Free Custom-Domain Email Hosting for Your Website

Branded emails are a must for the proper recognition of any online business. If you aren’t using any paid email hosting services like G Suite (formerly Google Apps), then I recommend Zoho Email that I use to manage emails on this blog with great satisfaction.


In this article, first I’ll explain some features of this great email hosting provider and later, I’ll briefly explain how to setup your custom domain email hosting with this free service.


Zoho Email is 100% free for you if you don’t want to invest any money for email hosting at this stage. The free plan includes 25 users and one domain. You can create multiple email addresses at your domain name for free.

The most lucrative feature of Zoho Email is its DKIM support, easy implementation and SMTP support. With the help of these features, you can send out properly signed emails that will never go into the spam folders of your contacts. Moreover, you can send emails remotely from your website using their SMTP details for free.

You can customize the logo of the email section to brand it the way you like. In short, Zoho Email provides a complete set of features that empowers business emails smartly. In addition to these features, you can make use of their calendar, document collaboration and many more features, all for free!

How to Setup:

Here are the simple steps to enable free email hosting for your domain:

  • Create a free account at Zoho here
  • Add your domain and verify it
  • Change the MX records from your domain’s DNS settings
  • Create email addresses in Zoho
  • Add, verify and enable DKIM support
  • Enjoy a clean email management for free!

Once MX records are changed, emails sent on your domain will be handled by Zoho. You can use their clean interface to manage emails easily.

I hope you will enjoy Zoho’s email services just like I do! If you have any questions regarding this, ask me in comments.


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