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Free Captcha Entry Jobs Without Investment in Pakistan and India

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Online earning hasn’t been easy and a lot of newbies waste their precious time on several fake online earning websites. Although the world of internet is full of scams, but it doesn’t mean that entire business is fake. There are some legit earning websites also among which ProTypers is one. The website lets you to earn a good amount of money from comfort of your home by entering simple captchas. If you are a student, a housewife or a free person, having couple of free hours, then ProTypers can earn some good money for you.

How to Work? To start earning with ProTypers, visit ProTyper’s signup link here and create a free account. After signing up and logging in, read their offered tutorial carefully to understand how to work with the site. After reading the tutorial, go to work section and start working. You will be offered image captchas to be typed in. Each successful input will be counted and you will be paid according to the current hour rate in which you are working.


How Much You Can Earn? It depends on the current hourly rate and the amount of time you put in to this job. On average, you can earn $0.75 per 1000 entries. It varies each hour and reaches up to $1.25 per 1000 entries in some hours. If you manage to make 10,000 entries each day, then your minimum possible earnings will be $0.75×10=$7.5 🙂

If you can type faster, then ProTyper offers you a high speed work section where images load quickly and you can make a good amount. While typing, always consider the accuracy. The entries are case sensitive. If your accuracy rate comes below 90%, your account may be blocked. So to stay long with ProTyper, read their guide carefully and always try to maintain a high accuracy rate.

In addition to accuracy rate and dedication, a faster internet connection is recommended as the images are delivered quickly and your internet speed should be capable of fetching the image instantly. If the images take time to load, the timer (10 seconds) may get timed out after which you will not be able to enter the captcha as each captcha needs to be entered within the given time.

How Will I Get Paid? There are multiple payout options available at ProTypers but the most convenient is PayPal. You can get a verified PayPal account even if you are living in Pakistan. Learn here, how to create a verified PayPal account in Pakistan if you don’t have one right now. If you have a PayPal account, link it with ProTyper while signup.

Minimum payout limit for PayPal is only $3 which can be reached very easily. The earnings are paid every Monday on weekly basis. ProTypers supports Western Union too, but the minimum payout for Western Union is $100 which is paid once a month. While signing up, choose the payment method wisely, as it can’t changed be later.

So if you are living in Pakistan, India, Bangldesh or any other developing country (where online earning isn’t easy) and are in search of a free online earning source, then ProTyper’s captcha entry jobs can earn some good cash for you. Work from the comfort of your home and earn some $$. Signup Here! Good luck!

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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  1. Nice review, but i want to tell you that i have use just to check weather its working on not, first of all they say that they will give you money, but when you sign up at there site and start captica they send you warning even if you type correctly, and bann your account, i am good with my typing still they send warnings and later block my account after i have earn 3$ from it, this is my experience using protypers, you can also try yourself and i am sure same you would also experience, they earn from you but when it comes to payment they block your account accusing that you type wrongly and send 3 warnings before blocking.

    1. Hi Ali,
      Did you care about accuracy rate? Captchas are Small/Capital letter sensitive. If your accuracy comes below 90%, they block account..

  2. i can write 45 words per minute and my typing is fast and accurate, but they use fake system, initially they don’t show any error but when you reach certain amount then they start showing warnings after 3 warnings they close your account, that’s my personal experience using this site, for me its a waste of time, usually at night they show higher rates and initially you can see some more cents entering your account but later error and warning comes and with this your account is closed. you can also check reviews of prototypers on other site and most of them are saying that its a scam

  3. What’s the use of these Captcha at their end? what do they do with them, spam over websites by using humans to read captcha as bots can’t read them!

  4. hi rehmat i want to know that is protypers really paying did you got any payment from them many of people are saying that they pay half payments e.g if you have 10$ then they with pay you 5$

  5. rehmat bhai wo keh rahay hen k form has expired r sing up nai ho raha plz help what to do???
    refresh karnay par b nai ho raha


    1. W. Salam,
      They pay but are hard to work with 🙁 If you have a fast Internet connection as well as a good typing speed, then you can earn with this kind of jobs.

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