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Blogger Enables Google+ Auto-sharing for Blog Posts

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Blogger introduces the auto-sharing of blog posts on Google Plus. The feature is enabled by default for all blogspot blogs which are upgraded to use Google+ profile instead of Blogger account and don’t contain adult content. If you have upgraded your Blogger account to use Google+ profile, then Google+ section should appear in your Blogger blog’s dashboard. To enable the auto-sharing of posts on Google+, when they are published, follow below instructions:

  • Log in to your Blogger account and choose the concerned blog for which you are going to enable/disable the Google+ auto-sharing
  • Go to Google+ section
  • There, either enable or disable the auto-sharing by checking the highlighted box


Google+ Section Not Visible?

In some cases, Google+ section may not appear in your Blogger blog’s dashboard. If the section is invisible in your blog’s section, check and confirm that you have upgraded the profile of your blog to use your Google+ profile. If you haven’t upgraded yet, upgrade your Blogger profile now. Secondly, if your blog falls under the adult content category, then Google+ auto-sharing isn’t available for such blogs. In addition, scheduled posts are also not shared automatically at current time.

Other features under Google+ tab in your Blogger blog’s dashboard are “Prompt to share after posting” and “Use Google+ Comments on this blog”. Prompt to share after posting feature can be enabled if you have disable the automatic sharing of blog posts. When this feature is enabled, you will be prompted to share the content among your Google+ circles after you publish the post. Then you can either share the post or discard the sharing. The last feature, Google+ Comments, lets you integrate the power of Google+ discussion on your Blogger blog.

So if you haven’t enabled the auto-sharing of content on your Blogger blog, do it now and make the task of increasing readership from your Google+ community simpler. If you face any difficulty in enabling or disabling this feature, let me know by leaving a comment.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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