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Gold Mine International (GMI) Pakistan, Fraud or Legitimate?

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Gold Mine International was getting popular among Pakistani community, especially in Karachi, last year in 2012. Where several people were joining it in large numbers, several others were declaring it a scam from beginning. In reality, GMI isn’t legitimate at all. When we carefully study the system of GMI, we come to know that indeed we are giving away our poor people’s hard earned money to an unknown and fraudulent foreign company.

To start earning with GMI, you need to purchase any of their products in beginning which costs around $60. After becoming the member of the system, you are then trained to bring more people in the circle. When you will bring 4 more people in the system, you will be given $30.

Now calculate the amount circulated here. When you bring 4 people into the system, they pay a total of $240 (4x$60=$240). From that amount, GMI gives you $30 and the remaining is taken up by the company. You will keep earning a commission as long as people will join the circle under your chain. But all time you will earn a small commission, more than 80% of the money will be taken up by the company.

You may ask about the products here which GMI gives you in exchange of money. These products are useless at all. Last year, a suffered student from Punjab contacted me via email and told that he has bought a gold pen and quantum pendant from the company to join the circle but later decided to leave the system. According to him, when he took the GMI products to sell in market, no one purchased the products from him even on half of the price which was paid by him. It reveals that GMI is giving away garbage products and steal the hard earned money of poor community of Pakistan.


It doesn’t mean that you can’t earn money from GMI’s pyramid circle. You can earn, can earn a lot but when you will analyze the exchange at the end, you will realize that how much money you have given away to an International company for no gain. If you are among those, who have earned a lot and still earning, then take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and estimate the exchanged money, you will come to know how much you have snatched from people under your chain and how much the company has given you from that amount. Can’t calculate? Let me tell you the fact, you are given less than 10% of the snatched money and the remaining has been taken up GMI.

So what’s your decision now? Will you continue snatching the money from your poor community or will stop it? I request you once that please stop washing brains of innocent people and get back to legitimate earning methods like blogging, freelancing and other jobs. You will get long-term success and will also contribute to develop your country despite of giving away its assets.

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields. , Is it Scam or Real? A Legit…

It is a fact that many people earn very big money from the Internet but it is also a fact that it isn’t easy...
Rehmat Alam
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5 Replies to “Gold Mine International (GMI) Pakistan, Fraud or Legitimate?”

  1. GMI is becoming much popular these days specially in Universities i have seen many people working on this SCAM. But after working for 1-2 months, most of them understand the reality and just leave while losing their initial investment…

    1. You are right Ahmad, in beginning, students get impressed by hearing about HUGE earnings and later they realized that GMI isn’t legitimate at all.

  2. My Name is munawar musafir from Basti malook Multan,
    when any person listen any lacture about GMI he think this scheme is much better to becoming rich man in short time. he think its working is very easy , so he join this GMI and start working at this but after few days he realies that its working is very tough
    he disheart and leave this , no doubt network marketing is vry tough but many peoples get success form it and become rich,
    but we realy don,t know about its earning is good or bad according to islam.
    anyway , i think befor starting any businees plz consult with olama(Molvi) then start your business acording to teaching of islam.

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