How To Get Free Massive Followers On Twitter Quickly

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Twitter is one of the top social networking tools that can greatly improve the amount of your website readers. I will consider it too bad or silly to ignore and discard the use of this powerful social weapon from your internet marketing toolbox.

But the question is, how can you quickly acquire a large number of Twitter followers within a short period of time?

You may have come across services such as Twiends and Addmefast that makes it pretty easy to follow and unfollow Twitter users. However, your objective shouldn’t be to just inflate your profile followers tally. Your efforts should be directed towards increasing the number of serious-minded real followers. Increased amount of real followers will definitely result to more re-tweets, interactions, and website visits.

The Simplicity of Twitter: Using this social media gadget is so easy and simple. From how I introduced it above, you may want to believe it’s mainly for marketing and not a personal thing. The truth is anybody can use Twitter; it doesn’t matter if you are a webmaster, lawyer, doctor, student, unemployed, entrepreneur etc. We can all utilize Twitter’s 140 characters except for those acts that may violate Twitter rules. We enjoy the freedom to tweet about anything: it can be a message about how you spent your day in school, at work, or even humble comments related to a trending topic in your home country. Twitter is also a nice medium to stay close to real-time news coming from the World scene.

Twitter and Big Brands: Top brands are using Twitter for the purpose of fostering a close relationship with their customers. It’s easy for users to start a new discussion on any well-known brands; each brand has a Twitter representative, who regularly monitors and responds to any discussion about the brand on Twitter. If a customer complains about a product he/she just purchased from a particular company, it’s the duty of their representative to rectify that.

Twitter is a great marketing channel that may have a great positive impact on any online or offline business when wisely used.

Now let’s get straight to the point: how can you accumulate massive followers on Twitter? Below are some simple and easy to understand tips that can contribute to more users clicking on your Twitter profile follow button.


Create an attractive profile picture and background cover: We want to make users stick to our profile and make them glance at our stats; only a nice avatar and background cover can do that. Your avatar will play a prominent role on how other users view your profile. Don’t treat the profile picture as something not too important, and decide to upload anything you can find on your picture library. That may certainly contribute to losing many potential followers who should have clicked on the follow button.

Another thing to avoid is uploading a profile picture that doesn’t show your face. Twitter users don’t want to believe it’s a ghost or robot operating a profile. Only a good picture of your true face would make them feel the real connection of following you. Try to come up with a unique avatar that can easily be recognized when viewing from the timeline. This will make your tweets get more re-tweets you’re your followers.

Write an explanatory profile bio: After the profile cover and avatar had hooked users to your Twitter profile, the next thing they will want to view is your bio. We all know there are limited characters we are allowed to type on Twitter, but you want to create a nice description that will clearly states everything about you and what you do, how is that possible? Simply create an explanatory bio that summarizes all in one or two short sentences. Avoid writing long sentences, choose your words wisely, and come up with something that will eventually activate a viewer desire to follow you. Twitter users doesn’t like following users that won’t add any real value to their timeline; get unique and be original, your bio should clearly convey a message a viewer need to follow your profile. Don’t forget to provide your website URL in the Twitter bio section.

Recognize the Peak Hours: If you’ve been using Twitter before now, you’ll have come across the term ‘peak hours’. Peak hours are those periods of time when most of your current followers will be on Twitter. My peak hours may be different from yours; it all depends on the kind of people and locality you’re targeting. If your tweets are for the working class, it will be wrong to send out tweets when most of them will be busy with their work. It is important to recognize these peak hours to get more valuable re-tweets and interactions when you tweet.

Learn how to utilize the @message Twitter feature: Twitters users often employ @ to mention other profiles. What does that mean? It’s all about giving a shout-out about other profiles or simply responding to a user. This is one area of uniqueness Twitter has over other top social networking tools. The @ Twitter attribute can help your profile gain more exposure. To make it work, you need to first start giving mentions to other users, once people you’ve mentioned see it, they tend to do the same, therefore, all their followers will definitely see that and would happily want to check-out your Twitter profile. Imagine you get a mention from some popular Twitter figures? That will immediately translate to more followers for you.

It’s good to know that though Twitter only permits 140 characters, it’s not advisable to use them all. Limit your tweets to 120 characters or below to enable other users who may like to give you a mention some typing spaces.

Always send out engaging tweets: Engaging tweets are those messages users would want to interact with. Frequently asking your followers nice questions via your tweets can be a good strategy for making you an engaging Twitter user. Currently lacking ideas of Twitter questions? Browse through hot or trending topics in your niche. There are thousands of ideas there on Twitter itself; exposing yourself to current industry problems will certainly present you with some nice and engaging questions.

Also, you can start tweeting about your followers’ frequent problems if you want to be considered a top expert in your niche. I’m sure they’ll be more than happy interacting with your tweets.

Stick to personal and professional tweets: You may highly regard your profession on Twitter, but your updates would be completely boring if some personal things are being left out. Keep a mix of both personal and professional updates. Users will at least want to know a little more about you which will enable them become fonder of your Twitter profile. Remember, not only do you want them to read your tweets; you also expect them to re-tweets too, that can’t be possible if your followers know little or nothing about you. Keep tweeting about your profession but also, don’t forget to include some juicy things your loyal followers will love to read about you.

Don’t ignore the use of pictures and videos because they are good for enriching tweets. Share some interesting things that will keep them expecting more goodies from you.

Don’t go off-board: What’s your niche and what kind of audience are you targeting on Twitter? Always keep your Twitter audience in mind whenever you’re composing a tweet. Don’t go off-topic; that may annoy your current followers. If your niche is about women fashion, stick to it, and don’t tweet about a sport team you love. Going off-topic may negatively impact your Twitter credibility. Stick to the kind of updates followers want, and they will stay around for a long time.

Try re-tweeting your tweets: Some followers may have missed some of your updates due to one or more reasons. When they finally get to be on Twitter again, the tweet sent may have been completely buried on their timeline. Re-tweeting will help them see updates they’ve missed earlier. Re-tweeting is a great way to please all our followers, but don’t go overboard doing it. Followers can easily get upset if you frequently re-tweet one message too many times.

Use Hashtags: Hashtags are great Twitter marketing tools that enables our tweets to get more views beyond our followers re-tweets. If you aren’t using them, then you’re missing a big opportunity to get more followers.

Follow top Twitter users in your niche: The top users are those individuals that had already accumulated large followers’ base on Twitter. Following them will definitely enable you broaden your experience on Twitter, and it will also open the door of opportunity to gain more followers. Always keep in touch by re-tweeting top influencers in your industry. Don’t forget to include the @mentions when responding to their tweets.

That’s All!

The above tips have been very effective for many successful top Twitter users, so why not try implementing them and see the goodies they can produce? Have you been using Twitter for marketing before? Were you able to gain large pile of followers from your Twitter efforts? Comment below to share your general experiences on using Twitter.

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