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Best Free Image Hosting With Unlimited Bandwidth and Direct Linking

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On the web, there are a lot of free image hosting websites but most of them either provide you limited storage and data transfer or don’t let you hotlink your images on other webpages. In such a situation, if your budget doesn’t allow you to get a paid hosting for your images, then Blogger is undoubtedly the best free image host which provides you 15GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth and allows hotlinking for images for free. If you haven’t heard about the free image hosting of Blogger or don’t know how to upload images to Blogger and hotlink them, then this article will make you understand about Blogger’s unbeatable image hosting.

About Blogger’s Free Image Hosting: Basically the free storage is for Blogger blogs and you must not use this for any other (commercial) purpose. Still if you can’t afford to purchase a paid image hosting but need it, then you can use Blogger’s storage and image hosting for free. Google provides free storage of 15GB for all account holders and this storage is shared among all Google services including Blogger, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive content and all other stuff which you keep on Google’s servers.

Now if you have decided to use Google’s Blogger for keeping your images, then below steps will make you understand how to upload images to Google’s servers and how to get direct link for them.

Step 1: First of all, visit and create a free blogspot blog if you haven’t created one already. After creating the blog, go to its dashboard and compose a new post.

Step 2: In post editor, upload your image which you want to host with Blogger. Wait till the upload completes. After the image is uploaded, insert it into the post.upload-blogger-image

Step 3: After inserting the image in post, switch to HTML mode, there you will find the direct link for that image. Copy the link and use it across the web where you need to hotlink the image.


The images can be used on other webpages, blog posts, in templates and all other places where remote images are supported. In such a way, you can use the 15GB storage of Blogger. If you run out of the storage in long run due to large content in Gmail, Google Drive and other services, you can purchase additional storage for very affordable prices. Unlimited bandwidth is given to all hosted images.

So this was a short tutorial which was written to help you out how to use the service of “the best free image host” for keeping your images. If you need to customize the images, i.e. to make them private and for other settings, you can do it all in Google+ albums (formerly Picasa Web Albums).

I hope you found this article helpful in finding the best free image hosting service for keeping your images. 🙂

Rehmat Alam A blogger who has fallen in love with coding! Here at, I share things that relate to coding, servers, E-marketing, and other related fields.

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  1. nice,, but i have a simple trick/tips (without change HTML mode)..
    1. click the image
    2. click “original size” link
    3. click right your mouse
    4. click “copy image URL”
    5. paste your image URL anywhere..
    6. enjoy and good luck..

    sorry, my english is broken.. 😀 hehe


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