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How Much Money Can You Make from a Blog

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One of the most frequently asked questions from me, by those who have started a blog recently or willing to start a blog in near future, is; “How much money can you make from blogging?” and the answer to this question is just too much 🙂 . Indeed opportunities in making money with blogging are endless and you can earn very big if you learn to know how to blog and how to grow it by time. In this article, I’m going to share some success stories of bloggers with you. I hope these stories will inspire you, so you will work harder to achieve the success quickly.


Some Richest Bloggers on the Earth

Syed Balkhi Earns Around 20K USD Per Month: Syed Balkhi of WPBeginner is one of the most inspiring success stories in blogging industry who were once living in streets of Karachi city of Pakistan and were selling gadgets on special occasions to collect some pocket money. His life totally changed when he jumped into the field of blogging and now he is living in US with his family. Syed Balkhi is now a recognized name in blogging industry and is being considered as one of the most successful internet marketers earning more than 20K USD each month.

Amit Agarwal Earns Decent with AdSense: Amit Agarwal of Labnol is yet another famous name in blogging industry earning a decent money from his blogging efforts. Amit is counted among top AdSense earners in India and he is earning more than 5K USD each month from AdSense alone. In addition to AdSense, he is promoting affiliate products too, so you can estimate how much he may be earning with Labnol.

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai: Yet another success name in blogging industry is Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai from Pakistan who blogs at MyBloggerTricks and earns a decent consistent money from his blog. His earnings are estimated to be around 10K USD per month but the actual stats will be higher than what are being estimated.

These were three South Asian bloggers who are earning good despite of the worse financial conditions and the poor development of their countries. Now lets have a look over some other bloggers where the earnings will amaze you and you will start asking yourself “Is this possible?”

Darren Rowse: It was a blog post written by Darren Rowse at his blog which inspired me for the first time and I turned towards blogging. He is a “CHAMPION” and is earning more than 50K USD per month from his blog. Amazed? Cool down, still he isn’t the richest blogger.

You may ask what are the blog monetization strategies followed by Darren. Darren sells eBooks and promotes affiliate products. In addition, he now has an advertising section on his blog where he places sponsored job opportunities related with blogging. These job boards and affiliate sales are the major sources of income for Darren.

Pete Cashmore: The highest earning blogger in the world is Pete Cashmore of Mashable, earning more than $6,50,000 each month from his blog. Mashable has now become one of the most popular technology sites in the world and the blog has made Cashmore the richest blogger on the earth.

Cashmore monetizes his blog with Google AdSense and he stands first among highest AdSense earners too. Once, Cashmore was a beginner blogger like you and me but now you can see where he is. His success story is more than enough to tell you that how much a blog can earn.

So I would like to stop my writing here as these few stories are enough to tell you about the potential of blogging in generating a consistent income stream. If you have started your blog, than you must keep the fact in mind that there are boundless earning opportunities in this field. I agree that blogging is somehow hard in beginning to get success with, but believe me, once you will learn to do it correctly, you will see how easy it is to earn with.

I have started my blog last year in September 2012 and it got 1 year old recently. My blog’s earnings are satisfactory and I earn around 1K USD per month from it these days (December 2013). The earnings aren’t too high but they are satisfactory and are growing :).

If you haven’t started your blog yet but have interest in writing, then don’t waste any moment. Start your blog now. The sooner you will start your blog, the sooner it will start earning for you. Good luck with your blogging journey!

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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