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6 High Paying CPM Advertising Networks for Publishers

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As my blog audience comprises mostly of bloggers and other webmasters, so I can’t expect a good CTR for AdSense or any other CPC advertising network, as bloggers and webmasters don’t click ads commonly and they do only when an ad strongly attracts their attention. For this reason, my earnings with AdSense stay very low. A few days back, I went for searching some good CPM advertising networks and started analyzing them. After finding 6 high paying CPM advertising networks, I thought to share these with others who are generating low CTR and low earnings with CPC advertising on their blogs and websites. As you are reading this post, it means that you also need a good CPM ad network. Below 6 CPM networks can earn good for you if you are failing with AdSense or any other CPC program.

6 High Paying CPM Advertising Networks


1. TribalFusion

CPM rates at TribalFusion are extremely attractive but the network accepts sites and blogs with high traffic only. For becoming a TribalFusion publisher, your blog must receive at least 500000 impressions per month. Signups are manually reviewed and you are informed after reviewing your blog either it is a good fit for TribalFusion’s publisher list or not.


The second high paying CPM network, which I found, is which also gives good CPM rates. CPM at eDomz sometimes stays around $4 which is an impressing amount. Although eDomz hasn’t listed any traffic boundary for publishers, but signups are manually reviewed like that of TribalFusion. Yet another goodness of eDomz is that minimum payout threshold is just $5, which allows small websites and blogs with low traffic to reach the payout limit without waiting long.

3. Gunggo

Gunggo promotes pop-unders on publisher websites and it also gives high CPM. Like other CPM networks, Gunggo doesn’t accept high traffic sites only, but its platform is open for all sizes. If your site fails to get approval on above CPM networks for some reason, like low traffic, then Gunggo can be yet another high revenue generating source for your content.

4. CasaleMedia

CasaleMedia also gives you very good CPM rates but the badness about CasaleMedia is that they also accept blogs and websites with high traffic like TribalFusion. If your blog or website receives good traffic, then go for CasaleMedia. You can generate a very attractive amount with CasaleMedia once your site is accepted.

5. Advertising

Advertising is part of AOL network and it also accepts high traffic blogs and websites like CasaleMedia and TribalFusion. But if the network approves you, you will get amazed how your earnings grow quickly.

6. ValuClick Media

ValueClickMedia also earns good for you but the CPM rates aren’t constant there. Sometimes you get very good CPM with ValuClickMedia and sometimes, the rates drop suddenly. Overall it is a good option for you if CPCs aren’t earning good for you.

So these were six high paying CPM advertising networks if you are failing in getting good results with CPC. I hope you will get success with any of them. Don’t forget to share your thoughts either your earnings boosted with these networks are not. Also don’t forget to share your suggestions if any other good CPM network is out there.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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28 Replies to “6 High Paying CPM Advertising Networks for Publishers”

  1. True but you skipped Technorati Media and Sulvo X. Those two not only pay well right now but they only accept premium quality sites which is great because that’s how you know that won’t start sucking like a lot of other networks when they grew too big. See contextweb/pulsepoint “merger”

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thank you for figuring these networks. They are brilliant but they only accept high traffic websites and blogs. I’ll edit my article soon and will include the missing ones.

    1. Hi Biplab,
      I haven’t heard about it before. Will check the details and let you know… If anyone knows about it, please share the info.

  2. Hello Rahmat.
    My blog has page views 20000+ and visitors 2000+. It has been started 6 months back. I have alexa rank 1,290,812. I believe it will increase. Which CPM network can give me some good amount I am ok if atleast I can 10-15$ a month in starting. Please suggest. My site is

    1. Hi Tarun,
      Among CPM networks, MadAdsMedia was somehow good but no one can compete AdSense (CPC). Among CPM networks, I would now recommend only BuySellAds and TribalFusion but both of these two networks accept blogs with high traffic… Try AdSense, Technorati media or AOL advertising network. They should earn you some good money..

      In addition, start writing reviews about products under your blog’s niche. You can start with Java developers etc. which match your blog’s niche. Later, developers will start sponsoring reviews which earn very good money…

  3. I have tested edomz in two niche, Jobs and Technology. it performs well for Indian traffic. they are paying network support exceptional.

    1. Yes Veena, they are good but their website structure is horrible :P, I don’t know why they aren’t turning it into somehow a professional look.

  4. Friends i tried all of these network, but my daily earning was not more then 0.01$, Then i Start Using CLicksor At starting my Earning is slow but after 1 month it got 2-3 $ per day and i also join its affiliate program and its quite good, you can also earn huge from it. You Can also Drive fake traffic by using Traffic Exchange Website to earn more, am also using it. So Join today and Start Earning Today 🙂
    Clicksor The Best Ad Network and Google Adsense Alternative.. Hope you Join..!!

    1. Hi Danial, Clicksor is good but their most ads contain malware. Apart from this, Clicksor is good. BTW how many visitors does your site receive per day?

      1. My site Receive 1500+ visitors daily 🙁
        And now am leaving Clicksor Because it doesn’t show up real impressions.
        M now start earing from and it’s quite good then clicksor.
        Whats your review about

        1. Visitor number is good but It doesn’t earn good and it is recommended only for those who are running software download blogs with massive traffic. If you have software downloads on your site, the try Infolinks is also a good choice. Turn on all ad types including in-text ads, iframe ads and in-tag ads with Infolinks, you will earn good.

          1. Thanks Rehmat for you suggestion. I join infolinks and ON all types of ads. Hope it will work 😉
            And thanks again.

  5. Rehmat bhai i try qadabra but after 1000 impressions my earning is 0.01 🙁

    please tell me a site for good cpm with low traffic

    Thanks in advance

    1. Bro they calculate the earnings accurately after a week. I also faced such stats when I was using Qadabra. Have you tried Infolinks? It pays good.

    1. Infolinks is a good way to start with Hassan. Try it if AdSense and other networks aren’t approving your blog.

    1. Hi bro, I haven’t included it as they were not paying too good when I tried their service last year. I’ll have a look over there once again to see if their payout rates have improved.

  6. dear when i get approved from edomz by pasting their code to my site, can i delete that code after approval or not.?

    1. Hi Salman,
      If you will remove the code, then the ads will not appear, so to earn with eDomz, you need to keep their code.

  7. ok i was confuse that time my problem now solved thanks for you reply.
    if you dont mind please review my website and give me some fruitful tip to improve it thanks rehmat

  8. Good article! But I think also provides the best ecpm rates! I tried them on my blog and was quite happy with the earnings!

  9. This is what i am looking for. I need ad platform that offers high CPM and CTR. Although my site is having slow traffic yet i can integrate it to some ad network mentioned above.
    You can check my site here:

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