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Google AdSense Payment Methods in Pakistan [2017]

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Pakistani bloggers and YouTubers have three options available to receive their AdSense payments. I am explaining each method below and you can choose the best option that suits your needs. Here are the currently available payment methods through which you can withdraw your AdSense earnings in Pakistan.

1. Western Union Quick Cash:

This payment method is offered by Google for some chosen countries only and Pakistan is one of them. Western Union Quick Cash is the fastest way to collect your AdSense payment and you can get paid as soon as your payment is marked ‘Paid’ in Google and MTCN is available. These days, Google generally sends earnings of AdSense publishers on 21st or 22nd of each month and you can collect your money from a WU agent near you on 22nd if there isn’t any holiday or if there isn’t any unusual delay.

Once your payment is sent, you can find the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) in your AdSense account’s payment section and then take your original CNIC, its photocopy and the MTCN to any nearer WU agent. The agent will verify the details and will hand over the cash to you in local currency (PKR). When you choose Western Union Quick Cash as your form of payment, then you don’t need to pay any transfer fee as the charges are paid by Google itself.

2. Bank Wire Transfer:

Bank wire transfer option has recently been enabled for Pakistani publishers and you can enable this option to get paid by AdSense directly into your local bank account. You have to provide the SWIFT code of your bank branch and IBAN (International Banking Account Number) of your bank account in your AdSense account’s payment settings. Before choosing this option, don’t forget to confirm with your bank first either the SWIFT code and the IBAN is valid or not. In most cases, IBAN is printed on your checkbook and the SWIFT code can be obtained by contacting the bank branch where your account exists. This payment is the most secure one yet it may take up to a week in some circumstances before your payment will be verified by your bank and will be deposited into your account.

If a delay of a few days is okay with you as well as if you are okay paying some bank transfer charges, then you should choose this method as it is the most secure one. Before setting wire transfer as the default payment in your AdSense account, don’t forget to contact your bank to get information about international transfer charges as well to get an idea how much your bank is going to deduct when you receive your AdSense payments with them.

3. Get Paid by Check

Well, this option is available in your AdSense account too but you should not choose this method unless you are helpless with the above-discussed ones. When an AdSense publishers choose to get paid through checks, then Google sends a check for his eligible earnings each month on the chosen mailing address. In Pakistan, Citi Bank has been processing and clearing these checks. As the world is moving towards digital and faster technologies as well as mailing system in our country isn’t that robust, so you should not be choosing this form of payment at first. But if you desperately need to get paid by checks, then provide your complete address in Google Adsense while activating this method and open a bank account (better if you open a USD account) in your preferred bank with the same payee name. You will have to take the check to the bank when you receive it and once the check is cleared, funds will be deposited into your account. This may take several days as well.

Edit: I just noticed a blog post by Hassam Ahmed of Blogging eHow where he has discussed a trouble he has faced while cashing an AdSense check.


Western Union is the fastest way to get paid if your earnings are less than 5000 USD per month and you should choose this method to get paid quickly. If your earnings are more than 5000 USD per month, then you should choose bank wire as Google won’t going to send the payment through the Western Union if it exceeds that limit. Bank wire transfer although is although slower but it is the most secure one. I am using this form of payment to receive my AdSense earnings. Lastly, the check option shouldn’t be chosen unless that’s the only possible option for you.

So which payment method are you using with your AdSense account? You can discuss below in comments so other users will get to know how the fellow Pakistani AdSense publishers are dealing with their AdSense earnings in 2017.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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