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Google’s Second PR Update in (December) 2013

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At last Google updated the PageRank for websites and the second PR update was long been waited by webmasters including me. I’m shocked by viewing the PR for blog. It was at 4 before and the recent update dropped my PageRank from 4 to 1 :(. I don’t know what actually happened with my blog. I never expected such results but big G has given me such a worst number.


Although PageRank of my blog has been dropped but I’m satisfied form its performance as the traffic at it has doubled over last two months and my posts are ranking well in SERPs. I never attempt any unethical way to build links, still my blog’s PR dropped. But the ultimate purpose of any webmaster is to get traffic over his site and I have it. Google hasn’t snatched the traffic from me, just PR number has dropped 🙂

What about your website and blog? Did its PR improve or dropped? I hope you got a solid PR. I was expecting for PR5 or PR6 :P, but the result is PR 1. So what about your one? Don’t forget to share in comments.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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24 Replies to “Google’s Second PR Update in (December) 2013”

  1. Hello Rehmat, Thats really sad that your PR got decreased.. Anyways, better luck next time.
    PageRank of my blog has been increased to 2 and previously it was one.. And i am quite happy with it.. 🙂

    1. Hi Ahmad, yes it has decreased dramatically :(, I checked for yours and it has improved :), congratulations for that. And the PR data seems to be old one (of July-August). That time, I was shifted to WordPress form Blogger and my .blogspot domain (that carry good links) wasn’t redirected well. I hope next update will bring good PR for me.

  2. AOA. Rehmat bhai Google webmaster is really annoying. It also includes traffic from bots in the pageviews. I want to know about exact and pure traffic stats. Any good suggestion??

    1. Hey Jazib, once I was using, it is good. Give it a try and see how it works. I was satisfied of its performance.

  3. Bro! You should not be worried about the pagerank thing. If you are getting good traffic and your website is doing well in SERP then relax. Pagerank numbers matter most to spammers only. Do you believe that my website pagerank is “0” as it is pretty new, I mean its domain is new and I do not post regularly, usually one or two posts a month. Still I get 700-1000 pageviews daily and I don’t even use the lame tactics. Previously, I used to get upto 1600 pageviews but algorithm changes have impacted upon my website like many others. You may visit my website, and if you subscribe that would be worthy 🙂

    1. Yes bro, I’m not worried as traffic is still there and is improving. Good to hear about your blog that it is receiving good traffic. Do post regularly and maintain it well to boost traffic further.

  4. Hi, Rehmat bro its indeed a very sad news for bloggers and webmasters who are decremented by page rank. Every one was expecting to the best result but Google did misbehavior with users.

    Why Such blogs down from 4 to 1. And why most of blogs did not get good result from 0 to something…….Because the last update of google page rank was given solely on the new backlinks. Blogs and website how created many backlinks in the past one and half month are really satisfied with page rank because they see a dramatic change in the page rank..while whose who always updated their blogs but could not effort on making backlinks, they are dropped from even 4 to 1….

    SO it concluded, that the last google page rank was given to all those blogs who are constantly making backlinks from the recent duration…

    If we have worked on making backlinks from 20 to 30 days before, might we would have the best google page rank…..i have got from 0 to 1 and i am quite happy.

    thanks and hope to see your comment on the issue, whats your thought.

    1. Hey Hafeez bro, congratulations for getting PR 1 :). Google may have considered new backlinks but I have stopped building backlinks over past few months. Lets see what happens in next PR update… I’ve lost “NUMBER” but the ranking of posts in SERPs is still there 🙂

  5. I am feeling sad for your blog. My blog rank is constant That is 1 :-/ Because I was don’t expected it and do not make some good links for my site. Anyhow May be your rank is down because now a days you write small articles and pick random topics for posts. and your backlinks are related to blogging and SEO topic. May be this is the reason your blog PR decreased from 4 to 1.

    1. Still good Haris if your PR is constant. And your thinking carries weight. I have changed my writing due to extremely busy schedule. I pick random topics for writing. But now, I’ll turn once again towards blogging, SEO and online services and will see what happens in next PR update 🙂

  6. Decrease of page rank is a danger sign for any website, my site also lose page rank and later Google penalize my site, kindly check all the back-links and if one site is linking most try to remove those links otherwise that may result in penalization, traffic increase when page rank decrease because Google algorithm change, once its fix sites penalize of getting low quality backlink.

    1. Hi Ali bro, thank you for the tip. I’ll look into this issue. Something is going wrong. BTW what about your site now? Did it recover?

  7. Here is a friendly advice. You should not post those pirated phone applications. you are just risking your adsense account. If adsense authorities check your website again, they will surely ban it or disable your whole account. I bet they are very harsh these days, especially bloggers from south asians regions who are serving adsense are always under close surveillance.

    1. Thank you bro, for the sincere advice. But the apps, which I have posted, are free and I haven’t posted any pirated apps yet. If you have noticed such an app, please figure it out. Thank you again for the advice.

      1. Sample: “Need for speed Most Wanted”, “Minecraft – Pocket Edition”. These are not freeware.

        Secondly, just link the respective posts with original playstore applications. That will solve the issue. 🙂

        1. Thank you so much… I was really unaware. Due to my research work, I have asked one of my friends to compose posts for me and these 3 got published in between. Again thank you for mentioning the posts, I’ll resolve the issue right now 🙂

  8. I checked the PR through this website and it is showing zero. Is that because my site is new? It is about one week old.
    And also, in Google Plus instead of the post’s title Google Plus is showing my name when I am posting links there. I am using WordPress SEO plugin and the titles and descriptions are perfect everywhere, even in google rich snippets. It would be great if you would help me.

    1. Hi Waqas, thank you for the wish, I purchased it recently 🙂 Regarding with your site, it is too new. Submit it to directories, write guest posts and build links through other ways. Try to get a PR figure in next update. Before, Google was punctual and was updating PR after every three months, but now, it is unpredictable. Once your blog will get some backlinks, your posts will appear in SERPs. In Google+, if your name is appearing, it is okay for now. WordPress SEO by Yoast is a good plugin and I’m also using it here on my blog. Keep writing unique, lengthier posts, in next PR, you will get good results insha’Allah 🙂

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