telenor that allows merchants in Pakistan to accept credit and debit cards at their online stores. This eCommerce solution is already empowering several online businesses and if you are going to start an eCommerce store in near future or if you have already started one, then this guide is going to help you in opening an EasyPay account to offer an easy payment solution for your customers on your store.

How does it work: When you open an EasyPay account, you have the option to enable EasyPaisa (another product of Telenor) payment option too and thus these two products together allow your customers to pay either using the debit/credit card, using their Easypaisa mobile account or they can pay the invoice at any Easypaisa shop too. It means that your customers aren’t going to face any difficulty while paying for your products or services. You can use EasyPay’s API (or plugin) to enable their payment gateway on your site seamlessly. Their tools can automate the online transactions by auto-verifying payments so you will not need to process payments manually.

Opening an EasyPay Account

I recently opened an EasyPay account for one of my online services and so I am writing this guide to help others who are willing to open an account for their business too. Here are the steps to get started.

Step 1: Register on their website:

First of all, you have to register at their website here. You will have to provide a valid Telenor number along with other details. After creating the account, wait for a response from their support. You should receive an email within one working day.

Step 2: Fill, sign and resend the documents

Initially, they will ask you to fill a PDF form (attached to the email you will receive from them) where you will have to provide information about your business. Once you will reply back and if the information is up to their requirements, then you will receive another form via email which you have to print in color, fill and sign along with your business stamp, scan in color and then send back through email. You have to provide a valid physical address as well where agreement documents will be mailed.

Once these steps are validated, your staging (demo) EasyPay account will be activated and you can start exploring its features in sandbox mode. Remember that the activation code (OTP) will be sent on the Telenor mobile number that you provided while registering.

When they receive and accept your scanned documents, now you will be mailed (via TCS or any other courier) the agreement documents consisting of several pages. By signing and stamping all pages with your official business stamp, you sign an agreement with Tameer Bank and Telenor. You should read each and every page of the agreement to ensure that this business cooperation is going to help your business according to your expectations.

Also remember that you have to provide two witnesses as well. They just have to provide their CNIC number and sign on a few pages while you have to sign and stamp each page of all document sets.

After signing and stamping the documents, just mail (through any courier service) the documents back to the address of the sender (the person who is in contact with you on behalf of Telenor through email). Once your agreement will be received and verified, your live EasyPay account will be activated. Later on, one set of agreement documents will be sent back to you.

Remember that you will have to provide the CNIC copies too during this procedure. So just stay in touch with the person who has contacted you via email on behalf of EasyPay and ask questions to ensure that you understand and provide all required documents so your EasyPay account signup isn’t delayed.

I hope that this guide helped you in understanding how does EasyPay work and how to open an EasyPay merchant account in Pakistan. If you have any questions or suggestions, then you can leave a comment below.


Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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