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Why Google Puts Hold on Your AdSense Account and Payments

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Sometimes Google puts hold on your AdSense payments and you aren’t paid even when your earnings reach the minimum payout threshold of $100 in a particular month. Four major reasons result in this and your payments aren’t released unless you fix the issues which cause this hold. I have explained the reasons and fixes below which will help you in releasing your payments if Google has held them for any of below mentioned reasons.

Address Verification: When your AdSense earnings reach $10, Google sends you a PIN (Personal Identification Number) via standard mail. The PIN is enclosed in a white envelop. You need to verify the PIN by entering it into your AdSense account’s setting section before the hold is lifted from your payments. By entering the PIN, you verify that the physical address, which you have used during signup, is accurate and correct.


Sometimes, publishers face difficulties in receiving the AdSense PIN on their provided address. This is usually caused due to bad mailing system of the publisher country or region. In such a situation, the PIN can be requested thrice. If the PIN still doesn’t reach the publisher even after the third attempt, the address can be verified by uploading document proofs on the link appeared in Google AdSense account.

Tax Form Submission: Publishers from certain countries including US need to enter their tax information. If you are living in any of these countries but haven’t submitted the form yet, submit the tax information right now by visiting Tax form needs to be submitted before 20th of any particular month to get eligible for being paid in ongoing month, otherwise you will be paid in next month.

Payment Form Information: Google pays earnings of publishers via standard checks, through Western Union and by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). If you haven’t chosen the form of payment for your earnings, Google will kept hold on your payments. To ensure that your payments are released, update the form of payment before 20th of the month so the change will take effect and your payments will not be delayed to the next months payment schedule.

Payee Name Change: In several regions and for certain publishers, Google allows payee name modification. If you have recently changed the payee name on your AdSense account, then Google may have put the hold on your account and on your earnings. To remove the hold, contact AdSense support and seek help from them directly so hold from your account will be removed.

These were some common reason which result in hold on your entire AdSense account or on its earnings. I hope this article made you understand why Google puts hold on AdSense payments and how to remove this hold.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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  1. They only pay via Western Union,EFT and standard charter ?

    does paypal come under EFT ?

    and do they send payment on payoneer card?

    1. Hi Mian bro, upload scans of your bank statement or driver license if you can’t get an English copy of document proofs. They can’t read Urdu documents.

  2. hi,

    i have a website :
    which i started about 3 months ago to promote amazone baby products but uptil now i dodnt get any sale , now i am looking to put adsense code on it but affraid if it complies Google TOS or not . Let me know after revieving this site so that i can put adsense on it fearlessly.
    its getting 40+ visits per day and 20 reviews of different products , all are unique and well written.
    also tell me if it has good potential of gettign approved for new adsense account?

    1. Your site seems good. I didn’t found anything which would violate AdSense TOS. At end it is up to Google either it approves the submitted site or not. If the traffic is organic, i.e. from search engines, apply for AdSense. I hope you will get it.

  3. hum pakistan main google adsebs k payment bank wire k zarye say kis tarha lay sakty hain..plz help me

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